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Wife's Aunt - Glass Shower

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Last year, I took the family on a driving trip out West, and along the way we stopped to visit with some of my wife's relatives. We stayed a few nights with her aunt Becky (not her real name) and her family. Becky and her husband like to travel, and generally have a good time (I suspect they may even experiment with 'swinging' but I have no proof).

Becky is the typical hot relative. She's in her 50's, but she has maintained a great body and has a gorgeous face, the kind that doesn't need make-up. Sometimes when our eyes meet, it gives me chills and I need to look away for fear of being too obviously attracted to her in front of our spouses.

The morning of our last day there, I had gotten up early. I thought I was the only one up, since we had stayed up late the night before playing cards. I went to take a shower in their recently remodelled guest bathroom, which is halfway down a hall between our guest bedroom and their master bedroom. The room is bright and open, with a new glass shower.

I was lathering up when I heard someone come in. The glass walls and door had just steamed up enough so that I couldn't see anything but shadows. I thought it was my wife or one of the kids needing to use the toilet. I said 'Let me know before you flush,' thinking I didn't want to be scalded. Then I heard Becky's voice saying 'Don't worry, I'm just looking for something. Sorry to barge in. Hope I didn't interrupt anything.'

'Interrupt what?' I asked. It sounded like she was flirting and I wanted to see where she was going with this.

'You might be trying to rub one out in there,' she replied. 'Not that I can see with all that fog. Unless you made a window or something.'

With that, I used my hand to wipe away a small patch of the fog at eye level. I peeked out at her and she was grinning wickedly at me. 'You're no fun,' she teased.

Again curious to see how far she'd go, I wiped clear another larger window just below waist level but toward the back of the shower. She laughed, and I thought she would leave and that would be the end of it.

I went back to lathering up, rubbing shampoo in my hair. I rinsed my head, and when I opened my eyes, Becky was looking at me through the big hole. She was on her knees on the bathmat, just watching and smiling. She said, 'It's starting to fog up again. Why don't you give me something to watch?'

I was a bit surprised, but also turned on. My cock began to get hard under her gaze. I walked over to the window and wiped away more fog. Then I soaped up the washcloth and used it to get my body very soapy. As she watched, I leaned back against the tile of the back wall and began slowly stroking my cock. Her smile grew wider, and she began alternating her gaze between my pumping hand and my eyes. She said, 'Come closer. It's getting steamy again.' She didn't know the half of it! I stepped up to the glass wall and pressed my cock against the glass. Becky giggled and said, 'That's better. Now come for me.'

I resumed stroking. A couple of times, she leaned forward and put her lips to the glass, and I would touch the head of my cock to my side-there was less than a half inch between my cock and Becky's luscious mouth!

I told her I was going to come, and she said to come on the glass. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, with the tip touching the outside of the shower wall. I erupted several large spurts of come right on the spot where her tongue was touching. When I finished, she smiled again and stood up. I wiped clean another window higher up to watch her leave, and she kissed the glass and said, 'You'll have to come visit again real soon.' I spent the rest of the trip wanking to this memory.



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