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Wife's Messy Idea

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My wife of eight years and I keep an active sex life, mainly with oral or masturbation. She never lets me cum on her, though, so I always end up warning her, then rolling over and cumming on my own stomach. Last weekend, she (we'll call her Amy) was being extra flirty, and she hinted that I might be giving a facial later that night. I was floored! The kids were going for sleepovers, so I was looking forward to a night of fun.

I spent quite a bit of time that day looking at porn and edging, to build up a huge load. I figured I might only get one chance at Amy's face, so I should make it a good one. By the time the kids were picked up, I was so horny. I immediately tore off my clothes and told Amy I was going to spend the rest of the evening naked.

As the night progressed, we ended up in the bedroom. Amy knows I like fantasies, and I commonly masturbate blindfolded with her describing a room full of people watching me. Sometimes she'll say that the laptop is on the dresser with the webcam on, and there's hundreds of people logged on watching me. Tonight was more of the same. She got herself off first, while I watched and sucked her nipples. Watching her masturbate really gets me hard. Then Amy blindfolded me and set the scene. This time, though, I could tell something was different. It sounded like she left the room at one point. Then she told me to warn her when I was about to cum.

As I got close, I told her. She removed the blindfold, and I noticed a towel on the floor next to the bed. Ah, I thought, it's facial time. She then, in a forceful tone, instructed me to lay on the towel with my head near the bed. How was I going to give her a facial that way? When I inquired about this, she told me to shut up and lie down.

As I lay on the towel wanking away, Amy knelt beside me. She told me to warn her again when I got close. When I did, she said to flip my legs backward over my head and onto the bed. I began to protest, but she again told me to shut up and just do it.

In this position, my throbbing cock was just inches from my face. I began to get nervous. Amy said the facial she alluded to was for me, silly. Open your mouth. Amy, I really don't think ... That's right, she said. You don't think, just cum. Open that mouth wide and stick your tongue out.

It was all too much, but I did as I was told. Within seconds, Amy saw what she described later as the biggest load she'd ever seen me shoot. All that edging apparently paid off. A bunch went in my mouth and the rest landed on my chin and neck. I didn't think it would stop. I was covered. She told me I didn't have to swallow if I didn't want to. By then, the horniness had worn off, and all I wanted to do was spit. I turned my head and did just that.

As I was cleaning up, Amy told me that watching me do that got her wet again. I got to watch her cum for the second time that night before we got in the shower. There was more, but I won't post it here.



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