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Wife's Soiled Panties

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A great rush!


I have been reading stories on SoloTouch for a while and recently ran across one involving jacking off and cumming into panties. First off, let me say that I love my wife dearly and love having sex with her. We alway both enjoy it very much and there are no problems, except for the fact that she doesn't like to have sex as often as I would like. She likes to fantasize about other men when we have sex, no-one in particular, just fantasy men, and she feels dirty and wrong afterward. I have told her that I didn't care and that she could fantasize as much as she wanted as long as she would screw more often than once every three months of so. Understandably, I masturbate a lot, only in private because my wife doesn't like the idea of me fantasizing about someone else, like she does. Anyway, after reading the story involving the panties, I got a great idea one day when my wife was out for the evening. I had been reading SoloTouch all day and had been teasing myself, just getting to the point of orgasm without going over the edge. After the story with the panties, I went to the dirty laundry and pulled out two pair of dirty panties, one silky and one with a cotton crotch. I wrapped the silky pair around my cock and shoved the crotch of the other pair up to my nose. My head almost came off, both on my shoulders and my cock. My cock lept to full hardness as I drank in the wonderful smell of my lovely wife's beautiful tight pussy. It was like smelling her when we are having sex or when I am eating her out. I happened to be standing in front of a mirror at the time and could see the pre-cum leaking out of my cockhead and the other pair at my nose. I sniffed the pussy smell so hard that I almost hyperventilated. After about two minutes of this-remember, I had been jacking off all day without coming-I felt the rush of the orgasm start at my toes and center in my asshole. I was dizzy with the deep breathing and smell of the pussy. My cock started contracting and I started shooting my hot cum into the silk panties. It was great to see the huge gob of cum build up into a wet spot in the panties as I milked the sperm out of my cock. After about ten contractions my cock stopped spurting and I took the panties off my head and dick. Of course, the panties were full of cum. I couldn't risk my wife finding out what I had done so I gathered up a load of clothes and washed them, which wouldn't surprise her as I do that often. I have done this once or twice since then and I continue to get the same good thrill and cum.



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