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Wife Condones It

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'He's here,' my wife goes as she sees his car pull in.

I go to the door and shake his hand and let him in. He introduces himself to my wife and seems really impressed that she knows why he's here. 'That's so cool you're cool with this,' he goes. My wife smiles and gives her 'whatever' face and says, 'oh, I know-you boys have fun...' and she goes back to watching the presidential debate on TV.

I laugh and get my buddy a beer. He and I go back to the bedroom. 'Well, you ready to get started?' I go.

He takes a long pull on his beer. 'Hell yeah,' he goes.

See, I've never met this guy before. In fact, I met him on the internet and arranged for him to come over tonight for one purpose.

I peel my shirt off and drop my pants. So does he. I yank my underwear off revealing my stout and erect penis. He pulls his off. Awesome-he's got a boner already too.

We meet each other hungrily in the middle of the room. We both grab each other's dick. We stroke a little. I put both of our penises together and he moans. We rub dicks for awhile, standing up like that.

'Oh fuck...' I groan as my cock goes to absolute full stretch. I then take and position my cockhead under the thicket of his balls and rub for awhile underneath his sac.

Precum oozes all over from both of us.

I dip and position my penis farther under him, teasing his anal opening, then cruise my cock back up, wiping my precum all over his black pubic hair.

'Dude, let's take it to the bed,' I go and we both plop down.

The guy lays both his hands on me now, totally fondling my entire package-my balls, shaft, head, all.

I totally grab one of my own hairy nipples and squeeze and twist it. I fucking moan glory. 'Ugh...'

I reach over to the nightstand and grab the bottle of baby oil. 'you ready?' I go. And the guy lets go of my cock and lays down ready to receive his libation of oil. He thrusts his entire pelvic area up to meet the oil as I pour a bunch on. A ton, actually. Then I move over him as he lays and I grind my dick against his to lube up. My grinding turns to outright humping for awhile. Both our dicks are reddening.

I get off him and then grab his penis firmly. 'Dude, I'm going to do you first, OK?'

'OK,' he goes, eyes half closed.

I fucking stroke him. And stroke him. And stroke him. The guy suddenly jizzes a lake. I mean a fucking lake! Cum flows out everywhere while the guy quakes and moans.

When he's done, I smear a ton of his sperm on my own dick and then he takes my penis and more globs of his sperm and jacks me with it. And jacks me with it, and JACKS me with it. When I finally erupt, my jizz jumps out like a river trout and I grab and twist my wife's pillow as I'm in my orgasmic throes.

AAAAHHHH... Another successful pick up.



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