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Wife Masturbates

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I always wanted to watch my wife masturbate but she was reluctant until one night...


This happened about 20 years ago when I was married to my first wife. We were newlyweds then, being married only a year or so at the time. Yet even though we were having sex together quite regularly, neither of us made a secret of the fact that we also masturbated. We talked about masturbation fairly often and my wife was happy to share with me information about how often she did it, when she did it, and even how she did it. I shared likewise with her. I think it helped draw us closer. It was also a big turn-on for me. I loved thinking about her masturbating. The fact that she did it on top of the sex we were having together told me that she was a very sexual person. I felt lucky to be married to her.
Of course I told her, many times, that I would also love watching her masturbate. I told her that I would be happy to masturbate for her as well, if she was interested. Alas, she was reluctant to try it. She said her masturbation was very 'functional' and she was afraid that I'd be bored or disappointed with how she looked when she did it. I tried to encourage her but she wouldn't have any part of it. Eventually it became clear that she wasn't going to change her mind and I knew that if I kept after her on it, I would only end up annoying her. So I dropped the subject and resigned myself to the idea that she would never masturbate in front of me.
Yet sometimes things change. One particular night started out for us like many others. We began by making out for a while on the couch, getting each other nicely aroused. Then we headed for the bedroom to have sex. We dimmed the lights, stripped out of our clothes, and laid on top of the bedspread to continue kissing and caressing each other. My wife and I both liked going slowly and we often built ourselves up for as much as an hour before really getting down to it. Quickies can be nice too, but in the long run we both got much stronger orgasms---and more satisfaction---if we took our time.
I should also mention that my wife rarely had orgasms during
intercourse. It didn't seem to matter how long I lasted or what techniques or positions we used, she couldn't get off from fucking. This frustrated us for a while during the first part of our relationship but when we learned that it is actually quite a common and normal situation we quickly adapted. I took to giving her an orgasm with my fingers or tongue before (or after) having intercourse with her. In that way she was able to enjoy at least one orgasm every time we had sex despite not being able to climax when we fucked. As a side effect I also got quite good at masturbating her and I have many nice memories of doing just that.
Anyway, that night my wife seemed hornier than usual. She made it known with her body language that she wanted me to get on with it sooner rather than later. She thrust her hips toward me invitingly and moaned appreciatively whenever I moved my hand down her body. It was clear that she wanted me to touch and stroke her pussy. Yet I enjoyed teasing her and I loved getting her very excited. So I continued to take my time and I pretended not to notice her invitations. Eventually she gave a soft, frustrated groan and put her own hand over her pussy and held it there for a moment. When I looked down she moved her hand away.
'No...' I said softly. I took her hand and moved it back between her legs. 'Go ahead and touch yourself... It's okay.' She didn't say a word and at first she seemed reluctant. I kept my hand gently on top of hers and whispered more encouragements. Soon I could feel her hand starting to move. She slipped a finger between her labia and began to stroke herself slowly. 'Yes...' I said. 'That's it.... make yourself feel good... I want you to.' She started to move her hand a bit more rapidly and I took my hand away so as not to interfere with her.
My wife had her eyes closed and she leaned back a bit, pressing her head into the pillow. She rolled onto her back, put her legs out straight and began to masturbate steadily. 'That's it...' I said, but I didn't really need to encourage her any more. Her hand bounced up and down steadily over her pussy and I could see that she had one finger sliding against her clit.
I sat up a bit and put her pillow against my torso so that I could support the weight of her head on my body. She paused only long enough to adjust her position slightly and then she went right back to masturbating. I stroked her hair and her face and told her how much I loved her and how sexy and beautiful she was. She kept her eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating on what she was doing. I stroked her shoulders and then her ample breasts, pulling gently on her nipples the way she likes, and all the while watching her hand moving steadily between her legs. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.
I noticed that she rocked her hips slightly as she masturbated. She would thrust them upwards a bit and then, after a moment, relax and thrust again. I could see the muscles in her thighs tense and relax in time with her thrusting. She kept her legs mostly straight except that she did flex her knees a bit as she thrust her hips. Her toes were pointed.
One minute passed, then two, then several. She gradually increased the tempo of her stroking and before long her hand was sliding back and forth over her pussy quite rapidly. I was surprised at how quickly she did it. I could hear soft liquid sounds coming from between her legs as she stroked. She rolled her head to the side and moaned softly. It was a moan of impending sexual bliss. I could feel her body shaking and her breath started to come in ragged gasps. I stroked her hair lovingly and told her that she was beautiful but she didn't seem to hear me.
'Oh God... oh God... oh God...' she started to pant. She opened her eyes but instead of looking at me, she looked down between her legs. She started to stroke herself more directly, using just one finger up and down over her engorged clit. She crossed her ankles and squeezed her legs tightly together while she stroked her clit steadily. Ohhh... Godddd...' she moaned lustfully. Then, with a loud, crooning groan of pleasure, she orgasmed. Her body convulsed and her breasts shook with the intensity of it. She groaned again... and then again as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. Her mouth and her face was a mask of pleasure and her eyes, half closed, showed only the whites. It looked wonderfully intense.
Afterwards I kissed and caressed her while she caught her breath. My cock was rock hard, of course, and dripping pre-cum but I wanted her to enjoy the afterglow a bit before doing anything more. Soon she spread her legs and pulled me on top of her. I mounted her anxiously and slid into her body easily. Her pussy was tight from her orgasm but also very well lubricated. She felt wonderful... as always. I fucked her slowly at first, but I quickly picked up the tempo. She encouraged me with her words and with her soft sighs of pleasure. After just a few minutes I exploded, filling her pussy with cum.
Despite that good experience my wife continued to be reluctant to masturbate in front of me. Once in a while, when the mood was just right, she would do it, but if I asked her or if she thought about it too much she would always back down. I learned not to push it and to enjoy the times she did it as special.



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