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With a Gay Man and His Girlfriend!

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I thought I'd write to share an extremely kinky experience I had this past summer, with a hot couple with whom I have been friends for a few years. Malcolm and Julia are a rather strange couple in that he is basically bi, but more on the gay side. He is an artist in his mid fifties and looks a bit like a greek philosopher'-bald and bearded with the body of an athlete slightly gone to seed. I have always been fascinated and more than a little jealous of the way women seem drawn to him. He is not unduly bothered by this, and, whilst he is not camp, he prefers the company of pretty young men to women generally.

Julia is the exception. Almost like his muse, she is younger than him (35) a pretty redhead with shoulder length hair, small tits, a pert bottom, and very shapely legs, kind of boyish but in a girlie way, extremely playful and totally devoted to Malcolm. I find their relationship fascinating because it is odd, they sleep nude together, and they masturbate each other, but as Malcolm told me, he only mounts her occasionally when she really needs it.

They live near the coast in the east of England, and I went to stay with them for a weeks holiday, and after a lovely meal and a few drinks I retired to bed, imagining them in the room next door, and what it would be like to lie naked with them. I got a raging erection, and was feeling irrationally frustrated and jealous, (I could hear her muffled moans of pleasure through the wall) but I did'nt make myself come, and eventually got to sleep.

Next day after breakfast we drove 10 or so miles to a quiet stretch of sandy beach, and as we were walking through the pine forest to the beach, I was looking forward to seeing Julia in her bikini. Eventually we found our spot, and all stripped to our swimwear. I wasn't disappointed, because she was beautiful, in her white bikini. I watched as Malcolm rubbed sunscreen over Julia's lovely back, and then she did the same to him and to my embarrassment I became aroused. Julia giggled and said 'shall I do yours as well?' to which I replied ' yeah, and my back!' She smiled.

Malcolm then suggested we go skinny-dipping, and before I could say anything they had both removed their clothes. She was gorgeous, and the sight of her ginger bush and rosebud nipples did little to calm my now raging erection. Malcolm's cock was flaccid and girthy and his big balls hung nicely, and both he and Julia seemed very unselfconscious about their nudity. Both pairs of eyes were on me as I hesitantly removed my speedos to reveal my 7 inch boner. Julia giggled, turned to Malcolm and whispered something. He nodded and kissed her, and before I knew it I was lying on the ground with them on either side of me. I put my right arm around her lovely body, and gently played with her divine nipples, whilst she slowly, gently and expertly teased my cock. She was a fucking expert at hand relief! she varied the speed, and slowed down when she sensed my tension rising. By now Malcolm had extended his arm across my lower body and was skilfully (judging by her whimpering!) diddling Julia's lovely little clit. His cock was by now engorged, and, curiously although he was bigger than me when soft, his boner was perhaps an inch shorter than mine, but still very thick and powerful looking. Instinctively I grabbed hold of his potent weapon and wanked it until he shot about four ropes of spunk all over my hand.

After this, I could take no more, and I whispered to Julia that I'd like to come over her tummy, I got up, knelt in between her legs, and using Malcolm's cum as lube, wanked myself to a copious and delirious orgasm all over her tummy and vagina. Malcolm finished her off, and after a rest, we all went for a swim.

We joked about our session for the rest of the day, and that night I had the privilege of sharing their bed, masturbating and watching Malcolm and Julia (again, he did it really well). The rest of this unforgettable stay was characterised by 3 way masturbation. I am lucky to have friends like these two.



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