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Wine and Dine

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Just one blip in a very busy radar screen of my masturbatory trysts.


My husband is in sales. Wining and dining clients has always been part of our routine, and I've always enjoyed it. We both worked in the same field (which is male dominated) and I've always loved to work and flirt with the guys. It was a match made in heaven. Well, except for when the men's wives would join us. I'm that woman that all other women despise. I'm never so alive as when I have fresh eyes on me.

Truthfully, I consider myself average in looks, but I've been told I'm quite beautiful. I'm 5'10, large breasts, small waist, long brown curly hair. I get plenty of attention, possibly more than I need. I think I have an ability to exude sex. I love it. I love my body. I'm fortunate enough to cum easily and hard. I also have absolutely NO inhibitions. So, maybe all that combined explains a few things.

We had a couple over that I had known the husband for a few years. Bill and I have flirted, harsh/open flirting for a while. Actually, we had considered dating before I became involved with my husband. He's older, maybe almost 50, very well built and has a great little goatee. He has brown hair, with some grey splashed in and beautiful blue eyes. Big manly arms, shoulders and hands (I LOVE hands) Overall a very hot guy, who knows it. He walks with such confidence, and after sitting on his lap a few times at the bar, I realized exactly where the confidence comes from.

His wife? Annoying, chatty and openly bi. She's a mousy brunette with fake boobs and a clear need for acceptance. She's totally monopolizing my conversation and clearly, I want to pay attention to her husband. My husband knows I'm a flirt and never thinks a thing about it.(I actually think it turns him on.)I was hoping the wife would get drunk or lost, but she was all over me. Clearly she was hoping I was into her as well. Much to her chagrin, I however was not.

We spent a few hours talking and they want to come home with us. It's winter and chilly, and we're all feeling pretty good (despite the overzealous nature of chatty Kathy). I suggest we get in the hottub. My husband cuts his eyes at me, and I immediately smile my cheshire cat grin. They didn't bring suits of course, but I had already thought of that. I offer the wife my suit, and say I'll get another. I pull an extra set of trunks out for Bill and upstairs I go. From the bay window in the bedroom, I can see them all submerging into the hottub. I get out a white tank top. Just your regular ole wifebeater, but much smaller and snug. I also pull out a small pair of boyshort panties in hot pink. Actually, just standing in front of the mirror I felt totally hot, but knowing that I'd be in water with hard nipples and fresh eyes, I felt.. horny.

I come outside with fresh drinks for the crew. It's cold enough to see my breath, and I'm so amped up. Not that I expect or want anything to happen. This is for my enjoyment, not theirs. I felt radiant, and so turned on. By what, you ask? Just myself. I noticed Bill's eyes on me first. I felt beautiful and in control. His wife commented that she feels bad she took my swimsuit. Little did she know that was my 'fat' swimsuit she had on and I have a dozen bikinis upstairs, but instead I opted for this. My husband knows how my mind works and he smiles at me. There's an exchange of looks between us that I take as 'have fun.'

Our hottub is a big one with ample seating. When we picked it out, I fought for one with a lounge seat (it's a large, like chaise section with jets running along the back and legs for massage. You lay on it, only partially submerged.) People normally want to be in the captain's chairs. In those you'd be completely underwater. Warm and toasty, but where's the fun in that?

I climb in the tub and swim over to sit in my husband's lap. My head and shoulders are out, and it's so cold that the steam from our bodies, hair and water are really making sight between us difficult. Everyone's eyes keep glancing at my boobs, which not only are barely covered by the thinnest of shirts, but bobbing in the water in front of me. Did you know that breasts float in water? Just a lil' trivia. My legs are on Bill's lap and he's rubbing my feet, ankles and eventually behind my knees. I pay him no special attention although my groin is on fire I knew he was hard, as was my husband. I wished SHE would just go to bed or something. How fun would that be?

Anyhow, I feign that I'm beginning to get hot (which I normally get overheated anyhow) and I go sit on the lounge chair. Not lay, but sit. My bottom is in water, but the rest of me is out in the open air. My tanktop is soaked, and sticking to me. It's completely transparent and my nipples are rockhard. My tits have always been what men commented on most. I've never had any issue with being nude, and tonight was no exception. As I sat there, moving around, getting antsy. I became so aroused. I pulled my hair out of the high ponytail and let it fall around my shoulders. The tips were wet and the bouncy curls sticking to my face made me feel so erotic. Sexy. Wanted.

About this time, my husband began to talk business. I lay back on the edge of the tub, seemingly just enjoying the serene close of the evening and allowing the wine to take hold. Truth is, I had positioned myself over a jet that was intended for my delicate calf. As I gazed up at the stars, I had a tremendous thrust of water hitting my incredibly engorged clit with such a force that I had to rock back and forth because the pressure was just too much. The chit chat was quite benign, and I was able to lackadaisically follow along. Once I was more comfortable with the jetstream, and able to hold off cumming. I used my left hand to hold my panties to the side of my cunt. I spread my lips using my first and second finger. The gasp was audible when I finally eased back on the jet. Eyes darted in my direction, and although I was being discreet, I didn't care. I sat up straight, my legs somewhat crossed, my left hand between said legs, opening myself up for what was going to be a very intense orgasm, when suddenly the conversation shifted to me.

I pulled myself out of the trance of bliss, and tried to focus on the question. I could feel my feet burning, and the painful itch of climax seeping into my throbbing clit. My body was being rocked by uncontrollable bucks, and I hoped they were perceived as shivers not quivers. In just seconds, I was going to cum with such ferocity, I feared I would scream in pleasure. Which, of course, had me so hot that even the anticipation alone was going to make this a hard climax. I slowly rocked back and forth trying to delay the delicious inevitable,and I quickly answered the inane question of who knows what-- when my knees pulled up, my back arched and I tried to hold myself as still as possible. I was cumming so hard, that my arms and legs had tensed into pure rock, my eyebrows knitted, my head back. I could hold it no longer. I let out a low, harsh moan. My knees came apart and open. My right hand thrust into my pussy and I began to fingerfuck myself while the jet blew my mind. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me in an almost painful fashion. My body moved spastically and I didn't care who I touched or how I was being perceived. I couldn't tell you what their faces looked like, because I didn't look. I allowed myself to be taken over the edge, and to my knowledge I could've been the only person there at that moment. I easily came 5 or 6 times, and even coming down from that roller coaster I bucked and convulsed in what felt like mini-orgasms.

Once I regained my composure, I quickly moved off the jets and back into my husband's lap. I was exhausted and really just wanted some cuddle time. The silence was bliss, and if it was at all awkward, I wouldn't have known it. I quickly kissed my husband, followed by Bill and even Chatty Kathy and excused myself. I never knew what happened after I left, nor did I care. I came really hard while three people watched me. I felt beautiful. I came crazy-hard, and given the chance I would do it all over again.

Oh, I do think they signed a contract that night, but I'm not sure. I slept like a baby.



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