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With a Twist

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Last year, long summers and bored teenagers led to one of the more surreal experiences to happen to me.

It was in late July, and a party in a friend's house started in the same way that most teen parties do. Unfortunately the party petered out, with people not turning up, or excusing themselves and leaving. By about 10:30pm there were only six of us left. Myself, Lucy, the owner of the house, her boyfriend Jake, and three girls I hardly knew, Kirsty, Rebecca and Rhyanne. Having talked for a long time, Kirsty noticed a Twister board, discarded at the side of the room.

Having played a couple of games Lucy and Jake excused themselves, and headed upstairs, leaving me with three attractive, semi-strangers.

We sat around a little longer, and I had started to reach the point where I had lost interest in the conversation. Suddenly, I realised Rhyanne was talking to me again.

'Are you up for a game?'

'Umm, I suppose' I replied.

'Twister, with a twist. First person down removes an item of clothing. Second does nothing. Third spins.'

I wasn't sure about this, and it obviously showed on my face.

'We'll start if you want.' suggested Kirsty.

To back out then seemed like a stupid idea, so I agreed to give it a try.

The three of them stood round the sheet, and I started calling out directions. It soon turned into an almost violent game. The first person the fall was the smallest of the three, Rebecca. Her top came off to reveal a small set of breasts, probably still an A cup. On looking up Rhyanne toppled sideways, leaving Kirsty left on the mat.

This meant I had to come forwards to play. As the game started I managed to avoid getting to much contact with Rebecca. But a suuden command for a hand on the other side of the mat pulled me across her, my face resting very close to her stomach. She started to laugh, and collapsed, knocking my legs out from under me. This left her in a set of matching white underwear.

She seemed remarkably calm about the idea about losing the first two rounds in a row. As she stepped up to play again, she smiled and shook herself. The next person to fall was Kirsty, who slipped and fell, knocking Rebecca off balance, who toppled leaving us in a pile on the floor. Kirsty wriggled out of her dress, leaving her also in her underwear, bright red and filling the bra a lot fuller than Rebecca, at a C.

Becoming the spinner again I got to watch the two semi-naked girls grinding against each other was arousing me rather a lot. As Rebecca slid off the mat again, and removed the bra I was greeted by the sight of two small nipples.

Trying not to stare was incredibly difficult in the next round, and in an effort to avoid resting against them I missed the handhold and fell on top of Kirsty. Rhyanne claimed we'd fallen at the same time, so should both remove clothes. Rebecca then suggested we remove each others.

I expected Kirsty to take off my T-shirt, but instead she removed my jeans, leaving me semi visible to the girls. In retaliation I grabbed the knickers and pulled, revealing a small bush of red hair underneath. Fitting for the hair to match the covering.

As we stepped up again the mood of the room was a little more tense. This subsided as Rhyanne rubbed along the inside of Kirsty's thigh, who shivered and fell to the ground. Rhyanne bent over, removing the bra from Kirsty, who lay there laughing.

However Rhyanne touched Kirsty again, and I could feel my own erection growing. Suddenly Rebbeca knocked me over and saw the erection. Sitting on my chest she played lightly with my penis, stroking me gently and and touching my stomach.

Looking across at Kirsty and Rhyanne I could see that they were in no way interested in what was happening to me. Kirsty was lying on her back, eyes closed, while Rhyanne was lying, now naked between her legs, with one hand on Kirsty and the other hand between her own legs.

After letting Rebecca grind up and down on my stomach, I could feel her tightening around me. Her first orgasm came within seconds of gasps from Kirsty. On hearing and feeling this I came, shooting my load with no control, hitting Rebecca on the forearms and chest.

As she turned to face me I could see she had been planning this, grinning across at the other two girls. She rolled on top of my hand, and I felt that I should repay the favour. As she rode down on my hand I heard Rhyanne shift across and place a hand on Rebecca. As she came for a second time I felt the girls relax and lie around me.

Luckily we managed to clear up in the morning, before Lucy and Jake awoke. We have been trying to repeat this experience, but with universities, it has been hard to plan another 'games' night.

It has left me with a new view to quiet nights, and new oppotunities.



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