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With Best Friend at the Beach House

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My very hot, first time with my best friend although there were many more times together!


I wanted to begin and say how much I love this site. The stories are great and I love to see other guys are having fun with other guys but still realizing than can be straight in this world.
My first experience with another guy was when I was 14 with my best friend. My best friend, Chuck, and I wrestled a lot, like most teenage guys, and we always somehow got one another to laugh by tickling each other. Looking back I realized our wrestling was always sexually charged although at the time it never seemed that way. We always got close to one another's butt or penis but never touched them. I definitely used to get hard and I assume he did as well.
During the summer my family and I rented a beach house and of course I invited my best friend, Chuck. He and I both had girlfriends but seldom spoke of what we did with each of our girlfriends or about masturbation. One late night after the beach and going downtown we were up watching TV and playing video games. We proceeded to wrestle as usual but this time we were in boxers and undershirts only. We wrestled for awhile but proceeded to tickle one another, often the most ticklish spots were near our butt or penis. Things went awfully silent and the next thing I knew Chuck began to slowly move up my thigh and to my hard penis. Chuck's hand began rubbing my penis and I began to feel an incredible feeling and started to shake. My hands were on his lower back but couldn't move due to my shock.
I got my thoughts together quickly and realized it was my turn to find and feel Chuck's penis. I heard Chuck's penis was very big and thick (from another friend) so my curiosity was high to see and feel his penis. I began to go down the back of his shorts since he was on his knees leaning on the bed I was sitting on. His butt was soft and furry and the excitement was only growing while he stroked my penis and I was in search of his. I felt his hair around his hole than proceed to feel his balls from between his legs. Chuck's balls were soft, furry, and felt great. We still had not spoken a word to each other but it was time to find his penis. I took my hand underneath him and felt Chuck's big and thick penis and for a skinny kid he was awfully big. His penis was as thick as his wrist and almost 8 inches. Chuck's head was pointy and smaller than his shaft. My penis was slightly over 5.5 inches and thick but certainly not as thick as Chuck's. I have the picture perfect mushroom head, thick shaft, and big furry balls (or so I have been told).
The silence continued as we stroked our very hard penises. I took Chuck's shorts off since he was kneeling down than I proceeded to raise my butt so Chuck could do the same. We still never spoke a word but Chuck guided himself onto the twin bed where we embraced and began to 'frontal-hump' one another with our penis touching with each motion. The feeling of his budding six-pack and my furry stomach made for an awesome feeling. The electricity and 'fireworks' occurring between us and in the room were uncontrollable. We embraced tighter and tighter holding each other. I was shaking and getting harder and wetter in each motion.
We never even took off our shirts or shorts but simply pulled them up and down. We never spoke during the whole session so I had no idea what do with my very soon cummin' penis. We kissed each other's necks and shoulders as we embraced. I was bigger than him so when I began to spasm from my soon-to-be orgasm I must have hurt him a little although he never said anything.
My orgasm was by far the most explosive orgasm ever. My cum shot between our penis and stomachs. It was so warm and felt awesome. The final squeeze before my last squirt was so tight. Chuck began to use my cum and thrust faster and faster. Chuck was squeezing me harder and harder than his body and penis went shift as stone. His cum was hot, fast, and smooth. The feeling of our hard penises, stomachs, and cum was almost surreal. My first guy-guy experience was so very hot I almost thought it was a dream.
We briefly held one another for a few minutes than Chuck got up and said to 'hold on'. I thought to myself, what now?!? Chuck shuffled to the kitchen with his shirt up and shorts around his ankles. As he shuffled away I saw his very cute, furry, bubble butt move and it was an awesome turn-on. Chuck shuffled back and I saw his semi-hard penis swing back and forth, again another huge turn-on, especially knowing he just came all over me. In Chuck's hands were napkins for the cleanup, how thoughtful? We cleaned up, I was sitting on my bed while he stood over me. He made some cute comment about the large amount of cum. We smiled and knew we very much enjoyed what happened. Needless to say, falling asleep was impossible as I was still shaking and feeling the butterflies in my stomach wondering what had just happened.
Chuck and I continued this for a few years with no regular schedule. The intensity definitely brought unneeded pressure our friendship and we ultimately grew apart. We still speak but I would love to have an experience once again. Chuck came out of the closet as a gay man and I continue to be in love with women and am straight although a chance with Chuck again would be awesome and I hope it happens in the future.
Until next time...I look forward to telling you all even more fun sessions with Chuck including oral sex and much more. Maybe even Chuck would read this and remember our fun times together for a future encounter (although not his real name, I know he remembers)...



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