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With Dave in the Gym Showers

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This is just a fantasy (after reazlizing how turned on I am by the thought of an Alpha male in a sexual relationship)


I'm good freinds with a boy at my school. Tall, fit, with shaggy (but not too long) brown hair. He's typicaly outgoing and he's got a lot of friends because of it. We have two classes together, and we end up hanging out and talking most of the time. One of the classes we have together is Gym, seventh period. We tend to take the longest in the locker room, lingering to get in, lingering to get out, since it was our last period of the day. We often talked while we showered. And, since we're good friends, we often talk about more sexual issues. Girls, guys, porn, you name it. Just recently, we began to jerk off in the showers, since we're the last ones out and the coach typcially hangs out by the gym door during the end of seventh period. God, does it feel good to watch another guy. We hadn't started fooling around, but that changed one afternoon.

Last week on Wednesday afternoon, we were jogging laps around the track since we had a substitute. This sub didn't even go into the locker room at all. He was more into reading as the class did their exercises. Anyway, we were running the track, challenging each others speeds. A rivalry we've built. We were racing around to see who could go faster, until we reached the end of the loop. He won by a hair, and he had a smile of pleasure on his face, even as he was bent over panting. Sweat dripped from our bodies as if we had just climbed out of a pool. Our clothes were almot soaked through. The sub blew his whistle and told us class was nearly over, and we could start heading in. We hung out at the back of the group, fooling around like other friends would. Joking back and forth, and we had a couple of sexual jokes, too, as usual. 'I bet you'd like to jack my cock, Kev.' 'As if. If I wanted to jack one, I'd want it to be big enough to fit in my hand.' and so on.

We were sitting on the benches of the locker room, talking about girls as the others finished up. 'Did you see Sarah today?' He laughed. 'Yeah I did. Her jeans squeezed her ass so tight, I could see the line of her panties. I nearly came in my pants when I first saw her.' Sarah was one of the typical subjects of interest between us. Great, big breasts and a nice ass, too. We both have had fantasies of fucking her, a fantasy in particular that got us really horny, and we both moaned a bit when we came.

As the showers cleared out, we undressed and headed in, not bothering with wrapping ourselves up. We were already semi-hard as we stepped into the warm shower water. We rinsed the sweat off and the steam opend up the pores of our skin. I closed my eyes and felt the water pour over my naked skin. I opened my eyes back up and checked to see who all was in the room still. At this point, it was just me, Dave, and another two kids getting ready to leave. Dave was already stroking his cock, slow and steady, his eyes closed. I joined in, a bit faster than he was going. I leaned agaisnt the shower wall, so that only my dick was in the stream. I closed my eyes enjoying myself, when I heard dave say, 'Havin' fun?' He laughed. I guess everyone cleared out since he's joking. 'You know it.' I sped up, not afraid to make more noise. Dave, still stroking, asked me, 'Have you ever considered... you know... jerking another guy?' The question caught me off-guard. I stopped stroking for a second, but I kept going. 'Yeah, I have. Sure all guys have once.' He nodded. 'You and Me?' He asked. 'I've imagined jerking you, haha.' I said. He smiled and said 'good.'

I was pushing myself up away from the wall when Dave put his hands against the wall on either side of me. It shocked me, when he kissed me hard, his tongue in my mouth. It was surprising, but I didn't fight it at all. I put my arms around him, and out cocks slid up between our two stomachs, pushed together. It felt great. He let go of my tongue and pressed his hand to my chest, pushing me to the wall. With his right hand, he grabbed my cock and began stroking it hard. He took hold of my mouth again and I couldn't do anything. My best friend had me pinned against the shower wall, tongue down my throat, fingers wrapped around my cock. He kept getting faster, his grip tighter, as I reached my climax, cumming all over his stomach and cock. I fell to my knees, shaking, when he said 'Lick it all off.' Without argument, I began licking the cum off his stomach and worked my way down to his pelvis, shaved. I worked around his dick, until his pelvis was clean. I then stood up and took his cock in my right hand and jerked him hard with his balls grasped in my left hand. He moaned and grabbed my butt cheek, thrusting into my hand. He fucked me, making moans and grunts, when his balls tightened up and his hot cum shot down my thigh.

We turned the showers off and went to go get dressed, both with a smile on our faces. As we were dressing, I said to him, 'You know, I have the house to myself this Saturday. You're invited to come over.' He grinned with his pearly teeth and nodded. 'Will do.'

I'll continue the story another time. I'm about to explode, haha.



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