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Window Flasher

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An adolescent girl's freakish impulses paid off in the end.


I was just getting into puberty. I had urges but didn't know what they were or why. I already had had a couple of periods and my nipples were starting to puff out a little bit.

I found that it felt good for me to get undressed under the covers in my bed when my older sister was sleeping. I would lay there feeling naughty and somehow it felt good. Then my experimenting expanded. We lived in a first floor apartment.

When I was home alone each day after school, I would stand by the window facing the sidewalk. I would lower the blinds just enough to cover my face (but I could still see out through the slits). I would take off my top and hide off to the side until someone was about to walk by. Then I would stand up so they could see my chest and stomach but not my face. Most times, people didn't notice me in the window, but on occasion they would happen to look and see me. It gave me a special tingly thrill when they saw me topless.

One time, a couple were holding hands as they walked by and they saw me in the window. I heard them laugh which kind of hurt my feelings and I felt bad and almost cried. I got dressed again and didn't show myself anymore.

A few minutes after that happened, someone knocked on the door. It was the girl from that same couple. She asked if she could come in and talk. I was blushing from being embarrassed but I said yes. Then she said her boyfriend was with her and could he come in too. He was a little way down the hall where I didn't see him. I could feel my blush get even hotter. But they looked so nice (and he was so HOT looking) I let them in. They were in high school.

They sat together on the sofa and I sat on a chair across from them. She said they saw me in the window and my face blushed again. They had laughed because they thought I was a boy doing that but then realized I was a girl. She told her boyfriend that she could relate because she had gone through a similar phase when she was younger. She told him that I must have been devastated when I heard them laughing and she felt bad for me. That's why they came back.

So I said thank you and felt a lot better. Then she started asking me personal questions about what I was going through and I could tell she went through the same kinds of feelings as I was. That made me feel way less freakish. The girl then asked if I masturbate. I didn't even know what that was. So I said no. And she said I simply have to do that because it will help me grow up. And besides it feels really good. She asked me if I even know what masturbating is and I admitted that I didn't. She said she would show me.

Before I knew it, she had knocked off her flip-flops and put her feet up on the edge of the coffee table. She spread her legs apart and lifted her skirt. She started stroking her pussy through her panties. I just looked at her, kind of shocked, without saying anything. Her boyfriend just looked at me with a faint grin on his face.

The girl told me there's a clit and rubbing it feels real good and I should do it in bed. Then I remembered hearing noises sometimes coming from my sister's bed at night and wondered if that was what she was doing.

The girl continued masturbating in front of me and she was really getting into it. Her eyes closed and she kept licking her lips. Her hand moved faster and she had an orgasm right there in front of me. Of course I didn't know what that was at the time.

Her boyfriend was still looking at me, not just my face but up and down my body. I was wearing a halter and short shorts, nothing more. It gave me that tingly feeling I got from flashing in the window, only this time, the feeling was stronger.

When the girl came down from her orgasm she kissed her boyfriend. Then she said if I wanted to, I could show them my chest and she promised not to laugh. I said no (because I was no longer anonymous). She said she would go topless herself if it would make me feel more comfortable. Again I said no. But she took off her blouse anyway.

She wasn't wearing a bra. Her boyfriend kissed her again and while they were kissing, his hand was caressing her tits. I should mention that her tits were really small. Not as flat as mine. Mine were basically just budding nipples. Hers were about the size of an orange cut in half. I remember hoping that my tits would someday be as pretty as hers.

I watched them make out like that for a couple of minutes until she broke the kiss and they both looked at me. She again said I could show my tits if I wanted to. I was almost ready to do it but still reluctant. The boyfriend then said they would both love to see my chest. That was the first time he spoke and his voice sounded so reassuring and sincere that my reluctance melted away. Besides, the way he spoke sounded as if he really respected me. That was the first time I was given that kind of respect. I took off my top.

They both looked at me and I could feel myself blushing again. The girl whispered something in her boyfriend's ear that I couldn't hear. He stood up off the sofa and stepped over to me and offered his hand. I instinctively took hold of it and he pulled me up to a standing position. We were standing face to face, me topless. He was a lot taller than me. I was frozen, not knowing what was happening. My head was spinning. I was thinking I that shouldn't have let them in the apartment but I was feeling so naughty yet tingly that I didn't want them to go away.

He slowly walked around until he was behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and put his hands on my tits. It felt so good. The girl was watching us, with her feet still on the coffee table, legs apart, knees bent and her hands resting on her crotch where her skirt was bunched up.

The boyfriend lowered a hand slowly down my front, all the way to between my legs and started rubbing me through my shorts. He unzipped them and undid the button and reached inside and rubbed me against my panties. It felt so good I didn't want him to stop.

He continued masturbating me for two or three minutes and brought me to my first, thundering orgasm. I was hugging onto his arms just to keep from falling over. I spread me knees apart to give him better access and moaned really loudly.

I opened my eyes to see the girl having her second orgasm. She had been masturbating again. I could see between her legs. She had pulled her panties aside and was masturbating directly on her pussy. She saw me looking and put a finger on her clit and said this is where your clit is, right at the top of your pussy lips. I reached down in my shorts and felt mine. It was very sensitive.

Her boyfriend sat back on the chair where I was previously sitting. As he did so, he pulled me back with him to end up sitting in his lap. He had his arms around me, one hand on my tits and the other one softly stroking my thigh, the inside of it.

She asked me if that was my first orgasm and I nodded yes. She congratulated me and said that I was now on my way to being grown up. Her boyfriend then said it was his turn, but I'll continue with that story another time.



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