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With Alice in the Snow

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A few years ago, I fell in with a very small, intimate group of friends. By small, I mean that it consisted of myself, another guy, and three women. By intimate, I mean that we were all very close friends, and often revealed our deepest, darkest secrets to each other. And many times, over long evenings, we'd talk in great detail about our sex lives. One night, the topic quickly evolved into 'weird places we've done it.' I related how I got it on with a girlfriend in college once in a park, in March, in the snow.

Well, not exactly like that. I had to throw out a few qualifiers. For one, it certainly was cold, but not excessively so. The temperature was probably the upper twenties. I know because it wasn't wet, slushy snow, the kind that comes about when melting. And it certainly wasn't so cold that I had frostbite on critical areas.

Second, we didn't exactly get down and dirty in the snow. I remember wearing big leather mittens, and used them to brush all the snow off the top of a picnic table, upon which we had our fun.

Also, the big one: we didn't really have sex. Instead, we made out, and then masturbated ourselves while watching the other, but that was it.

Still, provided with these three caveats, my friends still wanted to hear the whole tale. So here goes:

It was freshman year. Alice was my second or third girlfriend that year, but really the first serious one, and the first to last more than a month. We both lived in the same dorm, and met there. In fact, by the time spring break had arrived, we'd been dating for nearly three months. We had an interesting relationship, to say the least. We connected on an intellectual level very quickly. She was absolutely brilliant, a quick learner and a straight-A student. We could, and often did, talk about philosophy, religion, history, literature, and other topics till the late hours of the night. But despite all her genius, she could also be a bit dopey at times. She'd forget her keys, forget what room her class was in, buy the wrong textbook and do the same homework assignment she did three weeks before.

We also connected on a very sexual level as well. Although I was not a virgin, she still was when we met. But that didn't mean she hadn't had her share of experiences throughout high school, and often we would spend hours getting each other worked up talking about them, even before we were officially dating. And once we were dating, we were a very physical couple, in addition to our deep discussions. That freshman year she insisted that she was going to stay a virgin, and she did, but that didn't preclude us from doing nearly everything but Sex. She gave me hand jobs, and we enjoyed each others bodies more.

We played naughty games as often as we could. We both lived in single-room dorm rooms with homebodies for room-mates, but luckily my room-mate had a night class two nights a week. Those nights didn't come often enough, and as soon as they did, we were stripped down naked in my bed, kissing, touching, caressing, and stroking for a good two hours.

If we couldn't get our release at the dorms, she made sure we found numerous opportunities elsewhere. A common occurrence was to go see a movie. We'd find a dark secluded corner, and make out for most of the flick. Eventually, she'd pull my dick out of my fly and start jacking me off. I didn't always cum, but it was still a nice outlet. She'd wear skirts and no underwear, giving me easy access to her most special parts. Her room-mate also liked to have 'movie nights' in their room. We'd hide under a blanket, even though there would be seven or eight other friends in the room, and play our naughty games. In all, I'd estimate I got off in her presence at least four or five times a week.

So spring break came around, and sadly, due to prior plans already laid, we had to spend it apart. For a whole week we were apart, by nearly seven hundred miles. I spoke to her on the phone two of those nights, but she was at her parent's house and so phone sex was out of the question. We both got back to our dorm on a Sunday night, and classes would resume that next day. There was no question I wanted to get naked with her, and fast.

To our dismay, both our room-mates were back as well, hers entrenched in front of the TV with some friends and mine was planted in front of his computer working on a project for a comp science class, which usually meant he was there for the rest of the evening.

Thus, we needed to find somewhere alone, and fast. We considered the expansive student lounge, but it was nearly full by then with half the dorm tuning in for the newest 'Simpson's' episode. We'd always talked about doing something kinky at the library, but it would mean we'd have to go outside and walk there, and besides, it had just snowed the day before and there was more than five inches of snow on the ground. We kept trying to think of places to have fun. Once, in the middle of the night, she snuck me into the Women's bathroom on her floor and we shared a shower together. That had led to some very hot action, and we contemplated trying a repeat of it, but the bathrooms were simply too busy to be able to get me in and out without being caught. So it was decided: kinkiness would ensue somewhere in the library.

The college we went to is rather large, and it actually had several libraries, many of them small and dedicated to one area of study like medicine or engineering. The main library, however, had 'the stacks,' and a reputation for much illicit activity going down there. It was a hike from our dorm. As we set out, I suggested a short cut through West Lake Park, a large wooded park somewhat off to the side of campus, but along a direct line to our destination. Alice agreed.

By now it was evening, probably seven or seven-thirty, and completely dark. The street lights that flooded campus didn't extend to the park, and the tall trees that ringed it blocked out any remaining illumination. It was a cloudy night, and the park was deserted, quiet, and shadowed. The center of the park was one large, clear, grassy expanse, now shrouded in snow. It took us a good thirty seconds to cross. The whole time we saw no one.

On the edge, we passed a picnic table. I thought nothing of it, but suddenly Alice tugged the sleeve of my winter coat and pointed to it.

'Let's stop and rest here for a sec.'


Buried in the snow, I thought it would be silly to actually sit on the benches, and instead cleared the entire tabletop of snow. I grabbed Alice by the waist and hoisted her up on the edge. She leaned in and kissed me. We started making out right there on the spot. Our tongues intertwined, and we nibbled at earlobes and softly kissed each other's sensitive spots on the neck, chin, and face. Ignoring the cold outside, we probably went at it for at least half an hour. Finally we stopped to catch our breath.

I sat up on the table now too, and slid my boots along one of the benches to clear the snow off of it. We sat side-by-side on the middle of the table, and our feet rested on the bench. We started to talk.

'Oh, god, I missed you so much, Alice.'

'Oh, I missed you too.'

And so on, as lovey-dovey, stupid, sappy college kids often do their first relationship around. Of course, this was Alice, and before long our discussion turned sexual.

'I've got a confession to make.' Alice told me.

'What's that?' I asked.

'Well...I might have gotten off a few times last week by myself.'

'Oh yeah?' Wow, this was exciting!

'Yeah. Actually, I did it, like, five times last week!' she whispered to me.

'When?' I asked. Then added, 'and...where?'

'Umm, let's see...ahh, I got myself off in my bed Monday night. And then in bed Tuesday night. And again when I woke up Wednesday morning. I didn't get off at all on Thursday, and Friday I got off twice!'

'Wow.' I was getting hard. I should probably submit a description of Alice here. She had jet-black hair, straight, and going down past her shoulders. She had very dark brown eyes, and very large, thick, lips. Her face perhaps resembled a more rounded, less-angular version of Angelina Jolie. She almost always wore very bright red lipstick to emphasize her lips. In fact, the only times she didn't was when she knew we were about to engage in one of our legendary make-out sessions

She wasn't thin by any measure, but I certainly wouldn't say overweight either. She just had enough extra to accent her very feminine shape-on her thighs, her ass, and her breasts. Remarkably, she had a thin waist, and while not a perfectly taunt stomach, it was slightly rounded, soft, and to me, very, very sexy.

Her breasts were pretty big, at least I thought so back then. Maybe a C cup-I'm can't say I'm one for guessing well on the measurements. The were nearly perfectly round. A bunch of us in the dorm joked about the 'pencil test'-it was a measure of how much a pair of breasts hang down. If you lifted them up, and stuck a pencil right at the juncture of the bottom of the breast and the chest, and let them fall back down, passing the 'pencil test' meant the pencil would be held in place. Alice's would certainly pass. They sported large nipples, but they were rarely erect and colored very close to the same color of the rest of her breasts. She also had a very thick mass of dark tangled pubic hair. Except for one episode in which we both shaved ourselves completely bare just to 'see what it's like,' she never shaved or trimmed.

She also liked to sleep nude, an option that didn't come often living with a room-mate in the dorm. At home, however, she had her own room, and so I pictured her naked body, lying on her back in bed, her breasts slightly flattened in that position, her crotch slightly blocked by a drawn up knee. Then she turns over; now her smooth white ass-cheeks are rising up behind her shoulders, and they slowly undulate as her eyes close and she moans in pleasure.

'Twice?' I asked. 'Where?'

'Well, in the morning, I did it in the laundry room while I was waiting for the dryer to finish. I was sitting on top of the dryer. Then I went had coffee with my friend Tracey, and I did it while sitting there at the table when she went to the bathroom.

I need to pause to give another aside here. Alice could not orgasm employing any of the usual methods. When we eventually got around to having vaginal-penetrative sex the next year, it was fun for her, but not satisfying. Instead, she had a singular technique I have only seen her use. She told me she developed this ability to have orgasms when she was very young, about second grade. She discovered, oddly enough while watching TV with her family, that if she just slightly crossed her legs so that one knee was on top of the other, and then squeezed and contracted certain leg and pelvic muscles, she could give herself exquisite sensations. Once she connected the feelings to sex, about five or six years later, she found she could have orgasms. And when she was really turned on, she could achieve them very quickly-often inside a couple of minutes-and very frequently.

I have to admit, the first time she showed me this, I was quite puzzled by it. She laid on the edge of her bed, on her left side, with her right leg over her left knee and her right foot touching the floor. She seemed to hold herself still, and closed her eyes. I watched for thirty seconds, and then her breathing quickened. About fifteen seconds after that, she began to breathe really heavy, her hips sort of quivered back and forth really quickly, and then she began to loudly moan over and over-that was it! She had just cummed in front of me!

Though her only known method of getting off, it didn't keep us from trying other ways. There were times when I would spend the better part of an hour with my hand between her legs, fingering and rubbing gently on her sensitive lips and teasing her clit. She bought a vibrator, and that led to endless hours of fun. But to no avail. Eventually, we found a way for me to insert two fingers into her as she worked herself to that wonderful place. As she came, I could feel the walls of her vagina rapidly clench and release my fingers. I only wondered what it would feel like if that was my dick, but she wasn't about to have sex then, and I'm not sure if there was a way to position our bodies so I could put my penis inside her and she would still be able to get off.

I would never have traded this technique for her to have the ability to orgasm in a more traditional manner. Even today. For one, she could have several in one session. It seemed like each subsequent orgasm was better than the previous - at least for the first four. Her first cum was often just a quick warm-up session. She'd reach it right away, and then sigh, and say, 'Awww, that one wasn't very good, hold on, I gotta go again,' and then quickly pant out a second.

The other advantage was this permitted her to basically masturbate anywhere she liked. She was, naturally, a bit reluctant to do it in public at first, rightfully worried that people would detect her unusual breathing and wonder what's up. So we started in public spaces that were, at the time, abandoned. The first was in the laundry room at the Dorm. It had a single, fold-out table with four chairs around it, and we sat across from each other, waiting for the washing machine to finish. With our textbooks in front of us, I watched her make those familiar tightened facial expressions, and then tip over the edge into glorious orgasm-land. A few weeks later it was in a study lounge. Then I challenged her to get off one day in class-and she did, in a large history lecture, the lights dimmed while showing a short movie about the culinary habits of the ancient Romans. 'I came right as it ended,' she later told me afterwards. Soon it was in restaurants, then while on the bus, and finally, in a coffee shop near the dorm. That was the best, she wore a short skirt and no panties, and when she thought no one was looking, let me feel her pussy and how wet it was immediately afterwards.

So to hear now that she got herself off at a coffee shop without me there was exciting beyond belief.

'Did you cum before she got back?' I asked her.

'Oh yeah. But it was close.'

'Wow, that's so hot,' I said.

She took off her glove and reached over to the front of my crotch. Of course my dick was perfectly erect, constrained by my jeans, and throbbing. 'I can tell,' she told me.

'What if you hadn't finished when she got back?' I asked.

'mmm...well, I'd probably try and finish while she was sitting in front of me.'

'Really?' I asked.

'Oh yeah!' She smiled. I looked over and noticed her legs were partly crossed, nearly in that familiar position.

'Are you going to do it right here?' I couldn't believe it!

She looked around the dark field. There was no one around. 'Yeah...I think I will. Wanna watch me?'

'Hell yeah!'

Her cheeks were flushed with the cold, but now they turned a crimson with her arousal. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she tried to hold her body motionless, but occasionally quivered with the effort. She was going down that familiar route.

'Oh yeah....ohhhhhh....oh yeah......' normally she didn't vocalize, she was probably doing this for my benefit. 'Ohhhh....gawd, that feels so good....ahhhh....'

She opened her eyes briefly, and rested her hand again over my erect member. A slow up-and-down motion, and I was nearly ready to cream myself.

We must have remained like this for several minutes. Still, I noticed, she hadn't seemed to cum yet.

After another few minutes:

'Uhhh....Uhhhh....Uh!' She exhaled deeply. 'I can't...'

'Why not?' I asked.

'I dunno....maybe 'cause it's so cold....'

I honestly hadn't noticed the cold. Hell, I was so worked up it could've been absolute zero and I would never have noticed. But we had been out there for nearly forty five minutes. Perhaps the temperature had dropped, at least perceptibly for her.

She looked directly at my crotch. 'Take it out.' She instructed me. I unzipped my fly, loosened my belt, and opened my pants. I half stood up on the bench, with my left arm still on the table, and in one motion pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees. I sat back down on the table. It was a little cold on my bare ass, but I was so turned on I hardly noticed. Alice watched intently.

'C'mon, start touching yourself!'

I did. I wrapped my hand all the way around my shaft, and began to stroke rapidly.

'Oh yeah...oh yeah....ahhhh.' Alice closed her eyes and went back to work.

We had always tried, almost always unsuccessfully, to coordinate our orgasms to the exact same moment. Little grunts of, 'Are you there yet?' and 'ohh, I'm soo close!' and 'Yeeesssss, just aaaa-about,' were exchanged.

Suddenly I could feel that familiar delightful sensation of my sperm draining from my balls.

Then Alice started her moaning. 'OOOOHhhhhhh....OOhhhh....' her eyes shot opened and looked at my dick.

She was always fascinated by ejaculations, and as I felt the first contraction, my hand flew quickly away from my penis. The semen spurted out in an arc through the air, landing several feet in front of me in the snow. I groaned. More jiz was expelled. I don't know how, but miraculously, none of it landed on my pulled down-pants. It all went into the snow and on the bench and table in front of me. And there was a lot.

'Wow, holy crap, look at all your stuff!'

'Yeah...' I said, admiring my handiwork, as it were. I was still softly rubbing my dick, which had not decreased in hardness by very much.

'Do you want to go again?' she asked.

'Nah.' I said. As much as I wanted to, the cold was not starting to hit me, and I thought I vaguely recalled my room-mate telling me about him going to a study group later that night. Maybe my room would be empty when we got back. Before I could tell Alice this, she reached over and grabbed the back of my head and pushed her face to mine for a long wet, sloppy, French kiss.

'I think I'm getting kinda cold.' She said.

'Yeah, me too.'

'I guess we don't really need to go to the library now.'




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