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Why Not?

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I finally have the courage to share this. Wow. What a rush this feels like already. Ok, here it goes and I'm not stopping this time.


I worked for about two years at a busy hotel not too far from where my family lived. Sometimes I'd work an extra shift to earn more cash. On those long nights another lady I met through my job would sometimes take the same extra shift.

Although the nights were long they certainly were not taxing as far as work for us to do. Most of the work was linen and towel washing and folding and we were supposed to clean the kitchen and bar areas too.

Many nights it would only take about four hours to complete our work then we were another four to just hang and get paid.

One night my friend Jenna and I were getting right into talk about men as we worked. Jenna was telling me about all the guys she had right from the very first one. She went on to say how they each looked naked and about how they each made love and spent quite a bit of time describing their cocks to me. She also told me how long they would last and about when they would orgasm. She was making these orgasm sounds and we both started laughing. Jenna soon started laughing so hard she could not even breathe. Once she stopped she said how great it felt to laugh and it was almost as good as an orgasm for stress relief but an orgasm felt so much better.

This got us on topic of our own orgasms. Jenna was not shy when talking about how she could orgasm well by herself but never orgasmed from a penis inside her. She said she could only orgasm from direct contact with her clit and that she only ever had one guy who could masturbate her close to as good as she does it herself.

Jenna said most guys were too quick to please themselves and leave her with no orgasm so she had to take care of herself once she was alone. I told her how I knew what she meant but I did have a lover once that spent more time giving me pleasure than himself. He was 20 and I was 26 at the time and if it were not for the age difference I'd still be with him today.

Jenna asked me all about my young lover and we talked in depth about him for a while longer then Jenna said she wished she was at home right then. I asked why and she said so she could masturbate and have a few of the orgasms we had been talking about.

I was also getting turned on after talking about sex now for so long. I asked Jenna what was the first thing she would do to get ready if she were home and she said she likes to be naked on her bed, watching her sex movies she had collected. She told me she liked to use her fingers to slowly bring herself to the first few orgasms then switch to a vibrator on her clit and sometimes a dildo too.

As she explained her masturbation style to me I started to breathe heavy and shake inside just a bit. It was a great feeling and I could feel my pussy getting very wet. Then without even thinking much about what I was about to say out popped the words 'I want to come right now'. Jenna quickly replied 'me too' and said we should strip down right there and go for it.

Without waiting for my reply Jenna said 'I'm starting now' then she was naked within seconds. I looked at her trim body standing by all the sheets and towels. She turned toward me lifting her hands high above her head stretching out then stood high on her toes saying look I'm naked and horny. She hopped up on top of the long folding counter top sitting on a large white towel with her long legs hanging over the edge and far apart. She had very little hair around her clit area and below that was nothing. It looked natural with a very short bit of blonde hair on top.

Jenna said nothing more then slowly started to stroke her clit in a back and forth motion. I watched closely then she asked me why I was not joining her. I said only because someone may come along then she reminded me there was only front desk help at the time and they never left post only to pee.

Jenna leaned back a bit still stroking herself telling me it felt real nice and I should join her now. I still did not then she just asked 'why not'? She said give me one good reason not to then I'll leave you alone. I thought about what she said then said 'there is no reason'. I made up my mind that for the first time since highschool I was going to masturbate with another lady and it felt real good and naughty at the same time.

I stripped down as Jenna watched me and rubbed her clit a bit faster. Even taking off my clothes in front of her while she masturbated felt good.

There was no place for me to sit aside from the floor or on the long counter top. I laid out a few more towels then jumped up beside Jenna. She turned sideways and leaned back on a stack of warm towels with her legs open toward me still rubbing her clit. I made my own stack of towels to lean on then we were both facing each other. I reached inside my pussy drawing out some nice juice to cover my clit then started making circles very fast.

My clit felt real good right from the start due to being so turned on. I rubbed for maybe two or three minutes before I felt my first orgasm coming on. I said nothing then stiffened out my body and started twitching around on the counter enjoying a good orgams while Jenna watched me.

As I finished I opened my eyes to see Jenna looking at me and she was now starting to cum. Jenna was quite loud as she orgasmed and she had an odd movement. Her shoulders and head moved up and down and her boobs jiggled but her lower body stayed still. It almost looked like she was doing short sit-ups or crunches.

After our first orgasm we both agreed we were not stopping there. I watched Jenna have two more and I had one. We were both getting wet from the heat in the room. Jenna sat up and told me she liked how she could see the outline of my ribcage under my boobs when I breathed. She said not many girls keep in shape like I do then ran her hand over my right leg up to the knee and back down to my toes. She sat straight up and pulled one leg over hers then asked if I wanted one more orgasm. I said yes not knowing what she meant.

Jenna got off the counter and stood beside me then said I should lay flat out and be comfortable. I knew something was up but I was so excited and did want to know what she was thinking. She said to relax and let your body do whatever it wants to.

Jenna took both hands and started to run them over my entire body with a very light touch. She gently tugged on my nipples pulling them tight and high.

Seconds later she was at my pussy parting my lips with her left hand. She then took her right fingers and circled my clit saying 'this is how you like it right'? My head was about to explode from the nasty horny feeling I was having. It was so much different from when any guy would touch me. Jenna just knew how to rub my clit as if she had watched me for hours before. She was so gentle yet it felt so good laying there like her toy while she touched my clit with soft feather touches.

It did not take long before I could feel my orgasm building but it was a long long climb like I had never had before. The orgasm felt like it came from way down deep inside me. I tried not to move then Jenna told me to let my body move how it wants and she would follow. I twisted my body around and she slowed down then stopped for only maybe two or three seconds then about five or six rubbing again then kept up the same climb and fall of my orgasm.

I so wanted that orgasm she was keeping well under control then I reached out to run my hands over her hard tits. She had nice big (bigger than mine anyway) tits and I had never felt another ladies tits before. They felt real nice to touch & squeaze then I wanted more. I ran my hand down to her pussy then slid one finger inside. Again a new pleasure for me then I rubbed her clit up and down like she was doing before.

There we were both rubbing the others clits then I started to orgasm again but this time Jenna did not stop. She kept the same very soft slow touch and did I ever cum hard. I thought I would bounce off the counter and I ended up in a half sitting up postion holding her hand tight against my pussy pushing her fingers harder toward me while I gasped for air. While still twitching from my orgasm I pulled Jennas wet fingers to my mouth and licked off my juices much like I do when I'm by myself. Jenna pulled my hand back very softly saying 'that's so hot' then licked my fingers herself.

Jenna did not have another orgasm. We held hands as I lay there breathing hard getting my heart rate back to normal. I looked over into the large mirror on the wall and I could see my body looked wet from the sweat in the hot room.

Jenna stroked my forehead and said she was very happy we did what we did together that day. She said it was one day she will dream about forever. She was right because I have ever since.



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