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I found Solo Touch about a month ago, and I am now totally addicted to it. I am spending almost every night sat at my PC, fingering my dripping pussy, reading the fantastic stories in here. Its been such a wonderful thing to find that I am not alone in my love of masturbation, my sexual urges and my fantasies.

So I have eventually got the confidence to write something myself. I'm not very good at writing about my fantasies, so I'll just tell you about me. This is a factual account.


I'm 19, and live with my parents. I have an older brother, but he lives with his girlfriend.

I am still at school, and hope to go on to university if I can get the grades.

I have a boyfriend who is 23. We have been going together for about 16 months. He is really cute, and funny too. However, I'm not sure about how long we will stay together.

We get on fine, but he has quite a few hang ups about being intimate with me. He didnt attempt to have sex with me until 6 weeks after being together. And then he couldnt get an erection. eventually after 5 further attempts he did. And then, after getting naked, and kissing for a while, he suddenly came, and covered my leg with his hot sticky cum.

But he doesnt like me touching his cock, and pulls back if I try. He says it doesnt feel right. He wont look at me when I have wanted to masturbate in front of him - he looks away and says that I shouldnt behave like a slut.

We did eventually have intercourse, but its only happened about 6 times in the past 12 months.

I do love him so much. But unless I can get him through whatever his issues are, I dont think I will be able to stay with him. I need sexual excitement. I'm so horny all the time. I need to be aroused. And he cant do this for me. So I dont see much future for our relationshp at the moment.

Maybe this is why I have found myself here in Solo Touch.

And so I thought I could tell you about what happened about 2 years ago, when I was 17.

Well, it was a Tuesday morning, about 10am during Easter vacation. I was lazing in bed as usual. I eventually got up, drew back all the curtains (I have 4 sash windows in my bedroom), and went for a shower.

Sometime later, I returned to my bedroom, naked, with my long hair wet from being washed. I closed my door and noticed out of the corner of my eye, movement outside my window.

I turned and looked, to see the head of a man appear, obviously cleaning the windows. He was I guess in his forties, balding.

At this point he hadnt noticed me stood there completely naked in the room, but I froze for what seemed hours,unable to move. What should I do? My heart was thumping as my brain sluggishly dealt with the stuation.

Then, I made my decision. Just pretend I havent seen him. Behave as though he isn't there. Let him enjoy the sight of a naked, 17 year old girl in her bedroom!

So, without looking in his direction, I made my way across my large, well light bedroom, to my built in wardrobes.

I pretended to be choosing clothes to wear, and made sure that he had every opportunity to see me.

As the minutes ticked by, I wondered what he was doing. I didnt want to look at him, as this would ruin my little game. Was he still there? was he watching?

I was now so aroused that my breasts were throbbing and my nipples hard , erect and tingling. Between my legs, my pussy was already dribbling its hot fluid , which i could now feel trickling down the inside of my thighs. I knew I was on the edge, and close to an orgasm, without even touching myself.

Now, I went over to my dressing table, which was adjacent to another window, and began to dry my wet hair with the hairdryer.

The noise filled the room, as sat in front of the mirror, my long blonde hair blowing everywhere.

Suddenly, I sensed him. Outside the window, only a few feet from me. I knew he could see me now. and he was watching me, his head just above the window ledge, to avoid being seen. But I knew he was there. My heart raced.

And I couldnt resist it now.

Switching of the dryer, I casually turned on my stool,to face the window. Without looking in his direction, I allowed my legs to part, and exposed my hot, tight wet shaved pussy to his gaze.

I knew that from where he stood, he was able to see every detail of my deepest secret. This complete stranger was looking into my tight virgin puss. And God , it felt fantastic! Up until then noone had ever seen my pussy. And now this window cleaner was seeing everything.

Without any inhibitions, I found myself placing my fingers between my legs, and began to masturbate, as he looked in on me.

Closing my eyes, I spread my legs wider and really got into it - by clit was now engorged and erect as I rubbed it vigorously.

Now I was panting and moaning, my eyes still closed. Then, my whole body writhing, I came, hard and witha scream of pleasure, as my pussy muscles quivered and shook me from head to foot.

eventauly, after several minutes of orgasm, I relaxed, and opened my eyes, just in time to see his head disappear beow the windowsill.

I dressed.

He didnt reappear.

Hhowever, much to my embarrassment, when I went downstairs for breakfast, there he was at the kitchen door, talking to my mother , who had obviously just paid him for the work he had done.

He saw me and called 'good morning', as if he hadnt seen anything.

I just smiled and made a coffee, hoping he hadnt said anything to my mother.

He hadnt - thank God!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this experience as much as I have enjoyed reading yours.




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