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Wife Masturbates in Bed

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My one-orgasm-at-a-time wife sometimes had more than one. As long as I didn't know.


This happened over 20 years ago, during the first few months of my first marriage. My wife and I were both avid masturbators, but we had not, as yet, brought masturbation into our shared sex life. My wife was comfortable telling me that she masturbated, how she masturbated and even when she masturbated, but she was reluctant to let me actually watch her masturbate.

It was about two months into our marriage when I first caught her masturbating. I woke up in the middle of the night for no particular reason. I had my back to my wife who was, I assumed, asleep next to me. I adjusted my position slightly and closed my eyes to drift off again. However, I soon became aware that the bed was shaking slightly. At first I wondered if it was my imagination. It wasn't long, though, before I realized that it was my wife making slight movements with her body. Immediately I wondered if she was masturbating. My cock started to lengthen and thicken at the thought.

I should mention that both my wife and I slept completely nude and, in those days, being newlyweds, we had sex quite frequently. In fact, I remember clearly that we had fucked earlier that night, and I found the idea of her masturbating so soon after our sex to be extremely erotic.

There was soon no doubt that she was masturbating. I could hear her panting softly and the bed rocked steadily as she stroked herself. Of course I couldn't see anything. It was dark, we had the covers over us, and I was facing away from her. However, I didn't want to move for fear of spoiling the moment. She obviously thought I was asleep and I wanted to keep it that way.

As my wife got more and more into what she was doing, her movements got stronger and more obvious. It was clear that in her building arousal she was less concerned about awakening me than she was at first. Her panting grew louder and was punctuated with soft little moans and sighs. Her voice was no more than a whisper, really, but in the dark silence of our bedroom it seemed like she was gasping loudly with excitement.

I'm not sure exactly how long I listened to her. I couldn't see the clock, but it might have been several minutes, or 10, or maybe even 15. My cock was rock hard the whole time. I gently stroked it as my wife pleasured herself. I was careful, though, not too move too much. I still didn't want to give away the fact that I was awake.

Suddenly her movements became quite strong. I could tell that she was thrusting her hips as she stroked herself. Yet after only a minute she stopped her thrusting and seemed to tense her whole body. The bed shook slightly as if in anticipation. I could hear her hand moving rapidly under the sheets. Soon I could also hear the beautiful liquid sound of her wetness. It was obvious that she was lubricating heavily. Suddenly her whole body lurched, shaking the bed strongly, and a stifled groan of orgasmic pleasure escaped her lips, 'Unnnnnnnnnn!'

She gasped again, and again as her orgasm took her. Her body jerked a few times, strongly at first, then less so. The jerking decreased, until finally she stopped.

For a few moments she didn't move at all or make a sound. Then I heard her exhale. I heard a, 'Mmmmm.' She said it softly in her throat. She sounded so satisfied. Her climax must have been a good one. I felt the bed move again and I could tell that she had turned to look at me. I kept my eyes closed and remained motionless. Despite being totally aroused, I still didn't want to interrupt her private moment. After convincing herself that I was asleep, she slid out of bed and went into the bathroom.

I took the opportunity to roll onto my back and started stroking my cock more vigorously. I wasn't far from an orgasm myself. I wondered if I should just finish off while I could or try to convince her to play with me when she returned. My wife was normally a one-orgasm-at-a-time woman, or so she said, so I was worried that she wouldn't be interested in more right away. In the end I ran out of time. I heard the bathroom door open and soon she came back to bed.

I pretended to wake up as she slipped under the covers. I rolled over and kissed her and was pleased when she kissed me back with surprising


'What time is it?' I asked.

She kissed me again and I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, tweaking her nipple. I pressed my erection against her thigh and she stroked it gently. Soon we were kissing and touching each other with passion. She was obviously still excited and certainly so was I. Her rapid response aroused me even more.

After only a couple of minutes of stroking, which was much less than our usual time, I let my hand slip between her legs. She spread her thighs for me eagerly, and I found her soaking wet and smiled to myself. My one-orgasm-at-a-time wife, who had just had a secret cum not 10 minutes before, was ready and anxious to do it again. What a little slut she is, I thought. Of course I loved it.

I started to masturbate her steadily, as I often did during our lovemaking. This time she didn't have to hide her arousal and she moaned and writhed with abandon. She kicked off the covers and spread her legs widely as I took my turn at pleasuring her hot, wet pussy. Ordinarily the speed of her response would have surprised me, but I knew that I was only building on what she had already done to herself.

Normally her clit was hypersensitive after her orgasm and completely off limits, but in this case sensitivity wasn't a problem at all. There must have been enough time since her first climax for the sensitivity to wear off. In fact, she seemed to crave having her clit touched. With her anxiously panting, 'Faster, faster, faster!' I stroked her directly, steadily and very rapidly.

It only took her a few moments to cum and it was glorious. She grabbed the sheets tightly in her fists, thrust her hips upwards and wailed in absolute pleasure. I'm sure she must have awakened the neighbours in the next apartment! After her initial peak, she grunted obscenely for several seconds as she rode out her climax. It was obviously an exceptionally strong orgasm for her and very exciting to witness.

Afterwards I commented on how quickly and powerfully she had cum. She smiled but didn't say much. Instead she opened her legs and motioned me to mount her. I didn't have to be asked twice! Alas, I'd love to say that we fucked for a long time but it didn't happen. I was so worked up by the situation that I reached my orgasm rather quickly as well. She didn't seem disappointed, though, as she said, 'Sometimes a quickie is just what a person needs.'

That incident changed my perception of my wife's sexual response. From that day on I took her attitude of being happy with just one orgasm with a grain of salt. While I think it was true as far as it went, the reality seemed to be that she was also happy to enjoy more than one climax when the opportunity presented itself. I found that idea very sexy and I encouraged her to cum as often as she could. But perhaps I'll stop now and leave the rest for another time.




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