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With Cous

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WARNING: You will suffer from major wettage of the groinal region whilst reading this story.


This all happened when I was only 13.
One day after church me and my family all went to my cousins house for a barbecue to celebrate her birthday.
I had accidentally forgotten her present when we rushed out of the house, so as they had a pool I said I would go back and get my swimming costume. Just then my cousin came over and said not to bother because she had an extra pair in her bedroom. We went up to her room whilst all the way I trying to tell her that I had to go get a pair from my house. We got to her room and she quickly found a costume for me. She wanted to make sure it would fit me so she ordered me to strip.
I was feeling very nervous about the idea of being naked in front of my hot cousin but I did it anyway.
I took off my top, then my shorts, then my bra (i was strangely large for that age) and my panties.
For a while I was just standing there naked in front of her but then unexpectedly she started to do the same. She also had nice breasts and a great body.
I felt scared but also very excited and became to become very wet.
It was the first time I had actually become wet for a women before, but I was enjoying it (i am not actually a lesbian). She started to walk forward towards me very slowly stroking her body all over, this made me go crazy, and I leaped at her. She was slightly taken aback at this and let out a small scream but she enjoyed it.
She started to then suck my nipples then started to kiss my stomach, she worked her way down to my thighs and then spread my legs.
She began to lick my clit untill I could hold on no longer and exploded in her face.
She kept going though and then asked me to do the same for her.
I willingly obliged and started at her nipples just like she did, then I worked my way down to her clit and I licked like mad, she moaned and told me to slow down and make it last. I loved the smells and tastes that greeted me down there. it was sort of sweet but also sour. (a good mix).
She then told me to speed up to make her come, so I did and boy was it good!
After we finished I told her that I had forgotten her present, but she said that I had just given it to her 10 times over.
We both put on swimming costumes and went down to the pool.
We have repeated this every time we have gotten together since that day. This has now became a weekly event because she has just moved nearer to my home.
I enjoy this times we spend together but you cannot beat a good penis!



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