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Wish I could have some of the experiences I've read on here


I have only been reading the stories on here a short time, but I am addicted to them. I absolutely love reading stories of the women by themselves, with other women or with other males. My wife who I have been with for 11 years, is no longer into sex anywhere near as much as she used to be, and wants nothing to do with masturbation of mine or her own. I've tried to get her into watching me, but she wants nothing of it.

Many years ago, I was 16, my ex was 14, we'll call her Jen, we were into the usual, manually getting each other off. Then one night we were in my truck parked in a secluded area and just started with the kissing and light groping, as this was how we always started. She loved when I would tease her nipples over top of her bra, it would really get her turned on, so that is where I always started. As we both got hornier, I started rubbing her inner thigh, and she did the same to me. Suddenly she pulled back away from me, and just stared at me with a devilish grin, I didn't know what to make of it. Jen said I want to see you masturbate! Still with that grin on her face. It took me back a little bit, as we had done pretty much everything sexual to that point up till then. I just kind of sat there and looked at her not quite knowing what to say.

She then asked, you do jerk off don't you. I said yes, but I never told her about it. She said that she and her friends were talking about making out and not going all the way, and how guys would go home and relieve their 'blue balls'. So I told Jen that I had done that numerous times before she would give in to giving me at least a hand job for relief. I could see in her eyes she was getting very excited just hearing me talk about it. Next she starts unzipping my pants and pulling them down until she got them to my ankles with my rock hard cock standing at attention and gobs of precum oozing out. Please let me watch you, I have never seen a man masturbate and it turns me on so much to even think about it. I told her that I need some motivation, that I want her to get totally naked with the dome light on (she never felt comfortable with her body, so the lights had to be off or she would have covers over her) so that I could see every bit of her so I could get turned on.

It was as much of a ploy to not do it in front of her as it was to see every inch of that sweet little body. Jen never shaved her pussy, but she had little hair there, and she had great tits, not big, B cup, but they were very nice. Stunningly she agreed and feverishly began stripping down. As she stripped I started stroking and Jen turned on the dome light and spread her legs right in front of me. I added a stipulation, that she would have to masturbate for me as well, but she said she didn't want to this time, she would do it for me another time, she wanted to concentrate on my jacking because she was so fascinated. So once again I started stroking slowly, and I looked down to make sure my shirt wasn't getting in the precum and she said don't look at your cock, look at my soaked pussy.

I thought I was going to explode. She leaned over and with her finger wiped a little bubble of precum off my purple head and stuck her finger in her mouth, I thought I was going to cum again, but she told me to slow down, she wanted to enjoy it. I turned toward her a little more so she could get a better view and put my leg alongside her so we both had a great wide open view. After a few minutes of stroking Jen asks, don't you play with your balls while you jerking off when your alone? As I usually do I start stroking the outside of my sack and underneath, pretty much the whole time just looking her up and down, from her hungry horny eyes down to those tits with ragingly hard nipples, to that sweet littly pussy that just glistened with wetness in the little bit of light from the dome light.

Jen was actually breathing almost as heavy as I was, and she couldn't take her eyes off of my hands rubbing my cock and balls, just the look in her eyes of pure elation. I was enjoying it as much as she was, her just watching me sitting there naked the juices of her sweet pussy just flowing out her. Then I said that I was gonna cum, she leaned forward and grabbed my right hand and stuck it on her soaked crotch and was just breathing quicker and trying to urge me on and moan a little bit at the same time until I was ready to erupt, my hips moving more than my hand just about, I was so into it at this point I was all but fucking my hand until I finally exploded so hard that it shot up and hit the roof of the truck with the first shot, then all over her stomach and legs with the rest. I slumped back into the seat and caught my breath, looked over at Jen and she still had mad lust in her eyes, I just shut my eyes for a minute to compose myself. All she said in a hot fast breath was I want you more now than ever. Ever since then, I have had a fetish for women to watch me masturbate, which I had many times for Jen over the next few months until we broke up.

I love reading these stories, I read them for hours sometimes and just let my erection go on and on for the whole time, letting precum soak my pants before I lay back and think about all the times that Jen and I masturbated for each other until I cum hard. I love my wife, but I wish that I could just find a nice woman to masturbate with once in a while.

I love this site! I used to masturbate once a day or every other day, now since reading these stories I do it 2-3 times a day.



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