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With Mandy

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I share an apartment with another girl I'll call Mandy. We only met once I answered her add. After a few nights of trying to keep quiet while self serving my body, I found out there was no need to. Mandy had been doing the same thing as me. The apartment has only one bedroom & Mandy sleeps on the pull out in the living room. Thinking she was asleep one night I tip toed to the kitchen for a drink. When I got to the doorway where the kitchen & living room are I saw Mandy's nude body, with her legs wide open, sitting in front of her laptop while her fingers rubbed away at her clitty. She never saw me with the bright screen in her eyes & the buds in her ears & after all, she was busy jilling. I just had to say something for three reasons. First, I wanted her to know I wanted to be open & free to enjoy my body when I wanted to. Second, I think jilling with friends is fun & very exciting. Third, I sold my laptop to my brother when I needed money. Maybe I could share hers if I was alone & needing some visuals to jill to.

I went back down the hall to start over again. I made sure I was naked this time. I came close to the door opening & stopped to take a few deep breaths. I could hear Mandy breathing & the sloshing noise of her fingers jilling out on her clitty. I thought I would wait for the sound of her orgasm & walk in right then. I thought she would feel the most excited then & hopefully accept my stumbling in on her. I waited for what felt like a long time standing just out of Mandy's sight. I was getting wet so I started jilling myself while listening for her orgasm. I had only given my clitty a few strokes before I heard Mandy enter into what was sounding like good orgasm. My heart was pounding hard but I wasn't letting that stop me. I heard little peeps & squeaks from Mandy's so I walked right in the room to where she could see me. As soon as she saw me she jumped & screamed while she scrambling to cover her body. She yelled out how sorry she was & apologized for waking me up, then she stopped talking & just looked at me like something terrible had just happened. I sat down beside her & calmed her down telling her everything was fine & that I thought she was hurt or something so I came to see if she was OK. Right away she knew I was fibbing to her. I could tell by the look she gave me. Then Mandy offered me some of the blanket she was covering up with. That is when the night changed & I knew my plan was going to work.

I was sitting skin to skin, naked with Mandy under the blankets with a hot guy on the laptop jacking his huge dong. We both sat quite & watched the guy jacking himself for a few minutes. I pushed tight against Mandy & said we should be having fun too. We looked at each other & Mandy started to laugh & fell back stretching out on the pull out. She kicked the blanket down off her body & I pulled it further & onto the floor. I leaned forward & clicked the jacking guy back to the beginning. We never said anything more to each other. We both knew what we wanted to do. Mandy & I spent about an hour together jilling & watching four different guys jacking that she had loaded on her laptop. Both of us had some real nice orgasms & now we didn't have to hide or try to keep quiet. It was such a relief in more ways than one.

Now we never hide if we feel the need to jill & we even make plans on some nights to stay in together & masturbate. About a month ago we made a bet to see who could orgasm the most times in one night & who would poop out first. The looser had to clean the apartment by herself so we had a good reason to give it our best. Let me tell you, it was quite a fight to the end. We started at 8:00 & Mandy finally pooped out first but it was almost 1:30 by then. My fingers & arms were so tired & my clitty was feeling raw but oh so good. My core was sore like I had just done a heavy boot camp or something. Mandy said she thought she'd never masturbate again but only in fun. She's done it many times since.

I'm going to send this & then show Mandy once it is published. After all this is Mandy's laptop. She won't be mad at me. She's the one who showed me Solo Touch in the first place. It'll be a blast reading & jilling to our own story. Maybe we'll write another story together about some of our other jilling events. They don't really change much. We just sit naked jilling & sometimes watching guys do the same for us. It's always good fun.




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