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Wife 'Accidentally' Walked in on Me

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She dared me to masturbate to sexy photos on the computer while she secretly watched, but wouldn't let me cum until she said so.


From time to time, my wife and I will play a game in which we email each other sexy dares or playful sex-related 'assignments' that the recipient has the challenge of carrying out. These are usually very enjoyable for both of us, as the sender has the fun of dreaming up something they want the other to do, and the recipient has the thrill of being 'dared' to do something kinky or unusual. Sometimes it is something outside of their normal comfort zone that the other will enjoy.

Recently, she sent me an e-card saying that she wanted to walk into our home office one evening, where the computer is located, and 'accidentally' catch me masturbating while looking at porn on the computer. My wife's written instructions said that I would have to pretend she wasn't there while I continued to stroke myself, and that she would just stand there and silently watch me while I pleasured myself. Well, like most men, I have been known to look at internet porn from time to time, so the idea of doing it openly in front of my wife, while I'd be jacking off no less, sounded like a thrilling turn on to me.

Her e-card further said I should find a dozen or so photos on the internet of a sexy young woman of my choice, and save them to the computer in a slideshow format. When the time came for the 'dare,' she said I should be viewing the slideshow on a slow loop as she 'accidentally' walked into the room.

Well, I found some very nice pictures over the next day or two, and we agreed to a day and time for the 'assignment.' At the proper time, I stripped nude in the home office, sat down and began the slideshow, started to stroke my cock and waited somewhat nervously for my wife to enter the room. After about three minutes, she came in. I was in the midst of lightly touching my cock and balls, and enjoying the hot image of a 20-something brunette model in her sexy bra and panties, when my wife quietly walked over and stood behind me. As we had planned, I pretended my wife wasn't there, and continued with my cock stroking in plain view of my wife.

A few photos into the slideshow, an image appeared of the young female model on her hands and knees, with her inviting pink pussy fully exposed for the camera, and a 'please fuck me' look on her face. Unknown to me at the time, my wife liked this picture and decided that this photo would be a perfect image for me to be looking at when I reached orgasm.

The slideshow continued for quite awhile, at least 5 or 10 minutes, automatically scrolling slowly through each of the other 12 photos. I was finding it extremely arousing to be jacking off to the photos of this sexy girl while my wife stood by and watched. I began to sense that my wife was also massaging her pussy while watching me rub my hard cock.

I felt I was getting closer and closer to cumming with each passing photo. I had to slow down my strokes several times, and avoid touching the sensitive head of my cock so that I could continue with the dare. My wife finally spoke up and said, 'Don't cum, not yet, I will tell you when you can cum.'

Two, three, maybe four more photos passed, and I was completely on the edge of orgasm. My cock was dripping wet with precum, I was breathing hard and quietly moaning with pleasure and I had to slow my stroking even further to avoid spraying my cum all over. All the while, my wife remained just a couple feet behind my shoulder, watching the entire show.

Then, finally, that explicit photo of the girl on her hands and knees appeared once more... and with that my wife commanded, 'Ok, now! Cum for me right now!' Needless to say, I immediately released a huge load of cum all over my cock and hands and abdomen, to the delight of my wife.

As she was helping me clean up the creamy mess I had made, we kissed and both agreed that this was a very fun and sexy game, that we both had really enjoyed. I'm still waiting to have her ask me to do it again, and since she occasionally reads Solo Touch, maybe she'll see this story and decide it's time for a repeat performance!



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