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Wife's Denials (Amy 1)

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Can't say that I've really ever wanted to post my sexual life for the public to read, but Solo Touch has peaked my interest, so I'll give it a try. I'm 45 and my wife 43, happily married for 24 years, two children now both in college, so we're empty nesters and enjoying it. I'm a realtor and she's (aka, Amy) a part time finance consultant for a car dealership.


About four years ago, our first daughter left for college making the household a bit quieter and emptier. That left the youngest daughter up at 6:30am and out of the house by 7:45. My work started at 9:30 but Amy always had to be at work by 9:00. With four bathrooms, there was never a problem with morning or evening routines (just having enough hot water). We found that while our daughter was showering, it was an opportune time for lovemaking without being overheard. Then our daughter would leave, Amy went to the shower, and I would fix a small breakfast. So that became our 3-4 times a week routine.

One morning, that routine changed drastically, at least for me. Both of us woke up groggy, no sex, and Amy went into the bathroom. I lingered in bed hoping for a few more minutes of rest when I noticed that the shower was running, but no familiar "washing" sounds. Curious, I went to our bathroom and was about to enter when I spied Amy, through the mirror sitting on the toilet, completely nude, furiously rubbing her pussy. I quietly closed the door so it was open just a crack. It was always left that way to allow outside air in and make the vent fan more efficient.

So now I was caught in a dilemma. Go on in, surprise her, and screw her on the bathroom floor right then and there. That was an enticing thought that brought by cock to a raging erection, pulsing hard and causing cramps to come and go at the base. Or I could just watch her, unheeded and natural, which was my preference. I knew Amy masturbated often, especially when she was pregnant. I could smell her sex in the bedroom or her bathroom after one of her satisfying session. Then there were those times when a whiff of her sex was on her fingers and I could easily smell it when around her. But I have always been interested in female masturbation ever since Amy started masturbating in front of me shortly after being married. Now that was a thrill.

Amy was two months pregnant with her hormones pretty much taking control. One morning, I came into the kitchen of our small apartment and caught her standing at the sink looking out the window with her hand in her panties. I watched her for a couple minutes, felt guilty and then asked her what she was watching. She told me to come over and see for myself and I was surprised to see the neighbors through their bedroom window in the adjacent apartment complex hard at it. Amy pulled my erection out and proceeded to frig herself and jack me off, which was very nice. I squeezed her breasts, which were extremely sensitive and in about another minute she let go of me and finished herself with several deep grunts and spasms. I quickly grabbed my cock and squirted a mess on the cupboard doors. We kissed and she then said she would clean up the mess and I was to clean up in the bathroom.

As I was just about to go into the bathroom, I glanced back down the hallway only to catch Amy squatting down, scooping up a bit of my cum from the cupboard doors and proceed to masturbate with it. There she was, knees spread apart, hand in her panties again going for the second orgasm. She came quickly and so hard that she went onto her knees with a thump. She clumsily stood up and I dashed back into my bathroom and started washing my hands when she walked in. She was surprised I wasn't showering and kept turning away from me pretending to straighten towels and such, but I caught a glimpse of her in the mirror and saw the obvious, large wet spot on her panties. Soon the small bathroom was full of the smell of sex. I got into the shower and asked her if she dropped something in the kitchen, that I thought I heard something. She said it was just the cupboard door that she accidentally shut too hard...mmm. Now I was wondering if she was keeping her masturbation sessions a secret. Apparently so.

So then...as I had decided to watch Amy on the toilet, I remembered all the times I had asked her about masturbating on her own and the denials she consistently proposed. She even became a bit perturbed at one time and blurted out that maybe she does it a couple times a month, so "get over it". That pretty well convinced me that this subject was closed and that she was very sensitive about masturbation. She punished me by not pleasuring herself in front of me for two months because she knows how much that site excites me. Lesson learned.

Amy appeared awkward sitting on the toilet, legs spread with both hands working on her pussy, but the sight was wonderful and I was sporting a very hard erection. I actually felt a little shaky as I slowly milked my cock and felt a little guilty about being so secretive in catching her. About three times I thought she was going to cum, but she would slow down, take one hand away from her pussy and pinch each nipple while the other slowly fingered her clit.

The bathroom was filling up with steam and I was afraid my view would be too hazy to enjoy when both her hands resumed their furious movements. Her head slowly went back until she was staring blankly at the ceiling while her legs tightened straight out. I couldn't hear anything because of the noise of the shower, but her lips parted and she went slack-jawed as the first spasms started to build. She jerked forward with the first two waves and the movement of her hands slowed considerably. I wanted to slip in, stand in front of her and squirt ropes of cum all over her, but caution overtook me, so I came hard in my pyjama bottoms as she finished up with a few more spasms. She sat there on the toilet for about a minute then took her hands away from her pussy and smelled each of them.

Satisfied with her pleasure, she stood up, bent over and spread her pussy apart inspecting it. Amy has shaved her pussy bald for many years and it was obvious that it had taken a lot of rubbing by its purplish-red appearance that even I could see from ten feet away.

Her clit, of course was big and has been ever since she was in junior high (so she says). Doctors told her it's hormonal but she hasn't given me very adequate explanation and no hormone therapy was prescribed. I did find out later what the cause was while snooping in some papers she had hidden from me. Maybe that will be for a later story.

Anyway, it stuck out and seemed to be the center of her attention while she pulled aside her feminine folds to exam it. While gently stroking it, her body would jerk and spasm a little. She turned to the mirror above the sink to get a better view of her sensitive pearl and started fingering it again. It only lasted just several strokes, but I know she was enjoying it and probably could've climaxed again. She took another whiff of her finger and then hopped in the shower. I was left with exceedingly cum-soaked jammies and a wilting cock.

I'm convinced she is a secret masturbator, doesn't want me to know or become involved, so I have now assumed the part of voyeur. The die had been cast and that will be my secret because exposing her would be disastrous to our sexual life. I have thoroughly enjoyed spying on her and it has even made our love-making more sensual since I have learned a lot about what really excites her. However, there's a little deviousness in me as well that I hope I'll be able to divulge in later stories.

Please, if there are any other men out there in similar circumstances, let's hear from you!



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