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With a Friend (1)

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I have had several friends that I've masturbated with. We're all straight, as far as I know. I?ve lost track of some of my friends from junior high and high school. Maybe one or more of them is gay, or maybe you are automatically 'bi' because you've jacked off with other guys-think what you want. Some of us are married now; some of us are still single, but we all seem to have enjoyed masturbating together. I really don't know how common this is for guys, but among my friends who were into it (and there were-and are now-certainly some who are definitely NOT into it), it seemed quite natural.

I met one friend (who I ended up masturbating with a few times) during my first year of grad school. We had a couple of classes together, worked out together, and hung around with the same group of friends. One night, after we'd known each other about six months, we had gone out eating and drinking with some of our friends, and I stopped by his apartment on the way home. We made some coffee and started talking, mostly about women, which led to the subject of his girlfriend who lived in another state and his lack of a sex life-except for jacking off. I didn't have a girlfriend at all, so I said I knew how he felt, and that I'd probably go insane if I didn't masturbate. He then showed me his collection of old Penthouse and Playboy magazines, and he told me to borrow some anytime I wanted to 'use' them. Although a little embarrassed, we ended up talking about jacking off for a while: where we'd done it, how often, if we'd ever gotten caught, and then whether we'd done it with another guy (we both admitted that we had). I didn't hesitate to take him up on the offer for the magazines when I went home that night.

Fast forward a week or two, and we're back at his place again one evening (his apartment was directly on the way to my place from downtown, so it was a common stopping off point). We were hanging out and I wanted to get a few new Penthouses to 'read,' so I was sitting on the floor looking through his stash. He grabbed a few magazines, too.

He lay on the bed and started looking through them. I got pretty caught up in what I was doing and it was probably twenty minutes later when I looked over at him on the bed. He was looking at a magazine and rubbing himself through his pants. I told him I could head on home if he wanted to jack off and he said something like, 'Well, unless you want to do it too.' I guess he was taking a chance that I might have been offended, but I wasn't completely surprised since we'd talked about it the last time I was there. Since I was pretty horny by then too, I said, 'OK.'

He asked me if I wanted some lube and I said, ?Sure,? so he got some lube from his night table and then undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He was already hard and squirted some lube in his hand and then tossed me the tube as he slicked himself up. I got on the recliner across the room and lay back, put up the footrest, and pulled my pants down to mid-thigh. Then I lubed up my hand and slicked up my penis. Neither of us talked as we worked on ourselves. My friend was looking at one of the magazines, holding it in his left hand as he stroked with his right. I just closed my eyes and lay back. I gently masturbated for about five minutes or so, and when I opened my eyes, my friend had given up the mag and was using both hands, his eyes closed also. As I was watching, he turned and looked over at me and I suddenly felt really awkward, but I just smiled and closed my eyes again and kept gently masturbating.

A couple of minutes later, I was close to orgasm, so I stopped so I could hold off some, and my friend, who must have been watching me, asked me if I was close. I told him I was, and he said he was too. As I watched, he was pumping himself quickly and started to breathe hard and then said, 'Oh, yeah!' and started to cum, shooting straight up into the air. I watched him have his orgasm. When he finished and looked over at me again, I brought myself off. I grabbed the base of my penis in my left hand and squirted some more lube on the head of my penis, and then wrapped my right fist around it and started pumping up and down the whole length with a good, tight grip. It didn't take more then 20 seconds before I came all over my hand and lap.

We both lay spent for a few minutes, then we got ourselves cleaned up and our pants back on. We talked a little bit about it and found that we both seemed to have the same attitude about it, which was cool. After awhile, I had to catch the last train home, so I took off. But that was, as you might expect, not the last time we did it together.



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