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With J at the Gym

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With J at the gym
I was at the university that I am managing one of the basketball teams at here in the city that I live in and was walking on the track. Now, I know I am not into looking at other guys in the change room or anything - but this guy I know from the university was just finishing walking on the track at the same time that I had.
So, we started chatting on the way down the locker room which was in the basement of the athletic centre. Once we got into the change room - we discovered that we were the only two around. Well, It was also like 10:30 in the morning and at that hour no or a few people will be in the change rooms. Since it was just the two of us, we just went along as if we were at home.
I was the first one to remove my clothes, which were soaked from 4 hrs of walking and exercising. Jason also took off his clothes. We were both just in our undies and were getting our stuff ready for the showers and laying out our street clothes. I was kneeling down to pick up something and when I looked up - I saw that J had a huge boner going.
He noticed me and said, oh like ya never seen a cock before in this locker room. I stood up and said, I_ve known you for a long time - but this is the first time that I_ve seen one that huge. That_s when he said, look down man - I ain_t the only one. So, I looked down and saw that I too had a boner.
We stripped off our undies and sat on the bench together and compared cocks. For some strange reason, we both started rubbing our cocks at the same time. All of a sudden, J reaches over and grabs mine and strokes it til I almost shot a load, but just before that happened - he stopped and said, jack my cock off. So I grabbed his and we went at it. We worked each other til we were about to cum - then would back off and do it all over again. We did this about 4 times and then finally decided to let loose and when we gonna cum again - to just let it go and shoot it all over the place. We both had the most intense orgasms and cum shot all over us and on the lockers.
We sat there for a while, catching our breath and calming down. Then we both walked into the showers and got cleaned up. We had dryed off and were putting our stuff in our bags - when he brought up all the fun that we had. We had both put on our street clothes, when J who was sitting on the bench says, come here a sec. So I walked over and he grabbed my cock and gave it a final single suck. So, just to be nice - I did the same to him.
I must say that I still go to the univ 3 or 4 times a week, but haven_t had another workout like that one again. Now, everytime I go into the change room - I get a boner and need to jack off. So, If I know that no one is around - I_ll pull my dick out and go at it. But even if there are other guys around, I_ll do it. I know that all the guys I know who are in the change room when I am - jack off. Maybe one day, we_ll have a mutual circl jerk.



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