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With Friend's Girlfriend

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My wife and I have a couple of friends who are dating each other. She is such a doll. Every time I ever look at her my heart pounds. I have never wanted to jeopardize my friendship with her and I have never wanted to do anything to make our male friend jealous or mad with me. Yet, whenever we are all together she and I end up sneaking discreet glances at each other, sometimes directly in the eyes for minutes ... not saying anything, just staring. The message between us is clearly there. There is a profound attraction between us.

Being married, I have never cheated on my wife. Of course, like most of us I have had my erotic thoughts about being with others, usually while beating off, but never acted on it. During these times together with them, there is always a time when we are talking, me with her and him with my wife ... separate conversations going on, semi privacy. She has repeatedly placed a hand on my back and lovingly rubbed it as she talks, or slipped an arm around my waist giving me that longing look.

It drives me crazy. I found myself regularly jacking off fantasizing about her. Two weeks ago when working from my home office, she called the house. She had taken a day off and she wanted to know if I had the time to go to lunch with her. I quickly agreed.

I drove to her place and she met me and invited me inside ... besides a friendly hello there wasn't much conversation. She placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me that piercing straight in the eyes look and held it for what seemed like forever. Then she slid her hand down the length of my arm erotically, then slowly back up my arm.

I moved my hand slowly up her other arm to her shoulder, rubbed her shoulder lovingly then slid my hand slowly down her arm. We were both very slowly pulling oursleves closer to each other. She started rubbing her hand on my chest. I finally spoke and said 'this feels very erotic to me.' She nodded and said 'me too ...' She watched her hand as she traced circles around my chest. Then she looked at me again and it was just chemistry ... we started making out, my dick went ZOOOM! I was rock hard.

I whispered 'we cannot say a THING about this to Deb or Bill. She said 'don't worry, I'm not saying a word.' After standing and kissing and doing some grinding we retreated to the couch. Again she started running her hand up and down my chest, getting ever closer to my pants. I said 'you know, we can do a lot of things, but we really shouldn't fuck. I think each of us would feel bad about that afterwards.' She told me I was probably right. As she continued to rub my chest in a very sexy way, I raised my hand and began running my hands slowly around her chest. At first, careful to avoid her breasts. Finally I gently traced a line right over one of her breasts very slowly. She allowed me to do that and I traced a line down over her other breast. She raised her eyes looking at me and as we stared into each others eyes, I ran my hand across her breast again and gently squeezed it. She lowered her hand to my groin and found my raging hardon and squeezed it. Then as she rubbed my dick and I massaged her breasts we fell into passionate kissing again.

Her hands began fumbling with my zipper and I started unbuttoning her blouse. I then told her I wanted desperately to see her naked body and she whispered she wanted to see mine too. We undressed quickly, having to stand to do it, and we hugged naked and kissed. I could feel her healthy breasts and nipples against my chest, and my hard dick was standing straight up nested against her hairy pussy mound.

She dropped to her knees and took my dick in her hand and placed it against her face. She told me she had been dreaming about this moment and I told her I had jacked myself off dozens of times thinking about her. Hearing this, she started jacking me off as I stood in front of her. It felt so awesome. She told me she wanted me to cum all over her. When I was ready I told her and she told me to shoot all over her face. I did! I pumped and squirted as it splashed all over her face.

Having finished she stood and I didn't care ... we kissed deeply. Then I directed her towards the couch where she laid down and spread her legs wide open. I laid down with my face inches from her pussy and adored it for a while. It was pretty hairy but neat. I fingered her with two fingers and rubbed her clit. She came in huge moaning contractions. I was so preoccupied with her pussy I realized I hadn't even sucked her nipples yet, so I slid up and carressed her breasts and sucked her nipples for a while.

She told me she liked me so very much. I really like her too. It is our secret and I don't know where this will lead, but we will have to be very careful. I can't wait for the chance to be alone with her again. I have no idea when that will be though.



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