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Wife's Best Friend

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Wife's Best Friend
I have visited your site and enjoy it very much. I would like to contribute the following about an encounter that happened about a month ago.
I have always had the hots for my wife's best friend, Melissa, who is married. She and my wife are the same age and actually look alike. Both have brown hair and eyes and are about the same height. But where my wife is full hipped with average breasts, Melissa has less hips and much larger breasts. I have always joked with her about me getting to see her breasts, and whenever she comes to visit my wife I can hardly keep my eyes off of her chest. She is a very sweet girl as well. She always tells my wife that we are having an affair and someday that she will steal me away. Actually, I always supposed we were all just kidding.
Once she and my wife were in our bedroom trying on jeans. I kept sneaking peeks of Melissa's panty covered ass whenever I could without getting caught. Several times I clearly saw her chubby mound and pussy lips as she bent over while pulling on jeans. Both she and my wife had their backs to me whenever I peeked. When they were through, and Melissa left, I excused myself to the bathroom and jerked off into the toilet, all the time thinking of her bending over in those panties.
Anyway, last month my wife and I went over to Melissa's house for a birthday party for her little boy, who was turning one. The house was very crowded. My wife knew most everyone there, and I only knew my wife and Melissa, so needless to say I was pretty bored after about five minutes.
After we had been there about a half an hour, I had to take a whiz, and didn't know where the bathroom was. My wife was running around playing with somebody's kids, and I spotted Melissa in the kitchen tidying up. I got up and walked in to ask her where the bathroom was.
She told me to follow her and then led me out of the other end of the kitchen, down a long hall and past a few bedrooms. She took me into what I guessed to be her and her husband's bedroom due to its size and decor, and then showed me to their master bath. She told me that their other bathroom was a mess from all the little kids running in and out during the party. I walked in, lifted the lid, and sensing I was being watched, looked over my shoulder to see that Melissa was still standing in the doorway.
"Can I hold it for you?" she asked coyly.
Figuring she was joking as usual, I said "Sure, I'll even let you shake it off when I'm done."
Then I got the shock of my life when she stepped in the bathroom and shut and locked the door behind her. She walked over to me (I was kind of just standing there now with I'm sure what must have been a dumbfounded look on my face), and pulled my zipper down. She then reached into my boxers and fished out my dick and balls. A chill went through me as I felt her warm hand cup my balls and jiggle them slightly in their sac. She then grasped my penis loosely and pointed it at he toilet. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and relieved myself of about ten cups of soda. Melissa coaxed every last drop of piss out of me and then shook my limp penis dry.
I looked down at her as she bent over and kissed the head of my dick, and it instantly started getting stiff. She then straightened up and continued fondling my balls. Melissa told me that she had never seen a man masturbate himself, and from talking to my wife she knew that I often did for my wife. She asked me if I would do it for her, and that it would be our secret. I quickly agreed and made her swear not to tell a soul.
She continued to stand next to me, pressing her body against mine as she played with my balls as I started stroking my cock. She didn't blink as she watched me pulling on my dick. Then, it finally dawned on me that this was my chance to get to see those huge tits of hers. I asked her if she would take her shirt off so I could look at her breasts while I jacked off. She agreed and slid her sweatshirt over her head and reached around behind herself and undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, letting two of the biggest natural breasts I had ever seen swing free. She had big dark areolas and her nipples were hard, about 1/2 inch long and very thick. She leaned against me again and I could feel them press against me, making me hornier and hornier. My cock was leaking alot of precum by now, and I could feel my cum starting to build up into a climax. I started breathing harder and asked her if I could come on her tits. She quickly knelt in front of me and squeezed her boobs together as I started shooting long jets of cum on her neck and tits. I came in about ten strong jets, and then she milked a few smaller squirts out of me and rubbed it on her chest. The whole scene lasted maybe five minutes. I could barely stand as I put my dick back in my pants and zipped up while she used a towel to dry herself off. When we rejoined the party, evidently no one missed us. It hasn't happened again, and probably won't, but I can hope.
Men/women welcome to email me with comments or similar stories. Thanks.



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