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Wind, Rocks and Sky

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Getting off outdoors next to a desert highway


I was traveling along an empty desert highway on a beautiful day (not too hot), heading from one boring business meeting on my way to another the next day. I've traveled through the desert often in the past, and I'd regularly get off the main road and drive down a deserted dirt road to take a leak without the possibility of an audience.
As I drove I spotted up ahead an outcropping of rocks a hundred yards away from the main highway. With no cars behind me, I slowed as I came abeam it and tuned up a rutted dirt road leading toward it. The car barely made it over the rough terrain, but what did I care--it was a rental.
I followed the dirt road around the outcropping, checking out the place. There was a homestead house a half mile farther off into the desert, but a separate road led to it, so I wasn't worried about traffic from that direction. I parked the car and got out.
The rocks were bigger than I'd thought seeing them from the highway before, probably a hundred feet high, or so. After relieving myself, I locked the car and began to scramble up through a mini valley with huge boulders on either side that led to the top of the formation.
I arrived up top and sat on a big, smooth boulder, about the size of my rental car, and began to watch the traffic whiz past at 70 or 80 on the nearby two-lane highway. It occurred to me that even though they could have seen me sitting on the rocks, they never would. My car was parked behind the outcropping, and I was wearing a light brown pair of slacks and a white t-shirt. I blended in pretty well.
It then occurred to me that I'd blend in even better if I were to take off my shirts, and my pants. I was getting hard just thinking about it. I carefully removed my clothes, every item, setting them under me for comfort. I leaned back against another rock--it was surprisingly comfortable--and began to stroke my quickly hardening cock.
Now, a hundred yards away isn't very far, and had anyone in one of the passing cars or pickups happened to look right at me, I think they would have been able to make out what I was doing. Sitting stark naked on a rock in the bright sunshine of a spring afternoon masturbating for the entire world to see (well, at least a small part of it).
As more cars passed, I realized that I was close enough to see important details, like what they were wearing and how they were sitting, as they drove past. It was weird to realize how exposed I was. Which turned me on all the more.
It usually takes me a while to come when I masturbate, and this was no exception. I reveled in the sensation, and when I finally came, it was as a big old 1960s-era convertible (maybe a Cadillac) flew by with a couple of young ladies in it. I came in great spurts, groaning loudly for the sky above to hear. It was amazing.
After I came down from coming, which always takes a while, I put on my shoes and socks, tucked the rest of my clothes under my arm and headed down the rocks in the nude.
The rest of the drive, unfortunately, was anticlimactic. My next day at the hotel, on the other hand, was quite climactic!



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