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With a Little Help from My Cousin

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With a little help and encouragement from my lovely, willing cousin I learned how to rub girls out and keep them interested...


Shit I was so pissed off! I had finally convinced Alison to let me eat her out and I screwed the pooch. Things had started off okay, but when I got down between her legs and started work on her pussy she took it for about three minutes, got bored and told me not to bother. WAS I PISSED! After I stomped home and slammed a few doors I decided I needed some pointers and found and downloaded an e-book "The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman"; 98 pages! To Work... After a couple of hours of swot I began to think I had some of it sussed, so I rang Alison to ask if I could try again...but someone was still pissed with me. Hmmmm...bright idea...would my cousin Jenny who was living a few doors down, help with some advice? It was Saturday afternoon and I knew she would probably be at home alone Jen's about six months younger than me and has always been a good sort. She's an attractive brunette about 100lbs 5'4. Anyway as I walked to her place with my ipad in hand I began to wonder whether this might be too much to ask...shit, no harm in asking. Go round back...yep, Jen was on the back porch in tee-shirt and jeans reading as per usual...our Jen's a bit of a swot-head. She looked pleased to see me, so, after a bit of yakking I showed her my e-book and asked whether she had any more tips? Like what, huh? Errrr? I explained what had happened with Alison...She stared at me for a while and I decided to drop it... Then Jen laughed and offered a PRACTICAL demo...HUH? Yeah, why not...might be fun! HUH? She grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Shutting the door we sat on the side of her bed. She told me to replay how I had started off with Alison. My heart was thumping as we started making out and kissing...whoa! she knew how to kiss. I felt a wave of genuine passion go through me and by the way Jen was blushing I realised that she was for real...her hand went down to my crotch and she rubbed my hard on through my pants...fuuuck! Next thing I knew I was helping her peel off her top. I gulped again as I helped undo her bra, revealing her round, 34 b-cup tits with long, pink nipples. Then she helped me take off my shirt... She encouraged me to kiss and suck her tits and nipples and I was happy to oblige. Man they tasted good! She started a gentle moaning, ran her hands over my abs and told me it felt great what I was doing. After a while she lay back on her bed and told me to go for it. I put down my ipad where I could see it. I felt like I was on cloud nine as I undid her jeans and pulled them down her legs, showing her black and red panties which clung tightly around her mound. We kissed some more then she got me to work my way down her tight little body. By the time I got down between her wide open legs my cock was straining to be released from my pants. Jen was happy to help out and I purred as she gently ran her fingers over my cock. Then I got back down and she got me to kiss all around her groin and inner thighs as I slowly peeled her panties down her thighs. My heart thumping I just stared at her cute, wet little cunt for a while...a tuft of long pubes up top and the rest clean shaven and smooth...natural crinkled hot pink labia poking through her slit. She lifted her hips and grunted as I did what the book advised, got myself and her comfortable...then "Slowly lick her inner thighs...(p.30)" Jen continued to encourage me as I "...slowly progress(ed) until you reach the vulva..." as I "spread the outer lips apart from top to bottom to fully expose the inner lips (p.31)" she giggled, ran her fingers through my hair and moaned. By the time I'd gotten to "Insert your tongue into the vagina. Slowly lick side to side against the top wall...(p.32)" Jenny was moaning and gasping into her pillow and slowly pushing her hips up and down. As for me I just loved the clean, slightly salty taste of her cunt. I opened her up as wide as she could comfortably take it and just stared at her moist pink interior. Jen teased her tiny clitoris out from its hood and began to play with herself as I watched...playing with my cock, where she could see it. Then she insisted I keep going! By the time I got to "...feel her g-spot with your fingertips. The tissue feels a little rough...(p.40)" Jen was really going for it...humping her hips against my hand and yelping for more! And she came with a rush (! Raising her hips and pressing hard against my submerged fingers and gasping hardp.42-43). I moved in and licked the warm white girl-cum oozing past my hand and down her perineum to her arsehole...after resting a while Jen moved down to my cock and started licking around my swollen glans... That happened a few months ago. I forgot all about Alison and Jen and me have gotten to practice a whole lot more on each other...



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