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Why Now?

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Why now, has he come back into my mind with such passionate force? Why now, can I not control my thoughts where he is concerned? Why now?


Chris was such a turn on to me back then. Especially when my asshole of a husband was either working away from home which he did for months on end, always at his request, and always without telling me first. Oh, he was also drilling anything that would open her legs for him... age didn't matter, as long as she was willing....which left me alone, at home, and incredibly frustrated. Even when my husband did turn his mediocre attentions to me, it was usually over in minutes.

Then, there was Chris.

He and I talked like we had known each other for years. He knew what my husband was up to, and indeed, Chris himself was married. I was friends with his wife too, and often poured my heart out to the pair of them. One memorable day, his wife said, 'Look, Karen, I'm ok with you and Chris, having a little fun... in fact, I love the idea of him with another woman and then being with me.' (It turned out later that she had been seeing other men all the way through their marriage.. Chris, however, didn't know!)

So, one day, Chris was at my house and he had been setting up a computer for me at home. It took him minutes where it would have taken me hours. Then I made us some coffee and we settled down in the front room to talk. Needless to say it became me bitching on about my husband.

Chris said 'Hmm. Karen, does he actually KNOW what you want him to do? I mean, have you told him? Have you ever put yourself in a position to SHOW him what you like and don't like?' I didn't understand what he meant, so he said 'Well, have you ever made him sit in a chair and watch you masturbate to orgasm? He should know from that how you like to be touched.' (Sweet really... as if my prick of a husband would have the intelligence to do that, OR bother to do anything he saw... he was THE most selfish of lovers.) Chris went on...'It may be that you don't like the idea of masturbating in front of someone, but it can help a couple to learn what the other likes.'

I thought about it and quickly decided that it would be a very erotic experience to masturbate like that. 'Have you ever watched anyone?' I asked.

'Three times in my life so far' he said. 'The first girl just wanted the buzz of having someone watch her. All she wanted me to do was sit there, shut up and watch. There was no sexual relief for me. The second one started like that, but she wanted me to talk dirty to her. The third one wanted me to tell her what I was seeing, and how it made me feel. That did, er lead to something.'

I was amazed that he could sit there, watch a girl jill off and NOT do anything or try anything on. 'It wasn't what the first two wanted, and anyway, it was an incredible trust thing and I wasn't about to betray that trust.'

Right there and then I knew I wanted him to watch me do it. Not only had our chat aroused me, but I was really desperate to do something with a man.

I asked him outright. 'I want YOU to watch me. Right here, right now. I want you to tell me what you see, what you feel and what it makes you want to do. ok?'

So I lay back, let my legs part and began to push my arousal still further. Chris began speaking.

'I can see your nipples hard against your tshirt. I wonder what it would be like to kiss them, and I wonder if you like them sucked, or bitten. (Definitely bitten... I love a little pain.) I can see up your skirt. Your knickers look wet to me and I wonder what it would be like to smell them... to smell your.. (he looked at me for reassurance... I just nodded.. I wanted it dirty) your cunt juices on them.''

'What do you think they would smell like?' I asked.

'Soft, feminine, like a summer meadow,....with, I hope, a faint hint of your piss.'

I flicked my knickers off and at him. 'Smell me.'

As I jilled he took my knickers from the floor, held them to his face and inhaled. I responded by a sudden welt of wetness oozing from me and over my inner thighs. 'Tell me?'

'Mmmmmm. Soft, sexy, horny. Your cunt is so pretty, and so is the scent. I love the aftertaste of your pee. It makes me want to smell you for real.'

By now, I had two fingers inside me and I wanted him closer. 'Come and smell me then.'

He knelt between my legs and I felt his soft breath on my pussy. I moved my hands and held myself wide open to his gaze. I was aching for him to lick me or finger me, but instead he just breathed me in and out. He got so close to me at one point, I was sure he was going to kiss me there, but he didn't. He looked up at me from between my legs and smiled. 'I just had a mental image of licking your clit through your knickers as you pee in them. Delightful'

He went back to his chair, although I could see his hard on tenting his trousers.

I went back to my masturbatation. 'Tell me what you want to do to me.'

He said, 'Rough? Soft? Seductive? tell me what YOU need Karen?'

I managed to get the word 'Rough as fuck' out before I lost the power of speech.

He smiled, 'In that case, right now, I would like to push you onto all fours. I would lick your cunt, your arse and then fuck you senseless. I would fuck you till you fainted... up your cunt, up your arse, anywhere you need it..... you dirty little cuntwhore.'

And that last word did it for me. Suddenly, I was cumming, oh so terribly hard. It seemed to last an eternity.

For the first time EVER, a man had seen me jill off, and for the first time EVER, it was an orgasm like I never knew I was capable of having.

Of course, I wasn't goint to leave him high and hard. 'Cum for me. Fuck me. Screw me.' But he said 'No. Not this time.'

So I glanced at my knickers. 'Let me watch you, then?'

He took my knickers again and let his cock out. (DAMN I wanted that monster inside me!) He started to wank and I started to tell him what I wanted him to do to me.

It didn't take him long before he was pumping his sperm into the very centre of the crotch of my knickers. We cleaned up and I made more coffee. BUT, and he doesn't know this, I didn't put the knickers in the wash. Instead, I put them on. Holy fuck, it felt so hot sitting there with his spunk on my cunt... after he left, I jilled again several times.

So, did we? OHHHHH yes. And in ways that were beyond fantastic. I can't tell you the number of fantasies and role plays he let me live out. All I can say is that over a period of six months, I explored every corner of my sexual envelope.....including being masturbated by another woman. His wife was more than happy to help out!

Then, I moved away. My marriage had failed and I needed to get away somewhere new.

I miss Chris. I miss his friendship, and I miss the sex I had with him. I would love him to get in touch again, and I would drop my knickers for him again in the blink of an eye. He made me feel far more than a sexual woman, he made me revel in feeling like a whore.



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