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With Friend and His Sisters

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This story deals with experiences with my friend and/or his sisters.


Sometime about 1 to 1-1/2 years after the incident I wrote about, posted on Feb. 9, 2003, (First Time For Audience), I found myself alone in my house with my friend Paul's younger sister, Dee. (Not real names.) As stated in the earlier posting, Paul and I had grown up together, and lived next to each other. He had 2 sisters, Carol, a year younger than Paul, and Dee, 2 years younger.
Dee was also home alone after school that day, and came over to see what I was doing. When we'd been younger, the 5 of us, my sister included, had spent a lot of time playing together in our neighborhood, and in the woods behind the houses. In the course of playing, if someone needed to go to the bathroom, the others would watch. In fact, we carved out a stump (rotten) like a toilet seat. Each of us had our own little peepholes so we could see close up each other's privates as one of us used the potty. We also played 'DR' at times, pulling each other's clothes off, or aside on the pretext of examining for sickness, but really to see each other partially nude.
As we grew older, we drifted away from that type of activity, and each went separate ways with different friends, except Paul, and I who stayed best friends.
So on this day, when I found myself alone with Dee, it had been quite a while since we had seen each other's privates. While talking to Dee, I casually mentioned some of the things we had done when younger. When the subject didn't spook her, I proposed a little game of 'show me yours and I'll show you mine.' At first she seemed a little hesitant about showing me, but wanted to see my peter. She, without hesitation, let me put my hand up her skirt and into to her panties, feeling the soft lips I hadn't seen in awhile. I started to rub her almost hairless pussy, which she seemed to enjoy. I then undid my belt and said to her, 'If you want to see me, just undo my jeans and pull them down.' She wanted to see, but didn't want to pull down my pants. I told her to wait there, in the living room. I then went into my mom's bedroom, slipped off my jeans and jockey shorts, lay down on the bed, and covered up with a blanket. I then Called to Dee, 'Come on into the bedroom.' When Dee came into the room, I told her that all she had to do was pull off the blanket to see my dick, which she did without hesitation. She was quite surprised by the size of my erected penis, and all of the pubic hair above it. At this point, I suggested she pull down her panties, which she quickly did, hiking the hem of her skirt at the same time. While she was touching my raging hard on, I was admiring and stroking her sweet little pussy with it's sparse covering of blond pussy hair.
I then guided her hand to wrap her fingers around my cock, then I showed her how to pump it with her hand. She got a little tired of that before I could cum, so I took over and really started to jerk off. Dee was quite interested in what I was doing, so she was watching quite closely, until I ejaculated, cumming all over my tummy. About that time, we noticed her mom was home, so she left.
A few days later, I was outside, and Dee called me over to her house, where I found her alone with her sister Carol.
When I went into the house. Dee said that she wanted me to show Carol how I squirted with my cock. Carol confirmed that Dee had told her about watching me make my pecker shoot out white stuff. Just the idea of showing off again had me fully erected and horny again. I told them that they had pull down their pants first. Dee jumped right to it, pulling off her slacks and panties. When Carol hesitated, Dee reminded her how big my cock was and she also stripped below the waist. I then followed suit, pulling down my jeans and shorts. Carol was quite surprised by what she saw, as was I by the amount hair she had covering her pussy.
I just lay down on the floor and started to jack off. I asked Carol if she wanted to rub it, and make it shoot. She declined, but Dee jumped right in, and took over jerkin' me off. When I finally started to cum, Carol was really impressed; she even picked up a little cum from my belly and rubbed it between her fingers.
Unknown to me, Carol and Dee told their brother Paul about watching me make my pecker shoot (their words for jacking off). A couple of weeks later, I was spending the night with Paul, who hadn't mentioned that he knew about me jacking off for his sisters. We were in his room listening to the radio, when his sisters came in and said they wanted to see me shoot the white stuff from my penis. I was kind of shocked that they had brought it up in front of Paul. He just nodded and said he knew and it was alright. Before I could do anything, both of the girls took off the robes they were wearing, and stood there naked. I found out later, the 3 of them had cooked this up ahead of time. For the first time in a long time, I saw the girls completely naked. In addition to quite a hairy pussy, Carol had some nicely shaped tits, with nice pink nipples. Dee's boobs on the other hand, were pretty small. They urged me to get naked, which I did; Paul followed quickly, making us all naked. Once again, Dee took over and started to jack me off, after I lay on the bed. Just as I was getting really excited, Dee quit and told me to do it. I tried to get Carol to take over, but once again she declined; so I took over stroking my rigid cock, shooting cum all over me quickly. During the time I was being jacked, and while I finished; Paul, didn't actually masturbate, but he did fondle his cock while watching me. Carol rubbed her tits, playing with her nipples, and Dee had one hand between her legs playing with her pussy. Shortly after I climaxed, the girls then put on their robes and left.
Paul then told me that when the girls told him about watching me, he had talked them into doing the same with him. Oh, and by the way, by this time he had matured quite a bit himself. Although I still had a bigger penis and much more pubic hair.
After this episode, whenever I spent the night and both girls were home, before going to bed Paul would go into the girls' bedroom, and one of them would come over to his room with me. We would then get naked and pretty much watch each other masturbate. If I was with Dee, she would help me jack off and let me rub her pussy until she climaxed. Carol on the other hand, was more into watching me jack off. Sometimes she would rub her pussy and tits, but I'm not sure she actually ever climaxed.
About a year after the 3 of us got together for the first time, they moved away, putting an end to our fun.



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