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Wife Humped My Leg

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My sex life with my wife just keeps getting better and better-even though we are in our 40's and have 4 children. However my wife doesn't like to masturbate-sometimes I persuade her to but she never comes that way; only penetrative sex seems to work for her. But watching a woman masturbate has always been one of my fantasies, and I enjoy masturbating myself. The following recent experience is as close as we've come to her reaching orgasm through masturbation.

Last Saturday morning the boys were watching TV and as my darling wife was feeling tired she had gone back to bed to read, and I took our daughter to her ballet class. When I came home my wife was still upstairs, in bed, but still clothed. I kissed her, and she responded warmly so I got on the bed, astride her, which I know she enjoys. Now I could fondle her breasts through her top, and we kissed passionately. As I kneaded her breasts she started to breathe heavily, and become more excited.

After a while I was reached behind her and unclipped her bra and lifter her top so I could really stroke and kiss her breasts, and suck on her nipples. This always gets her going (me too!) but I knew she would not let me take her clothes off, and take things further, in case one of the children came in, and anyway it would not be long before I had to go out to fetch our daughter from ballet. Then we rolled over on the bed, both still clothed, although her bra was still unclipped, and her top pushed up. Now I could stroke and squeeze her ass, which she loves.

As we had rolled over she was sat a little astride one of my legs, and as I continued to stroke, fondle and kiss her, her excitement mounted, and she began to push against my leg. When I realised that this was increasing her excitement I encouraged her movement by squeezing her ass cheeks together and pulling her against my leg in a rhythmic motion. Soon she began to pant and contort her face and I knew she was not far from cumming. I really didn't think she'd make it all the way,-this would be too close to masturbation, but I was wrong. I encouraged her a little more, and she was really grinding her crotch against my leg, and at last she began the little 'N, N, N, No, No' noises which always precede her orgasm. Finally she came, trying to suppress her cries so that the children would not hear. I held her and kissed her, as she calmed down gradually; but I had to get up soon and get my daughter from her ballet class.

When I came back the boys were stilled glued to the TV, and my daughter joined them immediately. My love was still in her bed, reading. She smiled as I came in, and I joined quickly on the bed. Clearly she was still aroused, and of course so was I. I joined her under the covers, and started fondling her. I unzipped her jeans and felt inside her panties-she was still very wet from our earlier session. As I fingered again she began to pant and squirm again. Without saying a word, we decided to risk a quickie, I removed her jeans, and mine, and we used our favourite 'discreet' position-Maggie on her back with legs raised, me on my side facing her, legs intertwined. This way if the children should happen to come in we could be sitting innocently side-by-side in an instant-we've lots of practice at this! This time we were not disturbed and within just a few moments we were thrusting at each other in the throes of a very satisfying, and this time mutual, orgasm.



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