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Will It Come True for Me

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This happened last year. I was in fifth grade.


Hi. My neighborhood has a lot of guys and not too many girls. So I find myself usually playing with the guys because I like what they do better. And most are near to my age.

There is one girl, Linda, who is about two years older then me. We're not very friendly because my parents told me that she's bad and it would be wise to say away from her. I really do know why she's bad. She cusses with words I've never heard before. Especially if she is around the guys. That's not often because I'm around the guys and

I don't see alot of her. But I have heard her.

Last spring Linda came over to one of our gang's backyards where we play most of the time if the weather is okay. He has a basketball court, a football field, and a baseball field. And he has equipment for me in the basement when I want to play. I usually do, unless there are a few of the older Junior High school guys there.

On that day in the spring there were two of the older guys shooting Bee Bee guns at targets in the yard. Linda went over to them as I watched from the baseball field. I was playing outfield near an arburetim. A foul ball was hit way over to near the spot that Linda and the guys were laughing and talking. I heard her say 'your cock....' to one of the guys, but was trotting back to the field and tossing the ball over that way. So I couldn't hear anything except what I heard.

About ten minutes passed, and then this one older guy John, about 14 or so, yelled over to the five guys on the ball field, 'Come on'. all of my friends looked over and saw John waving his arm to come there. I saw my playmates toss down the bat and gloves and ball and trot over to where the older group was. Right where I had just been.

But I followed along because I was part of our gang.

John said to my friends that if we were willing, we could go into the garage and Linda would show us her body naked. It was like he didn't even notice that I was a girl. I did have my cap on.

So I followed my friends behind John into the garage. John closed both doors. I stood by the wall and thought that I would watch. There was Linda, already naked, in the middle of a circle of the older guys. There were more there than I thought.

She laid down on the cement floor and called one guy by name over to her. He just looked at first. Then he pulled down his fly and I saw my first penis. At first it just hung down as he began the five steps to Linda who was rubbing between her legs. The guy stood over her as she turned to him so that he could watch her rubbing. Now, as his penis started to get much bigger, I began to feel a sort of feeling in my belly and crotch that I had never had before.

Linda motioned with her index finger for another one of the guys to step over to her. He was already hard and big and stood up higher than the first guy. Now Linda got up on her knees and took one penis in each hand and began to yank them both slowly at first. The guys along the wall were watching all of this hand-penis stuff without taking their eyes off of the site. Two of my buddies had taken their penises out too. They were masterbating as they watched Linda. I don't think that they ever thought Linda would do the same to them. But I was dying to touch their things just as Linda worked on the older boys.

She began jerking the big cocks faster and faster. Then she put them both together betwen her two hands and rubbed them together like she was a girlscout trying to start a fire. Both of the guys shot white stuff all over Linda's breasts, stomach, and mouth. My friends were still yanking on their things as the feeling in my crotch was getting the best of me. I could feel wetness soaking my jeans. And was still dying to feel the penises of my buddies.

And that's what I did. I was horny for the first time in my life as I also watched Linda scrape the white stuff off of her chest and put it in her mouth. She swallowed it all. At least what she could collect. I began on Herman and took his penis to examine first. I brushed it against my cheek and lips and felt its softness on my skin. Linda was watching me as I took both of my friend's penises the same way she had done and rubbed them together with both hands cupping these smaller cocks. I rubbed them every which way I knew. Linda walked behind the boys, leaned on their backs with her breasts and did something to them that made the penises harder and redder. She told me later that she had fingered their prostate gland as they were about to shoot their gooey stuff. She said it made it easier for me so I would not have to work so hard; and that she would teach me if I was interested. As she divulged her secret to me I felt her finger thru my jeans and I almost came myself. Though I did not know what coming was at the time.

So we all packed it in and went home. I didn't even bother with the stains on my tee shirt. It was fun and now I masturbate alot. I never said a word to my parents because I could see now that I had something that my male buds worshipped me for.

But I never cuss. When I play with the guys my age now I always think of the dangling penises that flop around as they run. Sometimes they beg me for handjobs. I'm always horny now, so they can not imagine how much I want them to rub my pussy for me. They never offer. They just like to watch me do it by myself so that they can look up my vagina and watch the spasms go through me as I come. I do them favors sometimes. But my condition is that it stays in our younger gang.

I don't cuss like Linda.



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