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Wife Loves Shaved Legs! Who Knew?

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This is a true story, scouts honor (although I never was a scout) True none the less!


I'm 43 and married. I masturbate at least once a day and have a very satisfying sex life with my wife. I have a very high sex drive. I'm 5'9' and 170 lbs with brown hair and green eyes. I am also very fit as I work out daily and have been told that I'm a handsome guy. In spite of sporting a wedding band I still get hit on often by other women (I've never been unfaithful though...and never will be).

I have for as long as I can remember had a real 'appreciation' for very silky lingerie. I use it during masturbation all the time. Sometimes wearing it but always wrapping the softest satin around my cock and stroking away. Wy wife knows of my fetish and uses it to drive me mad with desire. She will do things like get into bed wearing one of her many vintage satin nightgowns (the vintage ones are thicker liquidy satin, way more slick and silky than the stuff you can buy today) and have another nightgown under the covers waiting for me to get in bed with her, then wrap the other gown around my cock and start sliding it all over me. At that point I am like a helpless puppy. At that moment she could ask me for a trip to the moon and I would say yes. She sometimes hands me one of her very silky half slips in the morning and says 'Why don't you put this on inside out under your pants and wear it to work all day.' She knows I'll spend the whole day with a raging hard on sliding around in the satin slip. I can't tell you how many days I've stood talking to someone at my office trying to concentrate on what they are saying rather than the slip and slide going on in my pants. Not great for being productive at work, but hey, I own the company so what can I say. She will call during the day and ask 'How's your satin slip feeling right now?' She really knows how to turn my crank!

Given my fondness of the feeling of slick satin on my body, I have lately been feeling that my body hair is coming between me and my full enjoyment of this silky experience, so I worked up my courage and shaved myself from the waist down. I was a little nervous at how my wife would react to me having shaved legs, but to my surprise she absolutely loves them. She says I have sexier legs than she does, (she's wrong on that one), and wants me to keep them shaved. OH MY GOD! What a feeling it is having no hair on your legs. It's like all those nerve endings are screaming out with new sensations. I can't believe how soft the skin on my legs is. I always thought female skin was softer, it was just the hair. I will definitely be keeping them shaved, especially since she likes it so much too.

All this has taken my fetish to a new level. She told me the other day that she wanted to see my shaved legs in stockings. She didn't have to say that twice! She had ordered these really silky stockings from a company in France. They are the sheerest shiniest things you can imagine. She hooked me up and then put some on herself. If you have never tried this together you should most definitely try this. The sensation of sliding around in bed together, both with shaved legs and both in stockings...WOW! I may never take them off. She dared me to wear the garterbelt and stockings (and a satin slip) to work today and of course I jumped at the suggestion. Not getting much work done today, I have been in my office three times already to relieve myself. I think I'm hooked on this new sensation. I'm lucky I have a wife that supports (and enjoys) my fetishes.

More later! Thanks for reading.



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