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Window Side or Bus?

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I always enjoy a good meat beating session. I do it almost every other day when I can. Sometimes I take my time when my parents aren't home and sometimes I can give my chicken a good choke when theyre out. I want to talk about how I like masturbating in public. My computer is right next to my window and there are buildings that can see into my window and I suppose they can see clearly. I used to put the blinds down but now I leave then up on purpose for the neighbors to view. I sometimes see a girl about my age peeking through her window and this only makes me hornier. And I always come to a very satisfying, explosive, enormous orgasm when doing so. Recently I was riding the bus to go to meet my friends to do a project. The bus ride takes about a good 20-40 minutes and I was overly bored most of the time. When I was about 10-15 blocks from my destination the bus began to clear and the seats around me emptied. There was only a woman in front of me (separated only by 1 foot) and a man to my right. I jumped on to the idea and quickly pulled my backpack and set it up on my right side so that the man sitting on my right wouldn't see me. I dug into my zipper a few times (I had a hard time pulling my cock out since it was so stiff and I could only take it out from my zipper hole. It was a tight fit!) and finally pulled out my waiting cock, my purplish red helmet glistening in pre-cum from all the anticipation. I slowly began to stroke it uppp and downnn and could smell the familiar aroma of my juices. I kept beating it all the while looking around at the people around me seeing if they could see me. The woman in front of me began to get off and I didn't care I just kept on going daring her to look back by making low soft moans and grunts. I bet the expression on my face was priceless, in tootaal ecstasy. I got additional motivation from looking at her nicely proportioned ass while she left. Then I started going nuts on my cock beating it like there was no tomorrow because my stop was up soon!! I HAD to COME soon. A few more stops and this older looking lady (probably 50) was looking back but she couldn't have seen anything. The seats in front of me were blocking her view. I got kinda scared because she was smiling and sort of looking my way. (She did this for the remainder of the ride) I didn't care - I just kept beating and beating and stroking and moaning and groaning and grunting until I was 1 1/2 block away from my stop and I just EXPLODED! Wow, my cum flew straight up and into the seats in front of me. Strand after strand until there were like 5 strands of milky white substance over the handrail, backrest of the seat in front of me, and the back of the seat. I totally did a number on that seat and the man to my right still hadn't noticed a thing. WOW....O CRAP then I remembered that it was my stop. I quickly popped my limp cock into my pants and zipped it up as fast as I got up and dashed towards the door. The lady that was smiling at me got off with me and did not look at me anymore. I wonder if she knew what I was doing....anyways I had a handful of freshly squeezed JIZZ covering my hands so I tried to find some way of getting it off (I had always wanted to try my semen, like swallow all of it but every time I finish masturbating I loose the need to do so...oh well...) So I pick up a leaf off the ground and wipe my hand and I kept getting more since there was sooo much jizz on my hand. I got it all of while walking towards the cafe we were to meet at and I cleaned it all off just in time for them to come out and greet me. I dumped the leaves in a conveniently placed trash bin next to me and when they asked what that was...I said, 'oh I was just playing with leaves.' Haha and I shook their hands too....
Until next time... this is J signing off.... peace.....and oh yeah happy masturbating!



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