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With Dad For The First Time

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This is a true story about how me and my father began to enjoy our weekends together a lot more!
My mother divorced my father when I was about 6 and remarried. My step-father was uncommunicative and strict. Sex never came up, and certainly never the subject of jacking off. However, when I was about 35 I was reunited with my real father and we began to get to know each other.
One weekend years later I was alone when he came to visit for the weekend. My wife had gone out of town to visit relatives. Since I had never talked sex with my stepdad, I was anxious to do so with my real dad and find out how much we were alike. It turns out we were a lot alike in many ways!
After a few hours the discussion became more and more frank, and he answered every question I asked about his past sex experiences. Not growing up with him I didn't have that built-in reluctance to talk about things like that, which was the way it was with my stepdad. I found out that he loved black women as much as I did, and had in fact had sex with several, which fascinated me, since I had come very close but never actually done it with any. I am white but love to see a black woman taking it all in my videos. They are the best!
He was no longer married to his next wife, so I asked if he still was active. He said that he hadn't had sex in awhile, but he was still active and still liked to 'jack off' several times a week. I was intrigued and since it had went that far I began to open up and talk about things I had never discussed with anyone. I felt that he would understand me in ways no-one else would, and I was right. I told him that although I was married I still liked to do it at least three times a week. 'Nothing wrong with that,' he said, 'As long as your wife doesn't catch you!'
All the talk about jacking off was making me really hard and my penis was tenting the loose shorts I had on. Dad said, 'looks like you're ready to jack off now, son!' I said, 'Yeah, after all this talk I'm ready to shoot!'
I was so curious about his dick that I could hardly stand it. I asked about his favorite way to masturbate and he said he liked to grease up a toilet paper roll and slide it back and forth. 'I'd like to see that,' I said. 'Would you show me?'
He grinned and said, 'Sure, son, we are father and son after all, got a lot of catching up to do for all those years we missed, having talks man-to-man.' I went to get a roll of toilet paper and the vaseline. When I came back he stood up, took off his pants, and pulled his boxers down, revealing the dick that sired me, hanging down a good six inches! It was beautiful, and I stared at it as it began to stand up and swell to seven inches, with a head on it like a big purple plum! It was just like mine. There was pre-cum leaking from the end and forming a drop.
He rubbed it around the end and sat down, taking the roll and sliding it up and down on his lubricated dick. 'Why don't you take yours out and let me see it?' he asked. I was excited beyond words and did so immediately.
I pulled down my shorts and it sprang out like a limb, seven inches long, swollen and bumpy on the head. 'We are alike, son,' he exclaimed. 'Got a big dick just like your old man.'
I sat down beside him and watched him, and began to stroke my own. It was as hard as a piece of marble. Pre-cum slid out and onto the head, which I spread around. Dad removed the cardboard tube and began to milk his dick like a pro. What he could have taught me as a teen! I missed out on a lot, I could tell.
After watching each other awhile I asked if I could touch it. He moved his hand and nodded, and I held the dick that pumped the cum that went into making me. He groaned and moved his hips up and down as I stroked it. This was awesome! He had more foreskin that I did, and it was able to roll up over his cockhead almost completely when I moved my hand up. Mine only covers a little of my head. It looked like it felt so good, I wished mine was like that.
He reached over and held my cock in his hand as I did him, and it throbbed. After just a minute of my jacking him, he gasped and said huskily, 'Look out, son, I'm cumming!' I stroked with a renewed energy and in a few seconds he began to spurt jets of hot milky semen out all over my hands, his stomach, and balls. Incredible for a 65 year old man!
He leaned back and caught his breath, the cum pooling on his stomach and running down his crack. We had placed a towel down, fortunately. My dick was about to burst and he took it in hand, using some lotion I had brought. He was very experienced, and handled it better than anyone I had ever had touch it. It was wonderful!
He lovingly pumped it for about five minutes, amazed at the amount of slick, clear pre-cum I was pouring out. Finally I could stand it no longer and began to tense with a groan, and a shout, 'I'm CUMMING!'
And I did, in great spurts of cum which went in my hair, my face, on the back of the sofa, everywhere. It covered my chest and stomach before it subsided, and Dad said, 'Man, I have never seen anything like that, son! You came like a horse!'
We both laughed, covered with our cream. We took a shower together, which was something I had missed out on growing up, and washed each other's privates with care. Afterward, we talked several more hours completely naked. We ended up jacking off each other again, this time more slowly. We both came again, not as much, but just as strong.
Needless to say, we got together many more times, and the next time I showed him some of my hidden porno videos of African-American women and white men, which really livened up the night, as he had not seen one that explicit before. He was really excited as the camera showed close-ups of one sliding her mouth down a big dick.
I'll tell more stories about our weekends in other emails. Although we never went any further than hand contact, they did get more interesting.
-A happy son



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