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Wifey's Surprise (Part I)

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It's just amazing how much sexual electricity can be generated by watching someone else pleasuring themselves to climax. Especially when you're there in person and participating!


After 22 years of marriage, my wife Katey and I had pretty much tried everything that can be done sexually between (only) two people. Back when she was pregnant with our youngest son, about 16 years ago, I suggested that we forgo intercourse for a while and just stick to oral and digital/manual sex to ease her apparent physical discomfort. Katey agreed that it seemed logical.

Having been introduced to masturbation by an older male at age 8, I had made a career of my new found 'hobby' by the time I married at 22. Our sex life was so busy, I actually dispensed with solo sex for about 2 years until I left for work late owing to a schedule change. Katey had already gone, so I had the house to myself. The details of the event actually make another fairly good solo story, so I'll just say that I 'rediscovered' how good it feels to stroke your own sex on that day.

For the 4 years that followed that rediscovery, I pumped my penis with renewed zeal whenever I had the house to myself. I concentrated on holding off climax until I could literally stroke and tease my aching balls for hours before letting go of fountains of spewing white froth that would make a porn-star jealous! I began to video-tape myself jacking off at the point just a few minutes ahead of the money-shot so that I could collect them and show it to Katey before we had sex. 'Oooh you were being a naughty boy weren't you!', she would whisper. The site of all that cum flying across the room, filling the TV screen, would get her soaking. I would tell her that the male heat she was witnessing was proof of pent-up desire for her that I had to let out in her absence or I would go crazy! This was enough to get her writhing and great wild passionate fucking would follow. Up to then, though, she had seen me make myself cum on video-tape and I had yet to see her do the same. When together, we still relied on each other for our orgasms.

At 7 months pregnant however, her sexy little originally 105lb 5'2' frame was stretched to capacity with what would eventually be a 9lb baby!

The two pregancies before we had still fucked like horny rabbits, but this time it wasn't going so well.

I had been dying to masturbate in front of Katey and aching to see her use her own fingers to make herself cum as well, but she always steered us to intercourse as quickly as possible after a lengthy kissing and petting session.

This was the chance I had been waiting for. 'Let's try something different tonight honey,' I suggested, ' Until the baby is born, lets just do touching and kissing, okay?' 'Sure, that sounds like a good idea, but are you sure it will be enough for you?', Katey seemed concerned as she asked. 'Sure sweetie,' I reassured her, 'In fact I would like to try something that might help even more.' She nodded in approval, 'Okay. What did you have in mind?' 'Well,' I began, 'You know you've really been uncomfortable with sex with this pregnancy. I'm not really sure how to give you what you need without making you even more uncomfortable and it's making me more tentative and hesitant when we make love.' She nodded, 'I know. I was afraid of that. I don't want to spoil it for you but I just can't help it sometimes.' 'Yeah,' I agreed,' neither of us can really enjoy things because our attention is too much on not spoiling it for the other. I have an idea...' I hesitated. Katey looked searchingly into my eyes. 'What?' she probed softly. 'Do you ever... I mean... have you ever...' I stumbled as my words were trying to find the best possible way to ask this angel the naughtiest question ever and not upset her somehow. Finally capping the sentence with a sharp breath, I came out with it, '...ever touch yourself for pleasure?' I had been married to my beloved playmate for 6 years and had never seen or heard her disclose any desire for autoeroticism; only mutual sexplay and coupling. When she answered that she never really had an interest in sating her own lusts in that way, I was obviously disappointed. Yet in light of all of our past sexual 'adventures' and willingness to try something new together, I had no reason to doubt her. She admitted to some 'exploring' of her body parts and having urges when she was a teen but never had masturbated because for her the craving was for romance and not sex. I was at least skeptical but had no proof otherwise.

'Well,' I suggested,' If you would be willing to touch yourself and allow me to touch myself while I watch you, I think we could enjoy things alot more without so wrapped up worrying about satisfying each other the whole time. You know what feels good and it would excite and please me to see you enjoying yourself. What do you say? Shall we give it a try?'

'Go ahead... It's okay,' I reassured. 'I don't mind at all. I want you to touch your pussy! In fact it's already getting me excited! Look!' I raised up slightly off of the bed so that she could see my steely prick standing expectantly at full attention. The head was already beading heavily with pre-cum. 'In fact, I'm so excited that I have to grab my dick! My heart was racing and pulse was pounding. I was super turned-on and scared at performing this previously private act in front of my swolen sweetie. I worried that she might still not approve but by now my aching balls were past the point of no return. The only relief was going to be to promise them upcoming release by giving my cockhead some attention.

Katey looked slightly confused by this most recent development in our sex-life but following my suggestion and lead, she stretched her arm obligingly across her bulging abdomen and searched for her labia with her fingers and began exploring. As her fingers caressed her increasingly moistening folds, I tighened my grip on my bulging shaft. Feeling lightheaded, almost floating above her, I whispered huskily, 'Wow! That looks so sexy! See how hot you're making me? How does it feel to touch your own pussy?' Her eyes were narrowing and I could see she was definitely enjoying her own caresses. 'Is it good?' I asked. She nodded and let out a barely perceptible little yelp of affirmation as her fingers became suddenly more dedicated to their task. Katey began slowly moving, then squirming, on the bed as her fingertips flicked, pulled, at plucked at her glistening swollen reddened flesh. Pregnancy had not only plumped her belly but her breasts and pussy lips were highly engorged as well. The sight was extremely stimulating!

She started breathing in gasps and her cheeks and chest above her breasts was flushing crimson as her eyes suddenly clamped closed.

My penis stung with anticipation as I tried my best to retain control. I didn't want to miss a single moment! Katey's hips began bucking, thrusting upward, furiously as her hand itself seemed to disappear in the furry cleft of her sex. As if a dart had suddenly struck her, her eyes flew open wide. She bore her sweet little ass hard downward into the bed. Shoulders lifting off the bed, her face and chest beet-red, her mouth openned as a low moan began to grow in volume from deep inside her until a virtual scream filled our bedroom. The unused hand, which had been draped along her side until now, thrust down to join the other that was already savaging her sopping wet pussy. A booming gutteral note issued from Katey's throat that sounded she was experiencing extreme torture as she went stiff all over. Still levitated partly off the bed, her thrusting hands were all that was moving as she was engulfed in the flames of the most powerful climax I had ever seen! After what seemed forever, her muscles finally released from their rigamortis-like spasm and my angel floated peacefully, breathlessly, back earthward onto the mattress. She nestled on the sheets like a gently fallen leaf, her hands still clutching her mound.

Meanwhile my heaving balls were aching for release. I had just seen the single most sexually-exciting thing I thought I had ever witnessed. Only through years masturbatory practice had it been possible to witness every minute of Katey's glorious solo-orgasm without spontaneously ejaculating all over the place as I watched her body convulsing in climax. More than once, I had had to cease any movement on my penis to keep from fountaining my load. I wanted to wait until she had come down enough from her climax to let her witness my own. Thankfully, she began to relax a little as I couldn't hold on for another second.

As Katey regained enough composure to look up at me, though her loins were still tingling, I quickly straddled her legs and aimed my loaded cock across her twitching pregnant belly. '...That was soooo sexy baby...' I gulped as I sensed the inevitable was drawing near. '...I...I can't stand it anymore... you got my balls so tight... I'm so full...I just... just got...to...' I never finished the sentence. My head spinning, I felt my nuts turning inside out as my spume surged upward inside the barrel of my sex-cannon. I perched above the tight skin of her belly which now gave blatant evidence to the power and quality of my seed planted deeply within her. I pumped and wrenched my burning prick until I felt the first blast of cum split the tip. Looking down as the sensation of rupture raced through the nerves of my dickhead, I watched in dizzy rapture as an incredibly thick and copious shot of sperm errupted and streaked across my wife's belly and stopped on her massive nipple. As it landed, she shuddered, shocked by the heat of the fluid as it seared her skin. The second pulse followed without warning and flew past Katey's breasts and laid a thick hot salty stream across her lips and over her nose and eyes to her hair. As yet the third, fourth, and fifth pulse roared up and out of my wildly cock, I watched entranced as I frosted my beautiful wife's plump belly and tits with my seed. I thought my head was going to lift right off from some inward force that my penis couldn't vent quickly enough!

Katey had been still glowing from her own orgasm and was still tingling and heavily aroused when my cum came crashing down on her. The site of me with my manhood plumped in my fist furiously jacking had kept her on-the-edge, ready for another orgasmic wave. Her pussy was pulsing lightly already when the first stream of cum coursed her skin. The heat and weight of that shot of spunk caused a shock to run up her spine and her post-cum aftershocks led to another orgasm to wash over her right then and there. 'I came again!' She announced as the semen melted and ran off her overheated body and dribbled onto the sheets.

'Wow!' I said, still reeling. 'That was incredible!!' I could scarcely breathe or stand. My knees were shaking badly. As I noticed that some of the melted 'frosting' had run down and collected on her lips, I added, 'Ah, I'm sorry... I got some of me on your face...It's run onto your mouth, be careful. Here, let me get that for you,' I offered. She opened her mouth and let the sperm flow onto her smile. Her tongue flicked across and wiped it aside. 'It's okay,' she laughed, obviously amused by my concern, 'It's not like I've never tasted you before!'

'How was it?' I asked almost as a courtesy, for after what I had seen the answer was obvious. 'You looked like you enjoyed it!' I suggested before she could answer as I sat down on the bed next to her. She propped herself up against me, as the remnants of my seed ran off her belly and onto the bed bewteen us. 'Couldn't you tell?', she laughed, 'I thought I was going to explode!' 'Me too!' I answered. 'YOU did!' she shot back in a chuckle as she pointed to the shiny streaks all over her where thick streams of spunk had run off only moments ago.

'So?', I wondered aloud, 'do you think we can do this for a while until after the baby?' 'Yeah,' she smiled heartily with a sigh, 'I think this will work just fine for a while, but... are you really sure this will be enough for you?', she said with a note of concern in her voice. 'Did I look like I was missing out on anything to you?' I replied reassuringly. She just shook her head and kissed me softly. I knew as I looked at the mother of my unborn child sitting nude and thoroughly sated on our bed surrounded by our separate but now combined juices, I was the luckiest guy on the planet. I returned her kiss and held her in my arms and savored the moment.

Even long after the baby came, we were still getting off masturbating in front of each other. It became a dominant part of our sex life for years after. The orgasms were numerous, explosive, and amazingly satisfying. I am still amazed at how bonding and sharing such a private vulnerable sensual experience can be. That was how my sex-life was during the 6 through 10th years of my marriage. I'll share what follows in the next part.



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