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Wish More Could Happen With Step Cousin

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This happened during the fourth of July weekend this year while visiting family, she is a year younger than me. Let's call her 'Catcher'


I took a trip to Vegas to visit some family for the fourth. A quick pre-cursor to the story:

When I used to live there, my step cousin and I were always quite close. I was about 17 or 18 at the time, and she was about 16 or 17. There was a point when we were watching a movie, and she came over to sit in the same recliner as me. We huddled really close, and started stroking each others backs. Slowly our hands started moving around. She suddenly leaned over and got a blanket and covered us from our chests down. My hand made it's way to her crotch, and I started rubbing her over her jeans, she responded the same way, stroking my cock through my jeans. This went on for about five minutes, and I was completely hard, and I could tell that she was getting really hot through her pants.

The movie ended and she looked at me and smiled, then got up and left the room. I did my best to hide my boner, and was going to make my way to the restroom to jack off really quickly, I was so turned on. Well, the bathroom was locked, so I waited for a bit. I heard a light moan come from the bathroom, and a couple of seconds later my cousin came out smiling. I went in, and had one of the best cums of my life. When they were leaving that day, I was alone in the TV room, and she came in to say goodbye, we hugged and squeezed for a long time, then she looked at me and said, 'I love you', and kissed me on the cheek right next to my lips.

Little things like that happened for a while, when we were in the pool, we would hang out and fondle each other as we swam past each other. I have masturbated countless times to these things.

To continue the most recent story...

Her family came over for the fourth, and we spent a lot of time catching up on the past year or so. (It had been a while since I had seen her). When we were in the room alone for a while, we started to hug and caress each other for a while. I heard her brother coming down the hallway, so I sat back down again. This happened on and off throughout the evening, but nothing more. After the fireworks and whatnot I was bored, so I looked at her and said, 'Well, what do you want to do?' She turned around to her mom and said, 'We are going to go on a walk to look for some more fireworks for a while.'

We started walking for a while and talking about a bunch of stuff, and got into a tough subject for me, and she stopped, looked into my eyes, and gave me a big hug. I wanted to kiss her so badly then, and it seemed like she wanted to do the same, so I tested the waters by sliding my lips right by hers and kissing her on the cheek right next to them. As I had slid them by, she went to kiss them, so I knew. I kissed her again, this time on the lips, and we stood there a bit away from my house kissing for a little while. It felt so good.

We walked back into the house and she sat next to her mom for a bit, and I winked at her when her mom wasn't looking, then went back to my room and sat on my bed. She walked back a few minutes later, shut the door and we starting kissing again. It was one of the most intense makeout sessions I have ever had. My hands started to wander to her nice tits, then we heard someone coming down the hallway again. It was time for her family to go. When her brother left the room, I kissed her again, and she said that she would come by the next day, sometime in the morning.

I masturbated so good that night, about three times, thinking about what happened. That night I made sure I went to bed in boxers without a button, so my morning erection would pop through. My plan was to try and stay in bed until she got there, and when I heard her get there, pull the sheet down so just a little bit of my head could be seen. Unfortunately, I woke up a bit too early, and she came by a bit too late. We kissed some more that day, and that evening I left for home again. She said she would try to drive out and see me, but that didn't happen.

I still masturbate, almost nightly, thinking about what I wish could have happened, and I hope that she does the same.



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