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Will and Me

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My friend, who we'll call Will, and I are close friends. Both of our parents have known each other since college, so Will and I have pretty much grown up together. Will is a year and a half younger than me, but plays tennis so he has a fairly muscular build.

One summer our families took a trip to the beach. We shared a house and Will and I were together basically the whole time. I vaguely remember like taking a shower and maybe fooling around a little bit naked.

One weekend, Will invited me to come to his lake house. My parents said it was fine, so that friday night I found myself at Will's lake house. After dinner we were casually hanging out in his basement, just talking about school, and girls, and just catching up in general. Eventually Will asked me if I wanted to take his golf cart and go night driving on the nearby golf course. I said sure, so we went and got flashlights and headed out.

It was a nice summer night, and the humidity wasn't that bad. It was pretty fun just driving around. Eventually though, we grew sort of bored, so I decided to break the ice a little further.

'Hey Will, have you ever been streaking on the golf course?' I asked

'No,' he replied

I was starting to get a bit aroused.

'I think we should do it. Just to see what it feels like,' I tried

'Yeah,' He said, 'I think so too,'

We pulled off the side of the cart path next to a tee box.

'So what do we want to do?' I asked

'I dunno, just run down from the tee box to the green and back up?' He suggested

'Sounds good to me,' I said

We both got out of the golf cart and peeled off our clothes. The freedom felt amazing. I asked Will what he thought. He agreed and thought it was awesome. So with just our shoes on so we wouldn't step on anything we started running down the fairway, our dicks bobbing with every stride we took. We made it down to the green and turned around and ran back up the hill to the golf cart.

'You want to go do it on another hole?' Will asked

'Yeah,' I replied

We drove to another hole. While in the golf cart I took the opportunity to shine the flashlight on Will's hard, circumcised cock. It looked about the same length as mine, but it was a bit thicker. It also pointed pretty much straight up, whereas mine pointed a bit to the left.

By the time we had arrived to the next hole both Will and I had blue balls like crazy. To solve our conundrum we decided to take care of them. I asked Will if we should just start, and he said that he needed lube. Being circumcised myself, and not having very much foreskin for play I always assumed that if I could do it without lube than anyone could, but I noticed that Will's pinkish red glans hardly seemed to have anything to work with so I agreed to get lube with him. We got the only thing that was available out on the golf course, soap. As we started stroking, the soap started stinging both Will and me and we had to wash it off our hands. Wanting to get a taste for sex we decided to dig out holes in a sand trap for our members. BIG MISTAKE. The sand ended up sticking to our already wet penises and made it almost unbearable. We washed the sand off with water as best we could and said screw it, we'll just finish without anything. Although the sand stung like no other, it did give decent friction and we were both able to cum fairly quickly.

We went and got dressed, then drove back to Will's house. After agreeing not to ever tell anyone of our stupidity for using sand as lube we went to bed.

The next morning both Will and I woke up to very red and very raw penises. The day dragged on uneventfully and then that night came.

Will and I started talking about porn, so we both were beginning to get hard again. Will asked if I wanted to see one of his favorite sites and I immediately agreed. Well, one thing led to another and Will and I both said we needed to jack off. We went into his room that had two twin beds, put the computer on one and both Will and I stripped down completely. Will went and got some real lube and some tissues to clean up.

Will put the lube in both his hands and wrapped both of his fists around his dick and began jerking. I had never seen this method, so I unknowingly at the time was watching more of Will than the porn. I alternated between my preferred method and Will's. Will announced that he was going to cum and placed the tissues over his head. He came quickly and his penis quickly started losing its size. I began getting close and put the tissues over my head and exploded into them... so much so that I broke through both of them and semen got all over my hands. After cleaning up, Will and I put our boxers back on, called it a night, and went to bed.

Will and I have done this a few more times since that weekend, but never have touched each other. Honestly, just jacking off in front of somebody is enough of a thrill.



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