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With a Stranger

Posted by: Age: 45 Posted on: 4 comments
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Stranger offered ride. Suggested some kind of sexual fun. I responded. Great time.


Here's what happened to me years ago on the way home from work. I rode the city bus to and from work. This particular day I had on an unusual suit of clothing... Blue and cream color checkered suit with a dark blue shirt and light blue tie. I must have looked like a fop or dandy as I walked along our country roadside with my suit coat slung over my shoulder. I loved the suit.

Anyway, as I was walking toward home which was only a few blocks ahead, this guy pulled up in his car and asked it I would like a ride. I replied 'no, I'm just a few blocks from my house.' He insisted, saying he was going that way anyway and it would be no problem. I thought a minute and said, 'OK' and hopped in.

In less than a minute, looking straight ahead as he accelerated he said, 'do you, uh... suck?' What, I thought, does he mean by that? He paused a minute and said, 'you know' pointing to his groin area. Immediately I knew what he meant. It must have been my unusual outfit that made him think I was gay. I said, I'm not gay. I have a wife and kids. But my mind shot back to my younger years when a neighbor guy and I would suck each others cocks just for the fun of it.

As I was thinking of what to say, he pulled his car into a large parking lot by a park and shut the engine down. We were the only car in the lot. After a bit of chatting I said, 'well, let's give it a try. What do you have in mind?' Immediately he pushed the seats back (in those days cars had bench-type seats), unzipped his fly pulling out his semi hard cock, and said, 'here.' I reached over and felt it as it grew stiff.

After fondling it awhile, I leaned over and put it to my mouth, touching the head with my lips, tasting his pre-cum. After a bit he said 'let me do you.' So I unzipped and pulled out my now hard cock. He leaned over and did the same to me. Oh, my gosh, what a fantastic feeling! We did this to each other for a few minutes then we jacked ourselves off.

When we were about to cum we reached over with our hands grabbing each others cock and started to masturbate each other. It didn't take long and we were squirting jizz all over. After that I zipped up, got my suit jacket out of the back seat, said good-bye, opened the door and took off for home. That night, I masturbated, and did other things (for another site) to my wife... Thinking I need to do this all again some day.



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