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Wife's Good Friend (and Mine Too!)

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My wife and I have a single female friend who is 42. She doesn't have a boyfriend and she acts like she is horny all the time. Plenty of times she has come by the house to visit when we are both here and also when just I am here.

One time about a year ago she was here when I was home alone and we were sitting on the couch together talking. She playfully grabbed my crotch snd gave me a squeeze. Of course I wasn't hard at all and her sudden grab took me by surprise. I asked her to place her hand there again but just leave it this time. She laid her hand on my crotch and left it there, occasionally squeezing me, until I was hard as a rock. Then she REALLY started squeezing it!

I told her how good it felt. After about five minutes of that she stopped and said 'we shouldn't be doing this!'

Maybe a month went by and she was again over visiting me about an hour before my wife came home. I got hard thinking about what she had done a month earlier. I was sitting on the couch allowing my big bulge to show and I placed my hand on my dick and kind of runbbed myself as she watched. She scooted over and rubbed me again. This time I unzipped and pulled my shorts down to my ankles and leaned back allowing her to really SEE my dick. It excited me totally.

She took my dick in her hand and felt it and gave me some strokes. Again, she said 'we shouldn't be doing this,' and she stopped and I put it away.

There were several more visits like this, but on the last one I begged her to let me see her pussy. She was worried my wife might come home early, so I called her and she was still at work which was a good half hour away and she wasn't leaving until her normal time so we had an hour. My friend felt a bit more comfortable, so she pulled her pants and underwear off and sat in a chair across from me. I could immediately see her moderately hairy pussy and large nicely formed pussy lips. I asked her to spread wide open for me. She opened her legs way up and placed the heels of her feet up on the edge of the chair. Damn. Her pussy opened way up for me.

As I sat there stroking my dick my eyes were glued to her pussy. She was watching me intently too. I asked her to do things like use her hands and REALLY pull her lips apart wide and she did. She told me she wished she could just walk over and sit on my dick, but we weren't going to do that. I asked her where she wanted me to f##k her and she took two fingers and slipped them inside her pussy and said 'right here.'

It was so arousing, so exciting to be jacking off in front of her looking at her pussy. I wanted the good feeling to last and last but I felt the onset of my orgasm. I told her I was going to cum and I leaned back and shot loads of cum all over my stomach. She said 'damn I wish that was in my pussy.'

We dressed and hung out until my wife got home. She liked the experience as much as I did for sure. I asked her if we could do it again and she said 'you're damn right we can!'



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