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With Mature Student at University

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I am a 35yrs old bi-female living on the south coast of the UK. I lost my virginity a few days before my 16th birthday but started masturbating when 13yrs old and have continued to do so pretty regularly ever since. As to how often and such like - well, I can't say that there is a pattern to my activities. Sometimes I'll go for weeks without really needing to do it, but then other times I'll be at myself virtually every day and sometimes more than once in a day. When in that sort of mood I can reach an orgasm pretty easily and quickly and, given the right stimuli, can often have 3 or 4 in the space of a few minutes.

Having recently found this site and read many of the posts, I thought people would like to hear about one of my own experiences. This (true) recollection concerns an event which happened to me when I was 20 and at university. It was late one summer evening after a few of us had been out and had returned to one of the guy's room. It was in a house which had been converted into student accommodation so basically each room was a 'bed-sit' with communal bathroom and kitchen. The latter was just a cupboard, a narrow passage with units down either side and a sink at the far end under a small window. It was so small that you couldn't even open opposite unit doors as there was insufficient room! Anyway, it was really late (or maybe that should be really early!), we had music playing. I seem to remember that there were two guys and a girl half asleep, and a couple, who were into kissing and cuddling. I remember serruptitously watching them-I had split with my b/f some months earlier and hadn't had sex with a guy since. Seeing them 'making out' had started to arouse me and despite my best efforts to control myself and not look or let it affect me I was losing the battle.

There was also a mature male student with us - I shall call him Jeff. He had been readily accepted as one of the group and usually joined in our activities - including clubbing etc. He was married-I had met his wife on a number of occasions - and we got on very well together but despite there being a definite chemistry between us, nothing had ever happened sexually. I remember saying that I needed a pee and whilst up I'd get some strong coffee going in the kitchen. Silly, but this was motivated by my deciding I needed to move away from the couple (the guy was playing with her breasts under her top, and had by then slipped a hand under her skirt and I had seen her part her thighs slightly) as I was becoming increasingly less able to control my own physical reactions!!

When I got to the kitchen, I stood at the sink filling the kettle and as I did Jeff came and stood behind me holding my shoulders. I think we exchanged a few words - can't recall what. But then I felt him press harder against my back and as he did so his hands fell to my waist and seemed to pull me to him. I remember clearly that I was wearing a long wrap around skirt and a sleeveless tee-shirt over my bra, and remember equally clearly the initial feeling of him against me at that moment. He had an erection which was clear to feel through the material of his and my clothing and it was pressing against the small of my back. For some stupid reason, rather than pull away, I subconsciously must have pushed back against him - which clearly gave him the wrong idea! Anyway, he pulled me hard against him, then let one hand reach around to my breast. My only defence is that I was already pretty sexually aroused from my earlier thoughts watching the couple, so when he pulled open my skirt and I felt his hand on my knickers, I didn't put up too much resistance. Nor did I as I felt his fingers slip under the material to my damp pussy.

Then, after a few seconds I felt him fiddling with himself behind me and realised that he was undoing his trousers. It clicked that he had it in his mind that we'd have sex - presumably with me leaning forward against the sink and he behind me. I was sane enough to realise that I didn't want penetrative sex with him - a married man - but conversely I was aroused enough to need something! This sounds really odd but I said something like 'not in me' as by this time his hand was trying to pull my skirt up over my bum. I think he took the hint, as he returned to reaching around to my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other. As I felt his fingers on my clit and my nipples, I reached around behind me with one hand and took hold of his erection - his trousers now being undone and his underpants down around his balls.

I managed to move my thighs and legs apart enough so that he could play with my pussy and clit more freely, and my breasts were out of my bra and my nipples really hard and erect. In this position, I managed to wank him by reaching behind me as he played with me. To my shame, it didn't take long for me to reach my orgasm and it must have been very obvious to him that I was cumming as I had trouble remaining quiet enough and not thrashing around too much! I suppose I must have stopped wanking him during that time, as when I managed to calm down I realised he was wanking himself. Feeling rather guilty, I turned to face him and offered to take over again by saying something silly like 'here, let me'. But he simply asked me to pull my skirt open again and let him see my pussy. Normally I'd have thought this a bit too abrupt or lacking refinement but at that moment seeing his facial expression and still feeling aroused I pulled open my skirt and pulled the top of my knickers down so he could see my pubic hair and pussy lips. At which sight he suddenly gasped and groaned 'God, I'm close' paused, then ' Oh fuck - go on, please, go on, finish me off.' He took his hand away and I took hold of him. He was uncut, not particularly big in length or girth, but nonetheless his cock looked really hard and attractive to me at that moment. I hardly had to move my hand before he started to ejaculate - his cum going over my skirt and knickers and my hand and wrist. After a quick clean up we rejoined the others - none aware of what we'd done!!



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