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Why Not?

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FM, but its really 'f' in a way


I started to mature at 12 and by 14 I had pert little (yeah, little) breasts and a light covering of pubic hair. I had gotten over the period starting thing and had settled down into a cycle that was more or less regular. I even managed to use the smallest tampons. Of course, I had exerimented with touching myself but although it felt amazing, I never had an orgasm, or even really felt close to one.

I had a boyfriend but even though I could jack him off or suck him off, he couldnt get me much above just being horny.

And so to college where, (and on the very first night!) I lost my cherry to a black guy. It was ok, but it hurt and I bled like hell. So no more sex for me for a couple of months.

Then I met Chris. Chris was amazing. I felt on fire as soon as he kissed me. Over the first week we made out a lot and he got me closer than anyone ever had, including myself!

Then, one night I was lying on my bed and he was kneeling between my legs with two fingers deep in me. The feeling was amazing and I felt myself building. Then it all went to hell in a basket, because I felt an uncontrolable urge to pee. He was fingering me like mad and I was gripping on tight trying to stop myself from pissing all over his hand.

This went on for the next week. Each time we goofed around, he got me to the point quicker and quicker and each time I clenched up trying to stop myself peeing. It didn't even matter if I went to the bathroom first.

Then that glorious Monday night. This time we were out on one of the college playing fields and I was lying on the grass. Chris was, again kneeling between my legs. He had my knickers pulled to one side and was doing the business with his expert fingers. Again the feeling of needing to pee came and again I started to resist it. Then, I don't know, I figured we were outside and how bad could it be, so instead of trying to stop, I tried exactly the opposite and actually tried to piss.

The effect was almost instantaneous. I came and came and came. The orgasm didnt wash over me or anything like that. It tore at me, it almost blew my world apart. (Chris later said that the contractions in my pussy were so hard they hurt his fingers)All I knew was that finally, I had cum.

Oh, and peed too. But Chris actually found it a turn on so we incorporated it into our masturbation sessions. That night, he brought me off again but this time I didnt pee, I just orgasmed.

The kinkest cum I had was back on that field. I lay there with my skirt up and wearing only tights. I got Chris to pee right onto my clit and it made me cum like a bitch.

Was there more? Oh yes. After that day I found out that it actually takes very little to make me cum and after only a few months, I didnt pee anymore... unless I wanted to, that is. You see, as trying to pee rewarded me with my first ever cum, I have something of a liking for peeing during sex. I guess no-one else likes that sort of thing, but I don't care.



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