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Winning a Bet in One Minute

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I was hoping this would turn out like a circle jerk but, in this case, it was just me, on exhibition!


Three of my old school buddies and I were sitting around talking, reminiscing about our high school days and generally shooting the bull. We were trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the evening...should we go for pizza, or catch a movie at the drive-in...or what? We kept debating and, meanwhile, I said something like, 'Hey guys, why don't we make our minds up here. The longer I sit the hornier I'm getting. I haven't had a solo since this morning.' Whereupon the subject suddenly changed to our various masturbation patterns, except for one of my friends who said nothing on the subject. I didn't ask but I suspected he either regarded this as something extremely private, or that perhaps he wasn't sure what we were talking about. Not likely though, I figured. He was 18.

Anyway, just for fun I bet one of my friends that he couldn't masturbate in two minutes, from start to climax. He was fairly sure he could, but wouldn't take me up on it. So he challenged me and bet me I couldn't do it in one minute, from start to climax. It took me only three seconds to answer and I said, 'Hell yes, man. No problem. What'll you bet me?' From my vague recollection of the details I think he said something like 'I'll pay for your next six-pack, and a pizza.'

'Okay, you're on, I said.' I stood up, dropped my pants and shorts, took off my shoes, and proceeded to lie down the living room carpet. Stunned may not be quite the right word, but they were all definitely surprised. Although the buddy who bet me probably had in inkling I'd do it, since I had been something of an exhibitionist on occasion, just goofing around. I already had a full-bore erection by the time I was on the floor, and I said, 'Okay, Matt, start counting.' While he looked at his watch, I proceed with my usual solo ritual and could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. Since I wasn't trying at this point to relax and enjoy the moment, I let myself go all out to be sure I'd ejaculate within one minute. Like I had said, no problem. I beat the clock by a good five seconds.

They all laughed but all Matt could think of was, 'Okay man, so we know you're a jack rabbit. I should have known better than to bet you!'

I said, 'Yeah, you should have, but that's the most fun I've had ever winning a bet!' I dressed, and after a few minutes we headed out the door for pizza. By that time I felt I had worked up a pretty good appetite.

Zany? Yes, and maybe a little crazy, but those were times I was feeling pretty comfortable about my own body and for some reason didn't feel that masturbating was necessarily limited to being a private affair. Maybe I was coming out of that shell I thought I was often in during high school. I'm not sure.



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