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Why I Love Summer Trade Shows

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This happened last June. I was 42 at the time, married with two children (as I am still), and quite straight. I was the Marketing Director for a software company (as I still am) and part of my job was to oversee trade shows around the country during the summer. On this particular occasion I was driving to a show about two hours away and I was accompanied by a summer student that we had hired to work at our trade shows. Mark was a college student and was 19 years old, and as far as I knew he was straight like me. He looked pretty all-American-6' tall, with a lean muscular build, blond hair, blue eyes, and quite a nice tan. He reminded me a little of my oldest son who was a little younger than Mark. All in all, he was a very good-looking young guy and seemed like a really good kid.

Anyways, we set out on our drive, talking about the company's products and eventually moving on to talk about other stuff that guys talk about-sports, politics and eventually women. Mark told me about his girlfriend and I talked about my wife. We kept chatting and eventually got to the hotel where we would be staying. After parking the car, we went to register and then went to our room. To economize we were sharing a room with two beds.

We quickly unpacked and had a late supper and went back to our room. We discussed logistics for the next day and then Mark said he was going to have a quick shower before going to bed. Then he proceeded to remove his clothes in front of me. First he took off his shirt, then his shoes and socks, and then he slipped out of his jeans. He then proceeded toward the bathroom wearing only his tiny briefs. As he walked by me I couldn't help but notice the impressive package in the front of his underwear.

I don't know if it was the fact that that my wife and I hadn't had sex in awhile or that I hadn't jacked off in a couple of days, but I was suddenly getting really horny. Also, I had to admit there was something about Mark that was kind of arousing me.

Mark finished showering pretty quickly and then it was my turn. Although I'm usually modest in hotel situations, I decided to strip down just like Mark had, but went one step further and removed my boxers, and walked naked to the shower. I should tell you that I am 6'2' with dark brown hair and green eyes. I don't like to boast, but as I work out frequently and play soccer often, I'm in good shape. I am quite hairy-chest, legs and elsewhere (no back hair though). My dick is cut and about 7' when I'm hard, and by the time I got to the shower, I was rock hard.

When I finished showering I still had a raging hard-on and I decided I was going to let Mark see it. Man I was horny. I stepped out of the bathroom and there was Mark lying on the bed, watching TV and wearing as much as I was wearing-nothing. His cut dick was as hard as mine, as big as mine and he was playing with it. Without a word, I laid down beside him and grabbed my own dick and started to jack off. After about 30 seconds I did something I never thought I would do and I reached over and touched Mark's throbbing hard-on. First I ran my fingers across the head of his dick, then I gently massaged his balls as he stroked himself. There he was, this beautiful young guy and I was playing with him. He was moaning and moved my hand from his balls to his shaft. I slowly started to move my hand up and down his gorgeous cock.

As I stroked Mark's dick, pre-cum started to ooze out of the head. I ran my hand through his juice and then used it as lube to stroke him with. As I jacked off this beautiful stud, he began to return the favour. He wrapped his strong hand around my shaft and slowed jacked me. I had never felt a sensation like it. I was gushing pre-cum, even at my age of 42!

Then Mark stood up in front of me and put on a show. I slid over to sit on the edge of the bed so I wouldn't miss anything. He ran his hands all over himself as I stroked my cock. He pinched his nipples and fingered his ass. Then, inches from my face he grabbed my hand and motioned for me to jack him. As I stroked him again, he began to breathe heavily and really moan. He then sat down beside me and as I jacked him off, he grabbed my rock hard cock. I knew I was going to explode any minute and yelled out that I was going to cum. With that Mark quickly stood up and told me to do the same, and to face him. So there we stood facing each other, now each stroking our own cock, but looking at the other one's.

At exactly the same moment, we both started to shoot our cream. Mark had a real gusher. He continued to blow his young load for what seemed like forever. I came like I'd never cum before. My juice poured out of my dick with such a violent spasm that I actually let out a yell. We stood there looking at each other, then collapsed on the bed, both of us totally spent. In a few minutes we cleaned ourselves up went to sleep-in the same bed.

For the next two nights and three mornings, Mark and I jacked each other off or jacked ouselves off in front of each other in every way that two horny guys can.

For the rest of the summer Mark and I messed around with each other whenever we travelled. I haven't seen him since he went back to school, but I understand he's applied again for a job in our Marketing department again this summer. I'm getting hard and oozing juice just thinking about another summer of jacking off with Mark !



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