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Why I Love Masturbation

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For you guys, I hope you enjoy my exploration of why masturbation is so enjoyable. For you gals, I hope this will help you see why a guy sometimes just wants to do himself. Maybe you have similar reasons too.

I have enjoyed caressing myself for many years. Even though I've been happily married for decades, there are still moments when I just want some time alone. That's nothing against my wife. It's just a need I have to be by myself. Usually when I have a day off from work, and no one else is going to be at the house, I like to plan for some personal 'me' time. It doesn't have to be a long session. Sometimes 15 minutes will do, although in the past I've gone as long as a couple of hours. I like to get totally naked and just spend some time with my hard cock, my hands and my lotion. Long, slow strokes are the best. When possible, I also like to do this outside. We have a place in our back yard where I can't be seen by the neighbors, so I can sit there comfortably, nude out in nature, gently stroking my hard shaft.

The other day I had one of these excellent alone times and I told my wife about it when she got home from work. I shared with her that I still wanted to stroke some more and I had a deep desire to put on a show for her. So we went up to the bedroom and while she changed out of her work clothes, I sat in a chair and showed her my slow, sensual strokes. I find it really exciting to be able to do that in front of my wife. It's incredibly liberating. But I especially like it when she can't take her eyes off me. She tells me how much she enjoys looking at my cock and watching my hand slide up and down the shaft. It really turns her on. After giving her a really good eyeful, I let her finish me off with her expert touch. She is a master at giving me fantastic, mind-blowing orgasms.

I hadn't ever thought about why I loved these personal times so much, but I spent some time that day really pondering the experiences I have. I realized that there are lots of reasons why I cherish being sexual by myself. First of all, I just enjoy being naked. There's a freedom about not having on any clothes. It feels so good to be in a room or even outside and be so uninhibited. Also, I get a thrill out of being hard. The feeling of having a rock solid erection is like nothing else. There's an immense satisfaction in growing hard and maintaining that stiff feeling. I also like looking at my hardness. I get really turned on by staring intently at the shape of my penis. I think the head of my cock is handsome, and the shaft itself is highly erotic to me. It's a visual treat for me to look at my manhood in that aroused state. The great thing is that when I'm by myself, I don't have to concentrate on my wife and her beautiful body. I can focus on my own sensuality. Not only do I like to look at my cock, but I also like the feel of my hardness within my hand. There's nothing like wrapping my fingers around my erection and feeling the full thickness of the shaft. With each stroke, I can appreciate the length and size of my hardness. Every caress intensifies my awareness and admiration of my cock as I grasp and enjoy its largeness. Of course, not only do I like feeling myself in my hand, but I also like the gentle feelings of pleasure that produces. I don't even need to get to an orgasm to have a good time with myself. Those subtle sensations of sensual pleasure are what make every stroke a real indulgence for me. Perhaps most importantly, I enjoy watching myself as I caress my hardness. I find it highly erotic to see me making love to myself. Sometimes I'll sit in front of a mirror and watch the scene, as if I were another person taking in the whole picture. It's a time when I just enjoy being alone with myself, taking pleasure in my body. The icing on the cake is being outside. I find it incredibly exciting to be exposed like that. It's like there's a connection between my naked body and the nature around me. I love being out among the trees, the birds, the grass, all while having my throbbing shaft fully exposed. When you take all these experiences - seeing my erection, in my hand, feeling my full dimensions and creating sensual pleasure - and you combine them together, it makes for some incredible personal moments. It really brings significance and meaning to the term 'solo sex.'



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