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Wife & Girlfriend's Mutual Pleasure (3)

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Christine and Angela, had decided that when they next met for mutual masturbation they would read some stories from 'Solo Touch', stories which they liked a lot. Angela chose stories involving massage by a masseuse which, to the surprise and then delight of the client, led to fantastic orgasms. She also liked stories about students sharing rooms, listening to each other masturbate and trying at first to be quiet before ending up in the same bed and doing wonderful things. Christine chose some stories which were brilliantly written by Sue and Heather describing in intimate detail how they spent time alone making themselves cum in beautiful ways and the amazing feelings they experienced. ('Pleasure for One', and 'Infinite Depth') She also chose a story for a very special reason, one which included something dear to her heart and which neither woman had so far mentioned in spite of their intention to be uninhibited. The title was 'Awesome Female Bottom'. Angela's reaction was all that Christine hoped for. She said it was something she had fantasised about doing with Christine and often touched and fingered her anus when she was masturbating herself. Like Christine she had been holding back from talking about it. They were both relieved and excited as they undressed each other before spending time exploring and kissing each other's bodies and embracing in lustful ways. Angela was going to masturbate in a position she used a lot, lying on her tummy. She described to Christine some of the things Christine might do to increase her pleasure, things which were difficult or impossible for her to do on her own. Christine takes up the story: 'Angela's naked body lay before me on the bed. My eyes and then my hands followed every contour from her feet to her head. Her skin was so smooth, almost translucent and her body well toned from exercise but with a softness of flesh. Her legs were shapely from ankles to calves to dimpled knees then thighs tapering up to fullness and spreading to her hips with space opening between them at the top. Her bottom was perfect, with well raised and rounded buttocks dipping in the centre to a seemingly deep cleft which stretched up to the base of her spine. Her waist dipped and narrowed before broadening out to well proportioned shoulders and arms. 'Angela had a firm pillow beneath her hips and a smooth rolled up towel between her legs. I massage her, starting with her shoulders and down to the small of her back, then I moved to her calves before concentrating on her thighs and buttocks. She was now moving, quite slowly but rhythmically, pressing her vulva in contact with the towel. After pouring on some oil I used both hands on each thigh in turn with fingers gently squeezing and sliding up to the top. Then I started on her on her undulating bottom, massaging her buttocks and with my fingertips feeling the muscles. 'The time I had been longing for had arrived and with more oil I slowly pushed one hand into the deep cleft between the rounded cheeks, sliding it back and forth, lingering over, but not yet penetrating, her twitching rosebud. Angela moaned and her movements quickened. Then, as she had requested, I started to smack her uplifted buttocks lightly at first until she growled 'Harder!' As I continued with this her well practised thrusting thighs and buttocks were driving her towards a climax. She paused, putting both hands below her pelvis, opening her legs and bending her knees more. Her bottom rose higher and it was spellbinding to see the way it moved with powerful yet wonderfully controlled movements. 'Then she cried 'Do it now!', pausing a moment as I slid a finger between her cheeks and into her tight ass hole. Angela, gasping loudly, with back arching and head back continued thrusting short and fast until there was no more stopping and the orgasm took hold of her completely. I felt the muscles round my finger tighten and watched the shuddering through her thighs and loins as she vocalised the supreme pleasure of her release which was repeated several times in succession. 'Then Angela rolled on to her back, still supported in the middle by a pillow. I kneeled astride facing her feet touching her engorged red clitoris, did with my hands all she needed to cum again and again. I knew exactly when and how fast to rub because Angela had one hand between my legs from behind which she vibrated each time she needed to cum again at the speed she needed'. Some time later Christine went forward on hands and knees with knees apart. Angela knelt behind her and began to attend to Christine's urgent need for relief. She kneaded the firm creamy cheeks and slid her left hand through the cleft between, teasing that most sensitive of holes Then she massaged Christine's stiff clitoris, sliding her fingers round it, over it and along it. She reached round at the same time to hold her swollen breasts and to gently squeeze and roll the now suspended nipples. Her practised fingers stroked Christine's clit in gorgeous ways from slow deep pressure to rapid flicker making Christine's bottom gyrate and press against the hand on the throbbing wet nub at the centre of her pleasure. Angela's fingers speeded up, not stopping until Christine gasped several times, held her breath, then cried out at her release. Her body lunged down to push hard against Angela's hand, the way she needed when she came this way. Christine's multiple orgasms came in quick succession with Angela expertly rubbing through every sweet wave of pleasure to its last quiver. Eventually Christine went down flat on her belly and, in much the same way as I do, Angela positioned her fingers below Christine's pussy and her thumb in her anus and enjoyed watching my wife pleasure herself with short thrusts or just twitching her buttocks this way and that. Angela was getting so so hot again watching this awesome clenching bottom and flexing thighs that she started touching herself. When Christine was ready, Angela, supporting herself with her hands and outspread knees, lowered her crotch on to Christine's bottom and humped her buttocks. Christine could sense the other woman's protruding clit on one or other cheek and then it was gliding between them faster and faster until Angela convulsed and vocalised in another frantic, shattering climax. They were both exhausted but happy, thankful and utterly fulfilled.



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