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With Another Woman Part 2

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A few months ago I told you how at 55 I had my first encounter with another woman. Doris and I were together two more times. It has now been well over a month since I heard from her, thinking well it's over and that's that. Last week my phone rang and it was Doris, asking me if I was free that Friday night. About once every two or three months she has about six or seven women at her place all looking for the same thing, a little woman company if you know what I mean. I told her that would be great. Thinking she was interested in only me.

I arrived that Friday a little late. Doris introduced me to all the ladies. She than introduced me to one woman sitting in the corner, Dottie. She was a buxom blonde, she was wearing a very tight top, and jeans that seemed to be painted on.

She was the oldest woman there. Most of the women were in there forties. Me at 55 I felt I still look good. Dottie was as I said buxom. Tall, large tits, big ass. What caught my eye was her jeans were going right up her pussy. I couldn't keep from looking at it. Still thinking Doris and I were going to be together that night. Although there were no rules on who or how many women were going to be together at any time.

I knew Dottie from the neighborhood. We were not friends but I have spoken to her in the past. She was one of those women who had the best husband, the smartest children in school. The best house and car. Everyone knows someone like her. She was also the only married woman in the group.

After about a half hour of sharing a glass of wine and having conversation with her, there was no doubt Dottie wanted my small ass and little tits. Without any warning her arms went around me and our lips touched. Her hands ran across my back. Her tongue went in my mouth touching mine. Now my pussy was throbbing with such excitement. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

She told me to stand and come with her. Telling Doris we were going to use the small room in the corner. Doris just said go ahead enjoy each other.

The door soon closed behind us. Then locked. Dottie was taking full control of me. She took off my top and started to open my pants. I was still kissing her. I then removed her top and wanted so bad to open her jeans. In a short time I was naked and Dottie was down to just panties. She had a good amount of light brown pubic hair that protruded out from her bikini panties. They were soon off and I was amazed at how beautiful she was. Her hairy pussy, large round ass and her tits were so big and perfect in every way. Her large nipples drove me crazy.

As I said she took control rubbing my swollen clit. Telling me how big it was. She began rubbing it. She had on the bed a good sized plastic dong. She put some lube on it and inserted it inside my pussy. Then took it out lifted my legs and stuffed it deep up my ass hole. With the dong up my ass and Dottie working my clit my shaved pussy exploded with pleasure.

Now my turn to pleasure this very demanding woman. Dottie told me exactly how she wanted to be pleasured. I was a little embarrassed because she wanted that dong up her ass. Putting lube on it I noticed it was a little dirty if you know what I mean. In a stern voice she said just stuff it in there and I mean deep. Within about five or ten minutes she was having a strong orgasm, bucking hips the whole thing, then she let out a sigh of ecstasy as her pussy began to squirt. Thinking this was piss, but it was not. Dottie was having a strong wonderful orgasm. I was so proud of myself that I was able to accomplish making another person feel so good.

Dottie and I stayed in bed hugging kissing and yes even going for another orgasm together. I came again. This time Dottie did not squirt. I was a little disappointed. She asked what's the matter? I told her and she said just because I don't squirt doesn't mean I didn't cum. Putting her fingers in her pussy getting a good amount of juice on them and letting me taste her. You did a fine job honey. I put my fingers in her wanting to get another taste.

We had a great time. It was now very late as we opened the door. Looks like about three of the other women seemed to have had a good threesome as they were fast asleep on the pull out bed in the living room. I asked Dottie if being it was so late why don't we just go back inside and go home in the morning. We went back inside. This time the door was locked by me.



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