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Winter Sports

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Is it the crispness of the snow, or the purity of the air? Perhaps it is that under all the winter clothing, there are hot, sweaty bodies. All I know is that this was my first ever Winter sports holiday.


It is so much harder than it looks. Learning to ski is exhausting. I am, however a very quick learner and I worked hard with my 1:1 instructor. He kept talking about 'apres ski' and there was no doubt he was hitting on me. I am bisexual, but he really wasn't my type.

So, we worked all day, and into the evening a little too, stopping only for meals.

Afterwards, I packed my skis away and headed for the hotel. Almost as soon as I opened the door, it hit me. I won't say it was sweat, but it was definitely, well, bodies, testosterone, oestrogen... SOMETHING. The scent was heady, almost overwhelming. All I wanted though was a sauna and a shower.

In the health club was a truly massive sauna cabin. It could take 30 people easily, however, because I had worked all day, (and as my muscles would testify the next day, FAR too hard) I was in there alone. I lay on my towel with another draped over me and let the heat seep deeply into me. I dozed, stretched, dozed again. You know, that feeling when you are not quite awake, but still aware of everything? Well, like that.

I heard the door open and my skin reacted to the subtle but definite drop in temperature. A girl of about 18, certainly no older came in and move to a bench behind me. I returned to my semi conscious state. After about 10 minutes, I heard a sighing and then, a definite, but supressed moan. I wasn't sure, but it was possible she was either VERY relaxed or....

I reached for my bottle of oil and rubbed some on my arms and then my shoulders. I tried to put some on my back but didn't manage too well, then I lay down again. Almost as soon as I was flat I felt hands on me. Not a word was spoken. She had taken my bottle and was oiling my back and doing it beautifully. I cracked my eyes open to find she was totally naked. A cute little tummy piercing dangled from her navel, and there was not a wisp of pubic hair. Neither, did it look to me like there was any shaving stubble either. This looked utterly smooth. I looked up and saw a pair of very small and firm breasts and then two beautiful blue eyes. She smiled. I smiled and she resumed her massage. Lower now, to my back and then with a casual flick, she removed my towel and travelled down over my ass to my legs. Was it that I was hoping something would happen? Did I encourage her? Maybe, but soon enough, I felt the fingers pressing up the inside of my legs and I let my legs slip apart. Not all the way, just a little, but the urgency was there and I felt her wordlessly ask permission. Soon I felt her fingers almost touch my pussy. Almost, but at the last possible moment she veered away.

I felt her move until she was kneeling astride my legs. Her fingers moved again up the inside of my ankles, calves, thighs. This time a finger touched my pussy lips for a nanosecond before again moving away in a wave of utter frustration to the outside of my hips. Then up my back to my shoulders and then down my arms. (My hands were under my head) Then I felt the return journey begin. This time, her hands were cupped under my arms and when she got to my shoulders, there was the gentlest of pulls which made me go up onto all fours. She moved down, cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples between her fingers and then down over my tummy to my mound.

The next ten minutes were lost in wave after wave of tension and build up before finally, she pressed a finger deep inside me. The effect was instantaneous. I was almost there. Now, for the first time I spoke to her, asking her to kneel across my face. I looked at her pussy. So young, so perfect. Her clitoris peeking out between her lips like a cheeky child not quite daring to stick their tongue out at you. But the best thing was the scent. We were both hot as hell by now, and neither of us had showered. I could smell not only her pussy but her sweat too. There was even the slightest hint of pee too.

At this precise moment, I felt her fingers enter me and her thumb found my clit. I couldn't hold out and came instantly in her mouth. I felt her thumb flick my clit until, (and somehow she knew) it became too sensitive and she moved to my asshole. I buried my face between her thighs glorying in her earthy scent.

I rubbed her clit in circles before pressing a finger against her hole. I was not surprised to find the resistance of her hymen there, nor was I surprised when she reached behind to move my finger to her ass. I pressed and felt her press back against me until my finger was buried deep in her secret place. I rubbed her clit and was rewarded by her orgasm a few moments after mine.

We did more, but I cannot describe it to you here. Although it was all totally masturbation, there were other, well, let us call them 'natural functions' that occurred between us. Each adding to the eroticism and the sexual pleasure.

Her name, I was to discover, was Kate. She was 18 and, although a virgin still, she was highly sexual. We met up regularly over the rest of my stay there, and we played the most delightful games with each other. We would phone each others rooms and have phone sex. We would leave underwear under the others pillow.

She was erotic, powerful, imaginative, and nothing held any hesitancy for her. She asked for what she wanted, she denied herself or me nothing.

On her last day, we found together the perfect man to be her first, and together, we shared that too.



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