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Winter Afternoons

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Wonderful site. All of my stories are true. Changes have been made to names and any locations as well as some slight alterations of minor facts and details.


I was 14 when I spent the month of Christmas break with Neil's family while my parents trooped around Europe, sending back postcards and fond wishes.

Neil and I had been masturbating together for about a year on a pretty regular basis. Both our parents worked a lot, leaving one house or another free for a lot of the afternoon. The benefit of being at my house was we had better access to porn online, the benefit of being at his house was that he had access (sometimes) to free cable porn. We did not, however, limit ourselves to our respective houses, and explored pretty much every private spot our corner of the city had to offer.

Once, the two of us, along with three other friends, told what we thought passed as erotic stories (mostly twin sisters fingering each other, because...hey, we were teenagers, and that kind of stuff was really hot to the 13 and 14 year old mind) while we stroked ourselves in pitch black room. Thinking back on it now, I'd give almost anything to have the lights in that room turned on and watch my friends reach orgasm. I dreamed about making them cum, about watching the cum, for years afterwards. That time, I shot my load into a napkin, catching the overflow in my hand and licking it off my palm. Neil confided in my later that he ejaculated into a dice bag (we had originally gotten together to play Dungeons and Dragons), and he noticed that Rob and Chris both had dark stains on their crotches. Maurice, the third friend, said that he came into his hand after some considerable effort (he was the youngest of the group after Chris, and I later found out had just started ejaculating a week before that night). I would later masturbate with everyone in that group, but the energy and pent-up lust of that first night as a group was gone.

At the start of Christmas break, though, Neil and I had not masturbated for two months. I assumed it was because I had said or done something wrong or something that crossed the invisible line between two close friends pleasuring each other and what was determined by some sort of teen mind to be gay, something that neither of us really wanted to be labeled at the time. In fact, Neil's avoidance of the topic had much more to do with an accident he had in the boys' bathroom at school two months before our story starts.

Neil's family had a rather nice three bedroom house on the river. Neil's bedroom doubled as the guest bedroom when there was company, so there were two single beds, and I slept in one for my stay there.

As Neil and I were not getting off together, I tended to take a shower in the small bathroom that was between Neil and his sister Kara's room. The bathroom was tiled in cobalt blue tiles with white lines running through at about three and six feet up the wall and had doors entering into either room. The shower was a small standup unit with a glass door that never seemed to fog up. For the first few days of break I would wake up (I always woke before Neil and Kara and after his parents had left for their respective jobs) and quietly stroke myself until I was rock hard, at which point I would promptly walk into the bathroom and cum into either the toilet or sometimes the shower if I had not quite reached orgasm yet. Either way, the evidence was usually pretty easy to dispose of by just washing down the drain. I caught sight of Kara rarely in those first few days, though one of the times I did it was when she was in a nightgown going up the stairs from the finished basement to the main floor. The sight of her ass in those pink panties and her marvelous legs was what I was thinking about when I came in the shower the next morning.

It was a cold December day, just like the cold day before it, and, snowed in, Neil and I were left to our own devices, which mostly meant videogames, since Neil seemed to have soured strangely on masturbation. Today, though, after the standard shower and a breakfast of pop tarts and oranges, Neil led me to the basement and turned on the TV, which was set to whatever channel the free porn came in on. And then he took off his pants. This surprised me a little, mostly because when he turned around, there was something missing from his penis: most of the foreskin.

'Remember when I was rushed out of school two months ago?' I nodded. 'I got my foreskin caught in my zipper when I zipped up in a hurry, and they could only save so much of my foreskin. So now I'm partially circumcised.' He touched his shortened foreskin, sliding it to its fullest extent, just over the reddish corona that sat behind his glans. 'Sorry I didn't mention anything about it. I wasn't supposed to do anything with my cock until it was finished healing. I got the last of the bandages off a week ago...and I was wondering if you'd like to jack off with me.' Neil said. I stopped to marvel at his erect cock. We were pretty much the same size, but not having seen his in two months made it look somehow new and fresh, and I suppose, given the recent circumcision, in a way it was. I dropped my pants and took off my shirt, and gestured for him to sit down on the couch. He sat and I knelt in front of him. I took his cock in my right hand and held it for a moment, listening to the moaning that was pouring out of the television as a Czech schoolgirl rammed a glass dildo into herself. His penis felt warm in my hand, and he gradually hardened in my palm, truncated foreskin sliding back to reveal his head and the upper part of his shaft. I decided to concentrate my efforts on his glans rather than working with his foreskin as I would have before his circumcision.

I remembered what Bobby, the circumcised boy who taught me how to masturbate, had told me about pleasuring circumcised boys, and gently stroked Neil's shaft with my right hand while I licked my left hand for a moment before running my saliva covered hand over his glans.

'Oh, dude. That feels...really...good.' Neil said. I pumped his shaft more firmly and used two fingers to massage his glans. I felt his balls tighten and his breath quicken. I had not been working on him for two minutes and yet I knew he was going to reach orgasm soon.

'When I was staying at the hospital...for observation...they put me in a room with a boy who had broken both arms and had them in traction.' Neil said, haltingly and out of nowhere as I stroked him and brought him closer to ejaculating. I felt some precum form on his glans, and used it to further lubricate him. 'we got to talking, and eventually...well, he begged me to jack him off. And even though I didn't know him at all, I remembered how good it felt the first time you made me cum, and thought I should pay it forward, ya know? So, late that night, as the nurses checked in every two hours, I went over to his bed and...well...he was circumcised, and I had no idea how to handle a circumcised cock, having been cut myself only that morning. He ended up giving me directions, and it took awhile, but I made him shoot.' Neil said.

'And did you like making him shoot?' I asked, increasing my ministrations and paying even more attention to his now dark purple head that was oozing precum constantly.

'Yeah. I...tasted him when he wasn't looking.' Neil said, gasping as I slid my right hand down to lightly fondle his asshole.

'And are you going to shoot for me?' I asked. 'Are you going to spurt and cover my fingers in your cum?' I knew from prior experience that mentioning ejaculating usually helped him to orgasm.

Neil grunted softly right before he came, and then semen came pouring out of his cock. The first jet of semen landed on my chest, and I kept pumping him, my pinky finger jammed into his asshole, feeling it contract as he came. His second and third ropes of semen also spattered my chest, and his fourth and final spurt landed on my fingers.

I brought my hand to his lips and he casually licked his juices from my fingers. I took some of his juices that had landed on my chest and sampled them. He tasted faintly of oranges.

'Thanks, man.' he said, still trying to catch his breath. 'It's your turn to cum now.'

Neil gestured for me to take his place on the couch. I felt the hot sweat of his body in the hollow where I sat, and amazingly enough, it turned me on, and even though I was already rock hard, I somehow felt even more aroused. Neil pumped me slowly at first, using my foreskin to its full extent, teasing my ass and balls slightly as worked on me. It was all part of the routine we had done so many times before, each of us getting off in turn, and sometimes, rarely, at the same time. I was close when he started, and knew I would be coming soon, smelling him in the room as I could, and feeling precum trickle out of my cock, a lubricating precursor to my first ejaculation with Neil in months.

'I still remember when I thought I was going to pee the first time I came. Every now and then it still does, even though I've been doing it for so long.' I said, for some reason wanting to make conversation.

'Yeah, and peeing afterwards always feels so so so good.' Neil agreed.

The moaning in the video was having a wonderful effect on me. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine that Neil was actually a Czech model, and that his fingers were hers, or perhaps her pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined exactly that, letting my orgasm take hold of me and cumming, not really conscious of how many times I had spurted until...

I heard the door open. My eyes snapped up to the door at the top of the stairs and caught Kara standing there for a second before quickly closing the door.

Maybe it was just my imagination, I thought, as Neil didn't seem to be reacting.

I was still in the throes of an orgasm, and felt like I should say something, so I just moaned and humped Neil's hands, feeling a final and unexpected jet of cum shoot from my cock.

'Dude, yes, oh, so goooood.' I said.

There was an old drainage sink in a corner of the basement next to the washing machine. I realized how much I needed to pee, and, on impulse, walked over to it. It was a little under crotch level for me, and just at crotch level for Neil.

'Do you have to go?' I asked. He nodded.

'Okay, I do to. Let's try something different. You hold my cock and I'll hold yours while we pee at the same time. We can stand right over the sink and just let it all go down the drain. Sound good?' Neil responded by gently taking hold of my penis, and I took hold of his, guiding him over the sink.

'Ready? Go.' I said, feeling his fingers as they slid my foreskin back, leaving my glans exposed to the chill air of the basement. We peed together, twin streams of urine going down the drain. It felt amazing, like having a second orgasm.

I looked at Neil, he was covered in my semen and I was covered in his. The only real option seemed to be to go up and shower each other off. Kara was nowhere to be seen in the house, and Neil and I showered and spent the afternoon playing with one another in his bedroom.

Next episode:

I discover something about Kara, and she discovers quite a lot about me.



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