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Wife Is Being Well Serviced

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What would you do?


My wife (Jen) of 11 years works retail sales, her store is not huge but they only hire female staff. The product especially in full boxes is not lite. Jen is a manager who works Friday to Monday 12 to 14 hour days. There is a huge turnover in staff so she is always training new girls. As often as not, it is the physical demands of the job, that has most of the girls working elsewhere inside of a week. They only hire attractive fit girls. Farmers daughters types not afraid to work, but with looks that could make them a model. (A very rear breed) Because Jen is a bit of a control freak, she trains all the new employees. This is the most strenuous job stocking shelves and continually merchandising as product is sold. This along with her gym routine has her looking as good as any of the college age beauties that work for her.

She makes good money but with the economy in the crapper about a 1/3 less than four years ago.

For years at the spa where she works out, she would get a massage, it used to be weekly then every other week when our income dropped, than the spa upped their take, and it became a special treat on very rear occasions. Then one of the girls at work put Jen on to a friend of her boyfriend who freelanced making house calls, she got referrals, and he checked out well. He charged $60 with tips he got $80 an hour which was $50 less than the spa, so I agreed. I insisted the wife's best friend be there. So they booked a double, and my wife was hooked. He was the best she had ever had. Plus being home made it more relaxing.

That was six months ago and once monthly became twice monthly in short order, she was happy as a lark after her massage. It usually resulted in a wild night in the sack, so if it weren't for the cost I was fine with it. I massaged Jen's feet each night when she got home from work, which was very much appreciated. High heals are killers for 14 hour days, or so I'm told. The truth be told, I would never pass on the opportunity to play with Jen's sexy feet and calves. But it rarely resulted in sex. Jen was always too tired the days she worked.

So I got it in my head that if I'm good enough for her feet, why not the rest. There is a lot we can do with $160 a month. Jen said I was fine, and she never turned down a massage, but a trained masseuse has techniques an a touch that can't be duplicated by a novice. This was not a new argument. I had heard it before. However, budget constraints had me motivated. What I did was to set up a candid camera to learn how to do it right, what I learned has me really wondering what to do.

The scene opened to my with my wife in her robe leading Jay into the guest bedroom the first surprise was they laid a bunch of beach towels on the raised four post bed, they did not use a massage table. Candles were lit, a power strip with silicone oil warmer and some other stuff, just out frame, was plugged in, Jen shed robe as nonchalantly as you please. Jay was turned away from the camera; I later confirmed he was donning a condom. I'm glad I did not know for sure it would have sent me off the deep end. In any case he redid his pants, but his hard on was unmistakable in his lightweight nylon pants.

Jay warmed his hands in the oil and started on Jen's neck he worked his way down over the course of five minutes. Other than Jay's pant clad boner and the fact that silicone oil was slathered on, nothing was out of the ordinary, on the way back up his touch became lighter and more sensual as he got to her glutes he started working them in ways that I knew had to be getting Jen aroused, Jay handed her something. It looked like a pocket rocket; Jen had one when we first got married. I did not know she had replaced it. Her hand disappeared under her. Movements confirmed she was masturbating, in front of Jay, while he aroused her with his touch. In less than 30 seconds she had an orgasm, nothing earth shattering, but a nice one. She made a move to take the vibe away, but Jay said, 'You know better'.... He began talking to her, 'imagine how you want it, you know where, it is happening, and you can't wait, that dick the hottest thing you have ever seen, it is leaking precum knowing what is about to happen.'

Jen's hand moved back to her quim undoubtedly with the vibe. Jay's discourse continued as he lightly scratched up her back in circles and down her upper arms. Her breathing was ragged she was moaning and writhing like I've never seen. 'You know you want it and it's ready for you.' He worked down to her glutes again. This time he pried her cheeks apart; Jen loves anal play but has never allowed her ass to be penetrated. Jen rotated her hips in an open invitation. With two fingers of one hand he entered her quim, Jen began an orgasm again. It was like nothing I have seen in years. Just as she began contractions, he penetrated her ass with a finger she screamed and arched to maximize penetration, her orgasm seemed to last forever. She finally started coming down, and he removed his hands. Jen kept convulsing. Jay continued massaging as she caught he breath.

Jay had Jen turn over, there was no modesty. She rolled with his help. Her legs splayed open, her labia engorged and inflamed. He started working on her feet. After a minute or two he climbed on the bed and lifted her foot to his chest. He worked her whole leg as far as he could reach first one leg then the other. She bent her knee to allow access to her crotch. He climbed between her legs and he continued up her body with the lightest of touches until he got to her breasts, he worked them aggressively stretching the skin are far as the silicone oil would allow. Her beasts never left his touch. Still on his knees he worked around her to position himself at her side. He lifted her legs and propped up her knees with pillows. Their was enough body contact, that the nylon pants were slick with oil, they clung to his legs and crotch, not only the length but the girth of his cock became apparent. He had Jen sit up and he climbed behind her. She lay back on jays cotton shirt clad chest, enfolded in he arms. He handed Jen her, plug in, clit vibe. She likes that one when she wants to take her time. On the low settings she can go for over and hour without getting tender.

He began to work her shoulders and neck, Jen fired up the vibe, and just totally relaxed cradled in Jays arms, after a bit she began squirming around. I'm not sure if it was Jay humping his prick against the small of her back, or if it was the vibe. But Jen was definitely on her way to another orgasm. Jay pulled and pinched her nipples and stretched her breasts until. She crested it. She kept the vibe on her clit. I had not seen her breasts so engorged and nipples so erect since she was producing milk with our last child.

She was well past weaning him, but her nipples were showing the puffiness that begged them to be sucked. Jen never let me suckle her after weaning until she had completely stopped producing milk. Jen let Jay massage her to the same affect I'm sure she was leaking like crazy. But with all the oil the camera could not distinguish. Jay grabbed a dildo from the table. I wasn't even aware Jen owned a dildo; she is always so clitorally focused when we are together. Jay had Jen get on all fours he worked the dildo into her. He got about 2/3rds of the 8 inch behemoth into her before she yelped in pain, and went to grab the dildo. He backed off only a little, and she went back to her vibe on her clit. He worked the dildo as he caressed her ass and back, occasionally throwing in some anal play. Over the course of 10 minutes he managed the get all of the 8 inches into Jen. Her nipples were swollen; her dandling tits were begging to be sucked. Jay had his flat palm on the base of the dildo for maximum penetration. Jen was rocking like she was riding a horse. She switched the vibe on high and before she could take another breath, hers caught in her throat as another orgasm crashed over her.

Jay left the dildo in; fighting Jen's half-hearted attempts to remove it. Jay climbed behind Jen and the massage stopped. Jay latched firmly onto Jen's hips; his pant clad cock was riding in the crack of Jen's ass. Jen now reached for the magic wand. She applied it to her clit. When we both need a quickie, this is how we do it, but with no dildo. Jay was hammering it home, though the dildo provided the penetration.

Jay occasionally worked it under, towards her clit, but mostly working over, in the crack of her ass. Jay took one hand off her hips and pressed his pant clad dick down hard in her ass crack. Jay came reaching around Jen pulling her to him, as he convulsed for nearly half a minuet. His orgasm pushed Jen over the edge one more time. Jen collapsed in the bed and Jay hopped up and went to take a shower. He returned about 10 minutes later changed and ready to go.

Jen still face down in the mattress totally spent. She only acknowledged that Jay was leaving to the extent of telling him, his check was under the wine glass. Jay said he left the condom in the wine glass as usual. I have no video evidence of what that was about but, when she got up from her nap she remarked 'I guess he really needed release, too bad there isn't this much every time'.

I am jealous of Jay; my wife has never had more than two orgasms with me. She let him do things she would not let me do. But still there was no intercourse or oral sex. Jen never put a hand on his cock.

Is this prostitution? Is she cheating? What would happen if I came home during one of these sessions? Is he doing this to/for other clients? Did she know Jay did this sort of thing from the referrals? What would she tell someone who called her about him? Would she tell another woman what he does to her? Do I confront her? What do I say? How did Jen and Jay get to this point? Should I continue to film her liaisons with Jay? I'm not beyond just putting my foot down and insist on no male masseuses alone in our house. But in the absence of any cause this would not be well received. The fact that I filmed her would not go over well, regardless of my initial good intentions. I have thought about confronting Jay but I suspect that would come to no good as well.

For now I'm going to try some of these techniques and see if I can't wean her away from Jay. I'm going to start by buying her a dildo and a Lil clit vibe or something similar; since I know she would enjoy them and chooses not to let me know that.

I'll let you know how it works out. If it's hot.



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