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With Kristin

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with kristin
The events of this story occured a few years ago when I went out to the west coast to visit my brother and sister-in-law during the summer of '98. Let me set up the story...
I went out to visit them for three weeks. The first week that I was visiting them in Terrace,B.C - We were staying at a relatives house of a friend of theres. Didn't do too much as my sister-in-law was just about ready to have their baby. As that week went on, I was getting bored of doing nothing while they went off to the beach everyday and other stuff.
So I asked my brother when he was planning on driving me up to Stewart (where they were living at the time) and he said that if it was ok with Marcia (my s-i-l), we'd go up the next day.
The next morning came and we loaded my stuff into the truck and headed for Stewart. We finally arrived in Stewart and after a short nap, he hit the road back to Terrace. Now here's the story!
I spent the first night hanging around their apartment and watched tv. The next day, I went out and did a little exploring. After I got home, I let the dog run around the yard for a while. That's when I noticed their neighbour up on her balcony. I had seen her the night before sitting up their and caught a glance at her from the road. she was lying an air mattress and was rubbing her pussie. But when I saw her up there today, I just didn't let on about what I saw. We just chatted and got to know each other.
Later that night I was sitting in the living room of my bro's apartment watching a movie on tv (they get HBO - but it's snowy, cause they don't pay for it, but you can still watch it). Anyway, it was a semi-porn flick and watching it got my cock sturring. So I pulled my shorts off and stroked my cock til I shot a load of cum into the air. As I was recovering from the event - I heard the dog growling. So I got dressed and ran outside. As I stepped out of the door, I saw "Kristin" running to her stairs - So I knew it was her and that she had been spying.
A few days later, I was out hiking with the dog and ended up running into Kristin on the trail. Again, I didn't say a word about knowing that she was spying on me a few days earlier. Since we were both heading back to town, we walked together. She said that she was going over to the softball tournament at the school and asked if I wanted to join her. So we went to the park to watch the games. She had invited a bunch of her friends and a few others over to her place for a bar-b-que after the games. So, I went home and had a shower and changed.
Since the bbq was in the common back yard - I opened the windows of the apartment and turned the speakers outside and supplied the music. It was a great night and everyone had fun. We cleaned up the yard and her place and then headed down to my bro's just to relax and unwind.
As I was pouring us a drink, she brought up the subject of seeing me watching her when she was on her balcony masturbating. So I replied by saying that I saw her spying on me when I was jackin' off to the HBO movie. Well, That turned into "if you play with yours...I'll play with mine". So we sat there on the couch mutually masterbating.
Just as we were both about to cum, I felt her hand sliding along my thigh. She grabbed hold of my cock and rubbed it til cum was shooting every where. She then put her mouth onto my cock and sucked it for a while. I gently pulled her head up and kissed her. As I did that, we each helped each other out of our clothes. Then I kissed and massaged my way down to her pussie and went to work at suckin' her off.
She then old me to lie on my back on the couch and sat on my legs. After a little more cock sucking, she slid forward and placed her pussie just above my cock and slowly slid dwnward til my cock was in her cunt. She bounced around til we both had cummed.
We recovered from that and headed for the bedroom, where we layed on the bed and masturbated til we couldn't stay awake any longer. The next moring we shared another mutual masturbation, only this time it was in the shower. We then got ready and headed out for the day. That night she invited me up to her place for dinner and the night ended with a hot round of sex.
The next day, she went out of town to her families home in Vancouver for the rest of the summer. My bro called late that night to to inform me that they had had their baby and that they'd be in Stewart in a few days.
My other bro and his g-friend arrived a few hours before my other bro and s-i-l did. We spent the night hanging out and enjoying the baby. A few days later my parents arrived to see the baby. 2 days after that, I flew back to Manitoba.
I had a great time in Stewart and never have forgotten Kristin to this day.



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