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With Bro And Dad

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This story is very important to me and I love my family!!! Enjoy!

This is THE BEST web-site ever


One afternoon I decided to stay home from school because I had a sore throat and felt under the weather. My parents were working and my older brother was at school, he is 22 and is a college senior and im a 19 year-old college sophomore. I decided to get out my porn video that I had found in my brothers drawer and masturbate. I masturbated for a long time and before I knew what time it was I heard the door open downstairs and realized my brother was home from school. My brother and me have seen each other naked before but never masturbated together so I was very anxious about him catching me.

He walked into the bedroom and saw me naked on his bed jerking-off. I thought he was going to freak out but instead he just took off his shirt and said, 'Wow I can't believe how big you have gotten!' My brother was on varsity football and has an extremely nice body that made girls at our school go crazy for so when I saw him take off his shirt my jaw dropped at his 6-pack abs and his massive biceps.

I then asked him, 'What are you doing?' and he replied, 'Well you are using my porn and you didn't ask me so I figured I would join you' and right after he said this he unbuckled his belt and threw off his jeans. He has on boxers and you could tell that his penis was erect through them. He then sat down next to me and pulled down his boxers revealing a massive penis at least 7.5'! I couldn't even compare to that with my 6.5' penis. He then started masturbating and said, 'Yo, aren't you gonna join me?'

So I began to start up masturbating again and before I knew it my brother grabbed my penis with his large hand. He said, 'Now grab mine and we can help each-other!' so I did as he said and we began mutually masturbating, it was amazing having his hand around my penis! We then applied lube to both our penises and we masturbated to orgasm and shot semen all over each other's hands. It was the best orgasm I ever had! I said to him, 'You know I have always wondered what masturbating with you would be like but I never got the guts to ask you!' he replied, 'Dude you should've asked, I would have happily helped you out!'

We didn't realize what time it was because all of the sudden the door flew open and in walked our dad! He just looked at us two sitting there, in the nude, and said, 'Whoa what are you two doing?' which my brother replied, 'dad we're just comparing techniques, that's all!' So my dad said, 'oh son that's ok, you guys can masturbate together, me and your uncle Pete use to all the time!'

After telling us this he then asked, 'you two think I can join in for one session before your mom gets home?' to which me and my brother replied, 'of course dad, get comfortable!' My dad then pulled off all his clothes revealing his penis (he also had a large one like my brother). Upon seeing his erect penis my brother said, 'wow dad you have a nice penis and a really nice body!' then my dad said, 'Thanks son, you guys aren't too bad yourselves!'

He grabbed the lube off the dresser and began to masturbate with us! It was amazing! We all masturbated each other and took turns doing each other! After a while I decided to grab both their penises and masturbate both. I masturbated them to orgasm, which caused them to shoot semen all over me!!

After cleaning up my brother said, 'that was amazing and I cant wait to do it again!' to which me and my dad said, 'sure, anytime!'

Even though that this only happened twice after this experience I still am grateful for the three experiences, they changed my life forever. My father, brother, and I are still very close and we have talked about masturbating but never did it again with each other. My brother and I both talk about how we taught our sons to masturbate and the experiences we have with them. It's great to be so close to your family!! I love them very much!



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